Simple Skull Earrings

I love making simple Earrings for the seasons, and it doesn’t get much easier than these simple skull earrings! You only need a few supplies and a pair of round-nosed pliers to have the perfect skull earrings to wear this Halloween!

These simple skull earrings are easy to make yourself, and so fun to wear on Halloween!

To make these Simple Skull Earrings, you’ll need:

Skull Beads
Black Seed Beads
Head Pins
Earring Hooks
Round-nosed Pliers

supplies for simple skull earrings

Thread the beads onto the head pin.

thread beads on headpin

Wrap the top of the head pin around your round-nosed pliers.

curl head pin

Thread on the earring wire. Then wrap the excess wire from the head pin around the base of the loop.

wrap head pin

Your first earring is complete!

finished earring

Reapeat these steps to make the second simple skull earring, and you’ll have the perfect jewelry to wear on Halloween!



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