DIY Lego Earrings

These Lego earrings were inspired by a recent trip to Legoland. One of the staffers had Lego characters hanging from her badge. Which wasn’t entirely unusual – most of the staffers had Lego minifigures on their badges. But this woman had the minifigures actually hanging from her badge. I chatted with her and learned that she had converted Lego keyrings to get her minifigures to dangle just so. These dangling Lego figures gave me the inspiration for some dangling Lego blocks… perfect for jewelry!

Make your own earrings from Lego blocks

These Lego earrings are super simple to make. You’ll need:
2 Lego bricks of your choice
Small jewelry drill
Krazy Glue (the Kragle!)
2 Eye Pins
2 Jumprings
2 Earring wires
Round-nosed jewelry pliers

supplies to make your own lego earrings


Start by drilling a hole in the center of one of the short sides of one of the Lego blocks.

drill hole into lego brick

Trim the eye pin, then insert into the hole. Using the round-nosed jewelry pliers, curve the eye pin around the first circle on the back of the Lego brick. This will help support it and keep it in place. Secure with Krazy Glue.

curl wire under lego inside

Repeat with the second Lego brick.

repeat with second brick

Use the jump rings to attach the earring wires, and your Lego earrings are complete!

Making Lego earrings is simple

My son thought these earrings looked a little plain. So he dug into his Lego stash to give me a little extra bling.

add embellishments to Lego earrings

Here are my fully-customized mom-of-boys Lego earrings. Awesome, right?

Lego earrings with extra lego pieces

Speaking of awesome, if you’re a Lego fan, you should check out my Everything is Awesome shirt tutorial.


  1. These are super cute! A great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fun! Love how the kids decorated them after you made the base 🙂

  3. Sharmaine Phelan says

    What if you can’t get into the back to wind the wire around? is their an another way? The lego I want to make into lego, are figures of heads and I really want to make them into earrings for my daughter. Please if you can help I would appreciate it. Sharmaine

    • Carolina says

      Lego heads are a little trickier. When I want to make earrings with minifigures, I usually buy the keyrings. They are more expensive, but already have a ring on the top.
      You can drill all the way through the top, bring the wire down, make a small loop, and then pull it up. With a little bit of “kraggle” (Krazy Glue), you can secure the wire in place.
      Hope that helps!


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