Simple DIY Baseball Stand

Looking for an easy way to display a special baseball? Maybe it is a ball the whole Little League team signed at the end of the season. Maybe it is your first home run. It doesn’t have to be special to anyone but you to deserve a place of honor. We decided to make a special ball for Father’s Day, and put it on our simple DIY baseball stand.

This project is part of Craft Lightning – Father’s Day. A whole week of 15-minute or less crafts that make great Father’s Day gifts! I’m co-hosting this series with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper. Check out their Father’s Day gift ideas below, along with lots of other crafty folks who are joining in!

Simple DIY Baseball Stand - make this simple stand to display a special baseball

To make this Simple DIY Baseball Stand you’ll need:

Wooden circle (this one was by the frames in the Craft store)
Red Felt
Round item for tracing – jar or glass
Hot Glue
Permanent Marker

supplies for baseball stand

Trace the circle onto the felt.

trace circle

Cut two of the circle. Put one aside. Cut the other one into a donut shape, with the donut about 1 inch wide.

cut out center

Trim the outside of the donut to make the ring about 1/2″.

two cut shapes

Glue the ring into place on the larger circle.

glue ring on

Add glue around the edge of the ring, then put on the top of the wooden circle. Press all around edge to secure.

glue around ring

Since we were making this for Father’s Day, I had my son write “#1 Dad” on the ball.

write on ball

Place the ball on the stand, and you’ve got a great Father’s Day gift for your #1 Dad… or just a simple DIY baseball stand to use to display your favorite game ball… or make several for all your favorite baseballs!

finished baseball on simple DIY baseball stand

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Father's Day Mason Jar Gift Idea at GingerSnapCrafts.com_thumb[3]


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