Valentine’s Table Setting

Valentine’s is my favorite. It isn’t nearly as high-stress as Christmas, and there are so many fun ways you can decorate. Sure, it is easy to grab the roses, the red, and pinks… but you can make a simple table setting using black and white as well, and it is just as beautiful as one decked out with rose petals!

Black and white Valentine's Day table setting - a classy and romantic option!

You’ll need:

White China
Wine Glass (and water glass if you like)
Small and large doily
Black and white Valentine’s ribbon
Black cloth napkin
Heart-shaped glass ornament
Permanent marker

supplies for table setting

Use the permanent marker to write a name or sentiment on the ornament.

write on ornament

Fold the napkin into quarters. Roll two opposite corners in towards the center. Wrap with the small doily.

wrap napkin

Tie in place with ribbon. Double-knot.

tie in place

Slip the ornament on one end of the ribbon. Stack the large plate, the doily, and the napkin.

black and white setting

Now make something delicious to eat… or just order in!

finished table setting

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