Clover Earrings

Looking for some simple earrings to wear for St. Patrick’s Day? Something that has a little green going on… but is more festive than just wearing the “right” color? I’ve got you covered with these fun and easy to make clover earrings! You need a few supplies – and no fancy jewelry-making tools!

clover earrings

To make your own clover earrings, you’ll need:

Green pearl-shaped beads
Green Seed Beads
Jewelry Wire
Earring Wires
Wire Cutters
Small jump rings

supplies to make your own beaded clover earrings

Start by cutting a piece of wire, about 18″ long. String on a jump ring, then string on a bead. Put both ends of the wire through the bead – one going in from one side, one going in from the other, so they make an “X” inside the bead.

loop on bead

Bring the wire to the bottom, and twist several times to secure.

twist wire

String a bead on each end. Twist in place.

add all beads

Add seed beads (I went with 7 beads, to add a little extra luck), then thread the wire over the last bead, and back up through the first 6.

add small beads

Twist off ends of wire, and cut.

twist together

Twist the pieces round and round to secure, making sure that the bead with the jump ring ends up in the middle, and the seed beads end up on the bottom.

Add earring wire.

twist wire to center

Make your second clover earring, and enjoy!

finished clover earrings

If you’re into four-leafed clovers, you can use the same process, just add a fourth bead, and give your seed bead stem some extra wire at the top so that it fits between the beads.

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