Duck Tape Cat in the Hat’s Hat

Duck Tape Cat in the Hat's Hat

Today is the last day of our Dr. Seuss Craft Lightning Week. Every morning Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and I have been sharing a 15 minute or less Dr. Seuss craft, and every evening, we’ve been sharing a round-up of fast crafts from our craft blogging friends. Today I’m sharing a super fast Cat in the Hat hat… made out of Duck Tape!

The Duck Brand sent me lots of Duck Tape for my Valentine’s Mailbox, and I thought it would be fun (and fast) to take the red and white Duck Tape and whip up the Cat’s Hat.

supplies for making cat in the hat's hat To make a Duck Tape Cat in the Hat’s hat, you’ll need:
White Duck Tape
Red Duck Tape
Large and small plates for templates
Self-healing mat (like the grey one to the left – it is what quilters use)


Start by making a “sheet” of Duck Tape that is bigger than the large plate you chose. Rip multiple strips of Duck Tape, and overlap them a little. Then pull the whole piece up, and repeat the process on the back, with the sticky sides touching, and aligning the strips in the other direction.

Make sheet of Duck Tape

Trace the plate on the white sheet of Duck tape with a pencil.

draw circle

Repeat with the small plate, in the center, and cut out the O shape.

cut out brim

Make a sheet of red tape. Make it as tall as you like, but the with should be the right size for your small circle.

Take the diameter of your small circle (the width at the widest part), and multiply that by 3.14, the round up to the nearest whole number. That’s how wide your red sheet of Duck Tape needs to be.

Once you’ve cut the red sheet, use the white Duck Tape to add some stripes. You can always cut the tape to reduce the width of your stripes if you have a smaller hat.

add white stripes

You want your stripes to extend about 2″ off the edge of the red sheet, on one side. Also, add a white strip to the bottom, sticky side up, and cut it into a “fringe” of about .5″-1″ pieces.

tape on rim

Roll up the sheet, tuck it into the brim, and use the “fringe” you created to stick the hat to the brim.

use white to tape shut

Use the white tape to secure the top, and you’re all done!

Make the Cat in the Hat's Hat with Duck Tape

Just find a head that wants to wear your Duck Tape Cat in the Hat’s hat!

Duck Tape Seuss Hat

Come back tonight for a round-up of today’s Seuss crafts from around the web! I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!


  1. Brilliant! Love that the entire thing is Duck Tape!!

  2. Rick Campbell says

    Great idea! And so easy . . . it just doesn’t say how much duct tape I need to buy! Some of the new craft duct tapes have awesome colors and patterns but, I believe, come on smaller rolls.


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