DIY Bandana: Scout Craft

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or Cub Scout, a bandana is an essential tool in scouting. It is super versatile – a bandana can keep your hair out of your face, serve as a temporary sling, be used to tie things together, be dipped in water to help you cool off, put on the ground for a clean place to sit (or on a table for a clean place to put your plate)… there are so many ways a bandana can come in handy, it is nice to have more than one! Which makes making your own bandana super awesome! You can make a bandana with your favorite color or favorite fabrics – or make multiple bandanas with the same fabric for your whole patrol or troop. An easy way to identify members of your group in a crowd!

This project is the last in this week-long series of 15-minute-or-less scout crafts for Craft Lightning Scout Crafts week! All week long, my co-hosts Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and Laura from Me and My Inklings, along with our crafty friends from around the internet … scroll to the bottom of this post to see all their great ideas from today!

15 Minute Bandana


To make this Bandana you’ll need:
2/3 yard of a woven fabric of your choice. NO knits (t-shirt fabric).
Rotary Cutter & Ruler or Scissors
Iron and Ironing Board
Sewing Machine

pick fabric

Pick a fun fabric – there are tons of great fabrics out there, find one (or several!) that you love!

Cut the fabric to size. For a standard bandana, you’ll want a 21″ square. If you’d like a larger bandana, cut a larger square – with most fabrics you can go up to 40″ square (that is a BIG bandana!).

cut to size

Take the fabric to your ironing board. Fold over about 1/4″, and press. Repeat for all four sides.

fold and press

Repeat this process a second time, all the way around, this time folding over 1/2″. This will tuck in the raw edges to make your bandana last through the washer and dryer.

Bring your bandana to the sewing machine. Start in the middle of one side. Start stitching along one edge.

stitch down edge

When you get to the corner, stop 1/4″ from the end.

stitch to end

Make sure your needle is down, and lift up the presser foot.

lift presser foot

Pivot your bandana 90 degrees.

pivot bandana fabric

Put the presser foot back down. Then keep stitching.

presser foot down

Repeat on all four corners – stitching all the way around the bandana. When you get back to the beginning, stitch back 4-5 stitches, then forward again, before cutting the thread.

finish ends

Your bandana is complete!

finished DIY Bandanas

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