Beaded Angel Earrings

Do you ever wander through the bead aisles, looking at all the pretty beads? Sometimes, the companies put together strands that are perfect as-is. Like this one for making these angel earrings. I made a similar set of dragonfly earrings earlier this year.

simple angel earrings

To make these earrings you’ll need:
Angel bead string
Earring Hooks
Head Pins
Jewelry Pliers

supplies for simple angel earrings

You’ll need to cut the string the beads are on, then line up the beads you’ll be using.

set up earring

String them onto the head pin.

string onto head pin

Wrap the top around the round-nosed pliers.

wrap around round nosed pliers

Then wrap the wire around the base of the loop.

make wrapped loop

Clip the excess from the head pin. Attach the earring hook by opening the loop at the bottom of the hook, attaching it on, then closing the loop. Earrings complete!

finished angel earrings

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