DIY Mini Tassel – Tiny Graduation Tassel

These mini tassels are simple to make using thread and jewelry making supplies. And you’ll find that making a mini tassel is super addictive as well! These cute, tiny tassels are perfect for making a cap-and-gown for a doll, for use in scrapbooking or card making, or for making jewelry with, as I will be doing next week!

DIY Mini Tassels


To make a mini tassel, you’ll need:

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Crimping Beads
Crimping Tool
Beading Pliers
Small Jump Rings

mini tassel supplies

Wrap thread around your fingers. You’ll need 20 lengths of thread for each tassel. Cut thread.

wrap thread

Put a loop of thread through a crimping bead.

create loop

Insert the bundle of threads through the loop. Center the loop midway on the thread bundle, then pull through the crimping bead.

pull thread through

Use the crimping tool to secure the crimping bead.


Add the jump ring, and remove the white thread.

ready to trim

Trim to length. I used the width of my finger to get a similar length when making multiple tassels.

measure to cut to length

trim mini tassel

Make as many mini tassels as you need for your project… or until you can’t stand the cuteness any more!

finished mini tassels


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