Button Jar Ornament

This little ornament is made seriously adorable with the buttons inside! It is made from the same tin as the snowscape ornament, but is just a little simpler to make.

Button Tin Ornament on 30 Minute Crafts

To make this ornament you’ll need a little tin with a plastic insert in the lid, buttons, faux holly sprigs, ribbon, and hot glue.

supplies for button tin ornament

Fill the tin with buttons, and bend the holly sprigs to fit over the front.

bend wire on holly

Cut off about 12″ of ribbon, tie a knot to make a loop, then cut notches into the ends.

cut ends

Glue the ends to the top of the tin. If you want to be able to open the tin later, don’t glue onto the lid.

glue ribbon in place to lid

All done!

finished button tin ornament

Of course, you could fill the ornament with something else, if you like. If you’re not going to go with buttons, I’d go with Chocolate.


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