Halloween Spider Wreath

Looking for a different and creepy way to decorate your door this Halloween? This spider wreath is simple to make, takes only a few supplies, and adds a little creepy and a little whimsy to your entryway! An oversized spider makes the perfect wreath for your door this Halloween.

Make your own Halloween Spider Wreath with just a few simple supplies!

This wreath only requires a few supplies. You’ll need:
Styrofoam wreath form
Giant Pipecleaner
Large Yarn
Small styrofoam ball
Black paint
Hot Glue

supplies for Spider Wreath

Start by cutting the oversized pipe cleaner into 4 pieces. This is fun stuff, I found it in the craft aisle at Michael’s, and it it makes the perfect legs for this spider wreath! Fold each piece in half, wrap around the wreath, and twist to secure.

wrap pipe cleaner around wreath

Start wrapping the large yarn around your wreath.

wrap yarn around wreath

Keep wrapping all the way around.

finish wrapping yarn

Cut the yarn, then tie and tuck in the end.

tuck away end

Using a sharp knife, cut a small styrofoam ball in half. Paint the eyes on, then glue into place with hot glue.

Bend and shape your creepy spider legs, and your Halloween spider wreath is complete! I covered my door with creepy faux spider webbing before hanging my wreath. I think I have the creepiest door on the block!

Halloween Spider Wreath DIY

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  1. How cute! Might have to try this out. Thanks for sharing.


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