Yarn Dyed Bracelet

Last fall I had the chance to dye yarn with Tulip’s Yarn dying kits. I don’t knit or crochet, but I love to use yarn in projects, so I made this fun yarn dyed bracelet. You don’t need any fancy yarn skills to whip one up! Also, you don’t have to use yarn you’ve dyed yourself to make your dyed yarn bracelt … but it is a fun way to make it more “your own”.

DIY Dyed Yarn Bracelet



Wooden bracelet hoop
Hot Glue

dyed yarn



Glue one end of the yarn to the bracelet. Measure out about 3 yards. Start wrapping. If you want to switch colors in a less-obvious way, or you run out, wrap very loosely and then glue down.

weave in end


Start the new strand where you started getting loose in your wrapping, glue it down, then continue in the gaps until you’ve filled them in, then wrap tightly again.

finish end


When you get to the end, glue down.


Your wrapped bracelet is complete!

finished bracelet



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