Mandala Dot Rocks

If you’ve been wanting to get into rock painting, but don’t have any painting or drawing skills, then this is the perfect technique for you! These Mandala Dot Rocks are super simple to make – you don’t even need a paint brush!

This craft is part of Craft Lighting Week. All week long, along with my friends Angie and Carissa, I’ll be sharing a fast and fun 15 minute craft that involves painting rocks! And we’ve invited some of our crafty friends to join in! Be sure to scroll down to check out their projects!

To make these Mandala Dot Rocks, you’ll need:
Small Plate

Dip the toothpick end into the paint. Then dot the paint onto the rock. You can make large dots or small dots, or vary the size. I like starting with a dot in the center, and then working my way out.

Once you’ve added all your dots, let the paint dry. Then add a layer of varnish to seal the paint in before using the rocks outdoors.

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Be sure to stop by tomorrow for more painted rock ideas!


  1. The design of your mandala painted rocks is incredibly stunning! Thank you very much for sharing our gold leaf painted rocks! xo

  2. Georgia Browne says

    Give me a break – this is what they do in kindergarten.
    Can’t you come up with something more original ??
    I work with handicapped adults and they do better work than this.
    I’m an art teacher with a BS and an RN with a BSN and I can get better work with my patients.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! We do what we can to create projects for people at all different levels and abilities. Some of these projects are perfect for young children. Some are perfect for older adults. The unifying factor is that they could be done in 30 minutes.
      While we strive for originality, I also understand that there is nothing new under the sun.
      Congratulations on having such accomplished patients! <3

    • Tricia Deckert says

      Georgia you are rude.

    • I think Carolina’s work is wonderful. Why don’t you go somewhere else and be rude Ms. Georgia Browne.

      Thank you Miss Carolina for taking the time to share some of your craft ideas. They are most appreciated.

  3. Beth Cerny says

    Georgia, you sure do have a “BS”. If you dont like the content move on, don’t rant about it.

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