DIY Floral Birdhouse

We’re celebrating National Craft Month with this fun DIY Floral Birdhouse! All week long we’re sharing fun crafting ideas, and today we’re sharing fun crafts you can make with paint, like this Floral Birdhouse. And be sure to scroll all the way down to check out other fun crafts you can make using paint!

To make this DIY Floral Birdhouse, you’ll need:
Small wooden birdhouse from the craft store
Small wooden petal shapes found in the wood aisle of the craft store
Large and small wooden leaf shapes
Hot Glue

Start by painting the birdhouse and small wooden petals. Allow to dry, this will only take a few minutes.

Start by gluing one of the petals on one side of the wooden peg. Glue a second petal exactly across from the peg. The birdhouse roof is in the way, so I just glued the petal at a slant. I thought this might look strange, but it turns out completely fine in the end!

Add petals exactly between the first two, on either side. Then add more petals between those to fill out the flower.

Add yellow dots for interest.

If you want more fun, paint a medium and large leaf shape green. Add a couple paint lines for the veins in the leaves.

Glue to the back side of the birdhouse.

That’s it! Your simple DIY Floral Birdhouse is complete!

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