No Sew Bat Baby Hat

This no sew bat baby hat is super easy to make with just a few supplies. You can make your own bat baby beanie in about 15 minutes, and it is super cute! In fact, you can adjust these instructions a little to make a bat beanie in just about any size!

This project is part of this year’s Craft Lightning Halloween – all week long I’ll be sharing fast crafts you can make in 15 minutes or less, along with my crafty friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, and Jen Goode from 100 Directions. And we’ve rounded up a bunch of our friends to join in as well! Scroll to the bottom of this post to check out all their fast and fun Halloween Craft ideas!

Easy to make Bat Baby Hat - make this cute baby beanie in about 15 minutes!

To make this No Sew Bat Baby Hat, you’ll need:
Black baby beanie
Black and White Felt
Hot Glue
1″ Googly Eyes

supplies for bat hat

Cut a strip from the felt as wide as the hat is tall.

cut as tall as the hat

Cut the edge of the felt along the curve of the hat.

cut along curve of hat

Cut curves into the bottom of the strip.

cut bottom of wing

Cut curve along the top of the wing.

cut wing

Hot glue along the edge of the bat wing – the side that matches the curve of the hat.

glue on edge

Press the glued edge into the side of the hat.

Put your hand inside the hat to pinch the sides of the wing, securing the glue in place.

pinch in hat

Repeat, adding the wing to the other side.

wing glued in

Cut a small piece of felt (about 2″ x 1.5″) into a tumbler shape.

cut into tumber shape

Cut a notch into the bottom of the tumbler to make the bat’s teeth.

teeth and eyes

Glue the teeth under the rim of the hat, and the eyes onto the hat. You’re all done! If you want some creepy Halloween decor, put your no sew bat baby hat onto an old doll!

creepy doll wearing bat hat

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Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for more fast and fun Halloween Craft ideas!



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