Woven Ornament

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas ornament, this Woven Ornament is perfect! It is an easy to make handmade ornament that you can whip up in 30 minutes or less! You can hang it on your tree, use it to decorate a handmade gift, or give it as a gift itself! Have fun whipping up these simple wooden ornaments and you’ll feel ready for the Holidays in no time!

And if you really want to feel ready for the holidays, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll find a whole list of other designers with projects designed to get you holiday-ready, PLUS a special giveaway! Be sure to comment here and on all the projects linked below to enter!

Woven Christmas Ornament from 30 Minute Crafts .com

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To make this Woven Ornament you will need:
Wooden Ornament Base from Purl and Loop (buy the ornament base on Amazon)
Embroidery Floss
Long Head Pin

supplies for woven ornament

Start by cutting of a length of embroidery floss. Usually from your fingers to your nose is a good working length. Tie a knot at one end.

tie a knot to start the woven ornament

Pick a hole, and come up. Then go across and go back down. Come up next to where you went down. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry! There are excellent instructions in the kit!

add thread

Keep going all the way around, going in a spiral.

add all the way around

When you end, you’ll end in the last hole. It will feel awkward, but this is perfect.

end in the last hole of the woven ornament

Bring your needle to the middle, and you can start your weave! Over, under, over, under, over, under…

start weaving

When you want to add a new color, you can tie it in from the back.

change colors

Keep weaving until your ornament is full.

keep weaving

Then you can tie it off on the back.

tie off on back

To add a hook, use a long headpin. Insert it from the back.

inset head pin

Then you can use pliers to make the loop.

make hanging loop

Add a ribbon, and your woven ornament is ready to hang!

finished woven ornament

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To enter to win you must visit and comment on each post! Bonus, stop by Plaid and like their FB Page!

You have one week and Rita will announce the winner live on Facebook Monday, Nov 19, 8pm CST on Mixed Media Monday! @ritabarakat1



  1. Michelle Wells says:

    Lovely ornament! Such skill

  2. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Oh, I LOVE wood. And I love yarn crafts. I will have to try this. ANY design can be achieved, it seems. NICE idea.

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