Ringed Crystal Bracelet

This bracelet is great to make with any stone that has holes on both sides. Look for crystals, beads, and other stones that have been pre-drilled this way to make this great center jewel bracelet. You can adjust this design to make a necklace as well!

simple to make ringed crystal bracelet

To make this bracelet you’ll need:

Jewelry Chain
Jewelry Clasp
Large circle
Crystal with holes drilled on two sides
2 Pinch Clip Bails
Jewelry Pliers

supplies for bracelet

Put the circle into the bail, then attach the crystal.

attach to one side

Repeat with the other side.

attach to other side

Thread the necklace chain through the loop at the top of one of the bails. Trim, and attach one end of the jewelry clasp.

string chain through one side

Repeat with the other side, attaching the other side of the jewelry clasp.

finished ringed crystal bracelet

Your bracelet is complete! Because the circle isn’t held firmly in place by anything, it moves freely around the crystal. This movement makes this a very fun piece of jewelry to wear. You can dress it up or dress it down – this simple statement piece pairs with any outfit.

ringed crystal bracelet


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