Faux Enamel State Necklace

When I need crafty inspiration, I head to the craft store, and walk down the aisles. Even the aisles that aren’t “my” aisles. Yes, we all have certain rows that we naturally gravitate to, but when my crafty mojo needs to be shaken up, I travel the road not taken. Or aisle. Which is how I came up with these fun Faux Enamel State Necklaces. These are super simple to make because the states are already cut out! I found packages of pre-cut wooden states all ready to become necklaces (or other pieces of jewelry). As a fairly new resident of California, and a recent resident of Nevada, I chose TWO states for my necklace, since it isn’t much harder than making one. Want to learn how? Let me show you!

Home State Pendants


To make your faux enamel home state necklace, you’ll need:

Wood Veneer state from Studio Calico
Jewelry Glue
Testors paint in your choice of color (I went with black)
Small Rhinestone

supplies for home state necklace


Select your state(s) and put on a flat surface.

paint the states


Add a coat of paint. Allow to dry (or mostly dry).

paint the states


Add another coat of paint. Allow to dry again.

add another layer of paint


Add a third coat of paint. The paint should be raised up off the wood at this point. If not, you’ll want to add a fourth coat. Allow the last coat to set for 20 minutes.

multipe coats of paint


Carefully add a small rhinestone to the area of your home city.

press jewel in place


Allow to dry completely – overnight.

Glue a bail to the back of each state.

glue on bails

Allow glue to dry.

glue on bail

glue on bails

String on a necklace, and you’re ready to show your state (or states) pride!

finished home state necklace



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