5 Minute Shimmer Snowflake Onesie!

5 minute shimmer snowflake onesie

Just last week the stork flew by and dropped off my first nephew! I wanted to make him something fun to wear this winter, so I picked up a pack of long-sleeved onesies when I was at the store to whip up a super-simple shimmer snowflake onesie! This onesie would be great for girls as well… but there are no baby girls in the family right now.

supplies for shimmer snowflake onesie

The supplies were super simple. A package of Tulip shimmer Sheets, Onesie, Scissors, and some snowflake cutting instructions. I just googled “Snowflake Cutting Instructions” and looked for my favorite.

I started by making my square. Because of the size of my onesie, I didn’t want a huge snowflake, so I folded in the corners to make two squares – I used one to practice, and one as my final snowflake. But you can practice on paper if you prefer.

make shimmer snowflake

I folded my square to make a 6-pointed snowflake. Fold in half diagonally, then in half again, then fold into thirds. You’ll have something that looks like the picture below. Then cut off the pointy tops, and you can start creating your snowflake.

cut shimmer snowflake

Start chopping! Cut out curves, spikes, triangles, or whatever to make your snowflake. To get a pretty lacey snowflake, cut out lots. You want it to look like there is barely any snowflake left!

Once you’ve cut it out, carefully unfold it. Your sheet will stick together a little at the cutting points, so you want to carefully peel apart the layers.

Now it is time to iron it! Place it on the shirt, cover with a piece of paper, and iron it on.

iron shimmer snowflake

All that is left is to pack it up (with a couple burp cloths, and maybe a 30 minute tag blanket and some 30 minute baby bibs), and send it off to my new nephew!

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  1. LOVE this onesie! I have a few friends who recently had babies… I think I might have to make some of these for them for the holidays!!!

  2. Cute! I like snowflakes b/c they aren’t just for Christmas – so you can use all winter!

  3. Five minute project? What’s not to love? I agree with Amy – the snowflakes are great because you can use them for a couple months.

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