Bias Tape Flower

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Bias Tape Flower

If you’ve never used bias tape before, it is a fun little craft supply to play with! It is made with fabric cut on the bias (a 45 degree angle), so it curves really well, because of all the stretch that cutting on the bias gives you. This bias tape flower can be made with any bias tape, and you can switch out the center if you’d like a different look. I’ll show you how to make this one, so you can decide how you’d like to make your own!

bias tape for flower Supplies:

Double Fold Bias Tape
Coats & Clark All Purpose Thread
Large Spangles or Sequins
Large Bead
Floral Stems and Floral Tape


Start by threading your needle, and having it handy… when you need it you’ll be glad it is ready and waiting!

Take the bias tape out of the package, and loop into the shape of a petal. Hold in place with your thumb.

create loops from bias tape

Keep making loops, holding the center with your thumb, until you have enough petals. I tried to keep my petals about the same size, but that is up to you! Cut off the extra bias tape.

create all the loop petals

Take your threaded needle, and pierce it through the center of the flower.

stitch through center of flower

Stitch up and down several times through the center. You can make neat, pretty stitches… but they won’t show later, so don’t worry if they are perfect. Then stitch several spangles (large sequins) into the center.

stitch on spangles

Finally, stitch the bead in the center. The flower is done! Now to add the stem…

Poke the wire stem between the layers, and fold to the back. Twist tight to secure.

bead and wire stem

For a more finished look, cover the stem with floral tape.

make a bias tape flower

It is that easy! I’m sharing more fun flower posts all week long, be sure to check them out!

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