Faux Pearl Necklace

Love the pearl necklace look, but not the pearl necklace price? This faux pearl necklace is as chic as it is affordable… and easy to make! With only a few supplies, in 15 minutes you’ll make a necklace you’ll love wearing, or that you can give as a gift!

Faux Pearl Necklace - made with inexpensive beads and ribbon for a pop of color. No fancy jewelry making tools needed!


Faux Pearl Beads
1/2″ Ribbon
Sturdy Thread

supplies for necklace

In most cases the ribbon will be too thick to push through the hole of the beads. So, we’re going to pull it through instead! Cut a 12″ length of thread. Fold in half. Feed through a bead so that there is a loop on one side, and the two tails on the other.

put thread through

Feed the ribbon through the loop, then firmly pull the ends of the thread to pull the ribbon through.

pull through

Add an overhand knot, and repeat until you have as many faux pearls as you like.

add knot

Tie the ends behind your neck to wear.

finished faux pearl necklace


  1. Oh my God. This is so easy. I’ve always wondered how to put in ribbon into small-looped beads. This really made life easier. I’m so gonna try making my own bracelet after this.

    • Yay!! I’m so glad this helped! Putting ribbon into beads with smaller holes can have such a pretty effect… I’d love to see your finished bracelet! 😀

  2. I also have wondered how to use ribbon with beads and pearls. Going to try this today, hope it works.

  3. What size beads and what size holes do they have? The holes would have to be pretty large to allow the ribbon, no?

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