Hot Glue Gun Bowl

Looking for a simple and easy home decor project? One that is inexpensive and quick to make? These hot glue gun bowls look like a basket or fancy lace – but they’re made from glue! You can check out how Seaman Mom made hers – and while she used regular glue and then painted them, you can consider glitter hot glue or colored glue sticks.

Hot Glue Gun Bowl - The Seaman Mom

You’ll want to pin this to your “crafts to make” board, but be sure to pin from the original source.

DIY hot glue bowl tutorial


  1. What a great idea! I even never thought that using a glue gun I can make such wonderful bowl! These are really eye-catching! Feeling hurry to make such a bowl for me! Hope to get one exactly like yours. Thanks Carolina, for sharing such helpful idea! 🙂

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