Alien Spaceship Reading Light

Do your kids love searching the skies for flying saucers? Do they believe that aliens are living among us? If you have a UFO fan, they’ll flip for this fun Alien Spaceship reading light! With a few supplies, and a little bit of time, you can make this fun reading light for your child’s room… or your own!

Make this Alien Spaceship Reading Light for the UFO fan in your home!

You’ll need:
Battery-operated light source (this is an LED light set designed for a mason jar
Air-dry clay
Silver Paint
Black Marker

supplies for spaceship reading light

Pull out a handful of clay, and start working it to soften it. Once it is very pliable, wrap it around the battery-operated light.

wrap with clay

Start pinching, pulling, and rubbing the clay to make the UFO shape. Make sure to keep the clay off the lights.

form into UFO shape

Once you’re done, allow to dry overnight.

allow to dry

Paint with silver paint. Allow to dry again.

paint spaceship

Once paint is completely dry, add in details with a black marker.

add details

Insert the batteries, and attach the top, using string to hang it in place.

This Alien Reading light will be a hit with your kids… or any space fan!

finished alien spaceship

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