Rose Necklace

Sometimes, wandering through the bead aisle at your local craft store, you’ll find the best inspiration. If you’re not sure what to make with those beads, you can use just about any combination of beads to make a necklace similar to this rose necklace. It doesn’t take long, and is sure to be a conversation starter! One that you can answer with “thanks, I made it!”

DIY Beaded Rose Necklace

You’ll need:

Jewelry Chain of your choice
Rose Beads
Green Beads
Jewelry Wire
Jump rings
Wire Cutters
Round-nosed jewelry pliers

rose neclace supplies

Cut 6″ pieces from your jewelry wire. Wrap one end around the round-nosed pliers, and wrap the excess wire around the end. If there is too much, clip off the excess.

wrap end

String on your beads.

string beads

Create a loop on the other side.

wrap wire on other end.

Repeat three times.

creat three rows

Cut your chain in half. Then cut one of those halves in half. String these two quarters between the three rose pieces using jump rings. Attach the other half of the chain to the ends, and your necklace is complete!

rose necklace


  1. I love roses, hence, I love this necklace! I’m definitely going to make this one, probably in a variety of colors. Then I’ll have to make earrings to match. The next question is stud style or dangle…..probably both.

  2. I love this necklace, so pretty will be making this for sure, I will make ear rings too.
    Thank you for showing us.

  3. How do you keep the roses up? I find that they tend to turn toward the skin because the flower side is heavier than the bottom.

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