Starlight Monogram

A night light is an essential part of any child’s room, but it doesn’t have to be boring! This starlight monogram is an easy way to add soft light to a space, and personalize it as well!

This Starlight Monogram adds soft light to any space

Paper Mache Letter
Battery Operated Twinkle Lights
Paint in your choice of color
Craft Knife

supplies for light up letter

Start by drilling holes into the face of the letter. You can do the sides, too, but I just did the face. Drill as many holes as you like – more holes will make for more light.

drill lots of holes

The cardboard will come up off the letter as you drill. Use a pencil to push it back inside.

push back inside

Cut a hole in the back where the battery pack for the light will go. You can cut a small hole for the switch if you like.

cut hole for battery pack

Use this hole to pull out any of the internal support. If you don’t pull these pieces out, you won’t be able to push the lights all the way to the ends of the letter.

pull out support

Paint the letter with your chosen color of paint. Use the pencil to help get the paint into the holes.


paint over letter

Once the letter has dried, tuck the lights in. Turn them on to make sure you’ve reached all parts of the letter.

insert lights

Your letter is ready to hang, twinkle, and keep the monsters away!


  1. Very cute Idea, I am going to make this for my granddaughter!!! Thanks for posting!

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