Lego Ninjago First General Star Stickers

Last week, my sons and I were guests of Legoland and Warner Brothers, as we attended the premiere of the new Lego Ninjago Movie, and witnessed the greatness of the Lego Ninjago First General first hand! We spent the day playing at Legoland, and in the evening, we watched the movie. My boys loved it… and so did I! Lloyd, who is secretly the Green Ninja, is a High School student. High School is hard enough, but Lloyd has it even harder, because the whole city of Ninjago knows that his father is the evil Lord Garmadon, who dedicates his time to hiring new 1st Generals, and plotting to take over the city!

After watching the movie, your kids will want to make their own army of 1st Generals. And every first General needs a 1st General sticker. Here is how we’re going to make them…

After watching the Lego Ninjago Movie, you'll want to make your own Lego Ninjago First General Stickers!

To make these stickers, you’ll need

Gold Adhesive Foil
Red Curling Ribbon
Digital Cutting Machine (I used a Cricut)

Making the First General Star Stickers

first general star sticker supplies

In your design software, make small stars – about 1/4″. If you’re using a Cricut, you can use the First General Star Sticker file that I created.

Put the adhesive foil on the mat.

place foil on mat

Load in your machine, and cut. I used an embossing stylus to create depth, but most of that depth was lost in the cutting.

cut foil

When you’re done, you’ll have some perfect little gold star stickers!

cut stars

Select your first First General. Cut a small piece of curling ribbon.

cut ribbon

Apply the ribbon to the First General with one of the star stickers.

put first general sticker onto the first general

Is it fitting that I chose and Octan employee to be the first First General? Hmmm… you decide!

Now, give this dubious distinction to all your other First General candidates! You can create your own army of First Generals to battle against the ninjas of Ninjago!

Make an army of First General Lego Minifigures to fight with the Ninjas of Lego Ninjago

Hey… wait… did Lord Garmadon make Batman a First General? I feel like that’s a crossover that probably isn’t supposed to happen! But, when the kids play, their imaginations can go wild, and they can create whatever fun crossovers they want!

If you want more fun Lego Ninjago ideas, check out theĀ Kai Shirt (Red Ninja), Pythor shirt, and Sensei Wu shirt that I made when we attended the grand opening of Legoland’s Ninjago ride!

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