Paper Basket

This sweet little paper basket is perfect as a party favor. You can write names on them and use them as placecards. They’re great to bring to school for school parties… there are so many uses for these easy to make and inexpensive paper baskets!

Mini Egg Basket

You’ll need:
Hot Glue
Silhouette Basket Cut File
Something fun to fill your basket!

mini basket supplies

Use your Silhouette machine to cut out the basket, then fold on the dotted lines.

fold on lines

Glue flaps down to make the basket shape.

glue bottom together

Put the top tabs together, then add a dab of glue under each.

glue down top flaps

Careful not to burn yourself on the hot glue, press down to secure.

put handle together

Fill with treats!

fill your mini egg basket

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