DIY Zamp in my Lamp

Last year I made a Wocket in my Pocket, two years ago I made a Yottle in my Bottle, and this year I’m showing you how to make a Zamp in my Lamp. I love the fun characters that Dr. Seuss made for his book “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket”, and I’m having a blast turning them into fun little characters in my own life. Maybe after a couple more years, I’ll have a house filled with Dr. Seuss’s crazy creatures, just like the boy in the book!

I’m doing this project as part of Craft Lightning week. This week, my co-host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our Guest Host, Sarah from Mom Endeavors, are sharing a fun and fast Seuss craft each day… and having some of our crafty friends join in! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for more fun and fast Seuss inspired crafts!

Zamp in my Lamp

To make a Zamp in my Lamp, you’ll need:

Five Tan/Orange pipe cleaners
One Pink Pipe Cleaner
Googly Eyes
Hot Glue

supplies to make a zamp for your lamp

Start by folding two pipe cleaners in half, and link them together.

fold and hook together

Twist the two pipe cleaners together.

twist to make body

Fold each of the ends in half, and twist, to create the arms and legs.

twist arms and legs

create body

Wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around your finger to form the head.

wrap around finger

Wrap the tail around and around, like a ball of yarn.

wrap pipe cleaner

Attach the head. Wrap the two remaining pipe cleaners around the middle to thicken up the body.

wrap around body

Cut 1/3 off the pink pipe cleaner, and insert it into the top of the head.

insert cut of pink pipe cleanerFold the pink pipe cleaner to create the hair.

bend hair

Glue on the eyes, then hang your Zamp from the nearest lamp! I love having a Zamp in my Lamp!

hang the Zamp in your Lamp

Here are the other awesome Seuss inspired crafts:


I love this Pin the Heart on the Grinch Printable from Twin Dragonfly Designs:

Pin-the-Heart-on-the-Grinch-Game-twin dragonfly designs


This Seuss-inspired cake stand by Carla Schauer is perfect for any young reader’s party!

Dr-Seuss-cake-stand_ Carla Schauer

Did you know you can make your own temporary tattoos? You can! Simply Kelly Designs shows you how with these DIY Dr. Seuss Temporary Tattoos.


One Artsy Momma made fun Cat in the Hat Pencil Toppers.

seuss pencil toppers - one artsy momma


These Truffula trees were made by One Artsy Mama by dying cotton!

Dyed-Cottonball-Truffula-Trees-Albion Gould

Our Guest co-host for this Series, Sarah from Mom Endeavors, made a Dr. Seuss Quote Printable.



My long-standing Craft Lightning Co-host, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, made this adorable Seuss Pancake Stacks – like a delicious breakfast kabob! YUM!seuss-pancake-stacks-004

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more fun and fast Seuss-inspired craftiness!


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