Valentine Candle

Whether you like the flicker of a burning candle or the look of a decorative candle, we can all agree that a Valentine Candle makes great Valentine’s Day decor. This DIY candle doesn’t use many supplies, and is a great way to add a little color and ambiance to your Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day craft is part of a week-long series of Valentine themed crafts I’m doing with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Jen from 100 Directions. Every day, we’re each sharing a different Valentine’s Day craft idea. And we’ve invited lots of our creative friends to join in! Scroll all the way down to check out all their projects!

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To make your DIY Valentine Candle you’ll need:

Large candle – I found this one on sale in the Christmas section
Glitter adhesive Vinyl
Cricut Bright Pad (optional, but recommended)
Weeding Tool
Cricut Scraper Tool
Hair Dryer

supplies for diy valentine candle

Use this Cricut Design Space Valentine’s File to cut the glitter adhesive vinyl.

Once cut, it can be hard to see the cut lines. The Bright Pad makes this easier. Use the Bright Pad in a dimly lit room for the best results.

use bright pad

Trim the piece to a more manageable size. Peel away the extra background vinyl.

weed vinyl

Go slow. Use the weeding tool to help keep pieces in place.

fully weeded

In the middle of the roll of the glitter vinyl, you’ll find a sheet of strong grip transfer tape. You need the strong grip transfer tape when using glitter vinyl. Cut a piece the size of the design, then place over the design. Use the scraper tool to strongly secure the vinyl to the transfer tape.

apply transfer tape

Peel back the backing paper.

peel backing

Place the design on the candle. Use the scraper tool to stick in place.

put on candle

The vinyl won’t naturally want to stick to the wax, so you will need to use the weeding tool to help remove the pieces from the transfer tape and get them on the candle.

peel back transfer tape

The gold vinyl is really striking against the red candle!

vinyl on candle

The vinyl pieces will want to slip around. The easiest way to seal them in place is to use a hairdryer. Add a little heat (about 10-20 seconds) until you see the top layer become glossy. Then move to another section on the candle. As the wax cools it will help secure the vinyl pieces in place.

heat wax

Your Valentine Candle is complete! Now you need to decide if you want to light it, or save it! Either way, it is a simple and elegant addition to any Valentine’s Day decor!


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