Birthday Luminarias

Are you ready for some more awesome birthday party craft ideas? I sure hope your answer is YES, because that’s what is happening today! I’m sharing these super simple to make Birthday Luminarias, that you can absolutely customize for any party theme!

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To make these Birthday Luminarias, you’ll need:
12×12 scrapbook paper
Cricut machine
Hot Glue
Battery-operated tea lights

You can use my 40th birthday unicorn luminaria file as a base for your luminaria. You can cover either image with a square that you can weld in place to remove either the number, the unicorn, or both. And then you can add your own number and or design and slice.

Remember! Slice will only work when you have two layers – and exactly two layers – selected. So make sure that you don’t select the scoring lines. Selecting the scoring lines will prevent slice from working.

If you want to keep your paper from curling when you remove it from the mat, you can curl the mat away from the paper rather than peeling the paper off the mat.

Once you have your file, you can cut it out and fold on the scoring lines.

Cut the vellum into 3 1/2″ x 4″ rectangles. Hot glue in place over the cut-outs. You are gluing the vellum to the inside of the luminaria.

Fold the luminaria together, then glue the side seam.

Fold the bottom of the box. Glue the bottom flap.

To make sure the luminaria does not tip, before the glue cools, sit the luminaria upright and press down with a pen to make sure the bottom is flat.

Turn on your flameless tea lights (DO NOT USE CANDLES THAT HAVE ACTUAL FLAME!), and put them in the luminarias.

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