Bunny Hair Clip

These bunny hair clips are a great kid craft – fun for keeping kids busy while on spring break, or on the weekends. They can make lots and lots to share with friends. These can also be used as decorations on gifts!

painted bunny hair clip

You’ll need:
Hair clip
Wooden pieces (from craft supply store)
Hot Glue
White and Pink paint
Fine-tip permanent marker
Paint brush


Start by adding glue to the clip.

hot glue

Secure to the large wooden oval.

glue to clip

Using hot glue, attach the smaller pieces for ears.

glue on ears

Paint white.

paint white

Add a little pink for the bunny’s ears and nose.

paint on nose and ears

Wait for all the paint to dry completely (overnight) before attempting to add the details. If the paint is even a little damp, the pen will make a mess rather than write.

Then add the details – eyes, eyelashes, whiskers, teeth.

draw on details

Your hair clip is done!


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