Rya Tie Hoop Art

Knitting and Crochet are not skills I have mastered. But I still love playing with yarn. Which makes this project perfect! Plaid sent me their new Rya Tie kit to play with, so I made a simple wall hanging, in a hoop! This Rya Tie Hoop Art is easy to make, even for those of us who are “Yarn Challenged.”

Rya Tie Hoop Art - Easy to make Rya Tie project, created in a hoop!

To make your Rya Tie Hoop Art, you’ll need:

Rya Tie kit

supplies for rya tie hoop art


Place the mesh from the Rya Tie kit into the hoop.

place web in hoop

Mark where you want your bundles.

mark webbing

You’ll want large bundles along the bottom, and small bundles on the top. Follow the instructions in the kit for making your bundles.

make bundles

Tie the bundles to the mesh.

tie the bundles in place

I started by tying the large bundles on the bottom, and worked my way up.

tie on bundles

Trim away the extra mesh.

trim the mesh

Trim up the bundles around the edges to make them even.

trim up

Your Rya Tie hoop art is complete! You might need to buy yourself more mesh, because this project is so fun to make!

finished Rya Tie Hoop art - easy to make, such a fun decor piece!

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