Super Simple Tooth Holder for the Tooth Fairy

My oldest has started losing baby teeth. He has lost 4 so far, and there are more to come. Teeth, once removed from a mouth, are gross. I don’t want to touch them if I can help it. So I came up with these little tooth-shaped felt pockets. I can whip up a bunch of them quick and easy. My son can slip the latest casualty of growing up into one, and slip it under his pillow. The tooth fairy can remove it, toss it in the garbage (one that he won’t see), and replace it with a fresh tooth pouch that has a golden dollar coin tucked into it (though a folded dollar would work just as well… so would a quarter if your tooth fairy hasn’t given in to inflation.

Simple Tooth Fairy Tooth Pocket - so simple to make!

White Felt
Hot Glue
Tooth Template

Trace the template onto the felt.

supplies for tooth pocket

Cut out the template…

cut out template

… and trace onto the felt.

trace template

Cut out a double layer of the felt.

cut out two layers

Fold one of the layers in half, and cut a slit for the pocket.

cut slit

Use hot glue to secure the two layers together, at the edges.

glue layers

Use scissors to trim along the edge, cutting off any of the tracing lines. This is optional, but it looks nicer.

trim tooth outline off

Your tooth pocket is just about ready… it needs one more thing…

finished tooth pocket

Tuck a coin inside it!

tuck money in pocket

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