Burlap Sunglasses Case

I’ll admit, Burlap is not generally the first material I think of when making a sunglasses case. But this burlap sunglasses case is lined with felt to make it super soft. And, since the outside is made of textured burlap, it is easy to find even at the bottom of an untidy purse or beach bag.

This craft is part of Craft Lightning Week! You may have noticed all week long that my friends Angie, Beth and I have been sharing burlap crafts. And we’ve invited our crafty friends to join in! So be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to check out the fun crafts that they have made with Burlap. As an added bonus, any of these crafts can be made in 15 minutes or less!

DIY Burlap Glasses Case

To make this Burlap Glasses Case, you’ll need:

Burlap (I went with this fun teal color)
Felt (I love the contrast of the pink)
Sewing Machine

supplies to make a burlap sunglasses case

Fold the felt, and cut to fit larger than the sunglasses.

cut felt to fit

Cut enough burlap to cover.

wrap burlap around felt

Stitch along 3 sides, leaving the top open.

stitch around sides

Trim the top. You can stop here if you want, but I went a little further…

trim top

Flip the top edge over about 1/2″, and pin in place.

pin around top


Stitch the top edge down, carefully removing the pins and being careful not to stitch over them.

stitch around top

Your burlap sunglasses case is complete!

finished burlap sunglasses case

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