30 Minute Baby Bib with Velcro Tabs

30 Minute Baby Bib with velcro closure

My 30 Minute Baby Bib tutorial is one of the most popular posts, month after month. And who doesn’t need a quick and easy baby shower gift? I’ve made many of these bibs myself. I’ve made them for showers I’ve planned where I did much of the planning and therefore didn’t have time to make a more time-consuming gift, but still wanted to add a touch of hand-made. I’ve made them when visiting a friend who just had a baby or who had a baby a few months ago, and I’m finally stopping by to meet the little one. Recently, I made them for a no-notice baby shower. If you’ve never been to a no-notice baby shower, it is a shower that your husband casually mentions to you the night before. These fast and easy DIY bibs come in really handy then!

But, with no notice, I didn’t have all of my regular supplies on hand. I was all out of snaps. So I decided I’d whip out some bibs using Velcro brand hook-and-loop strips. Because I DID have Velcro handy. And I figured I would give you a little update on my original 30 Minute Baby Bib tutorial in case you want to use Velcro instead of snaps.

Refer to the original 30 Minute Baby Bib tutorial for the pattern and overall instructions.

After you put the template in place, pin the Velcro to the right side of the fabric. This is what it will look like on the wrong side of the fabric, the side the pattern is on.

pins on front

You can hold your fabric up to the light, or a window, to check the placement.


The right side of the fabric should look almost like this. In this photo, you see the hook and loop sides of the Velcro. What you really should see is either the hook or loop side on one piece, and the back of the opposite piece.

flip over one of the velcro and pin to the fabric

Then stitch around the pattern, trim, and turn as in the original instructions. Turning can be tricky if the hook side of the Velcro gets caught up in the fabric you are using. I used terrycloth, so I had a little of this.

turn right side out

After top stitching all the way around the bib, I trimmed off any excess Velcro and top stitched down the edge of the Velcro as well.

trim velcro


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