Faux Gemstone Necklace

These faux gemstone necklaces are super simple to make! I had the idea to use toilet paper rolls for molds as I was playing with the new Mod Melter. The necklaces turned out just as I had hoped – and can be made with just 15 minutes of hands-on time!

I made this faux gemstone necklace as part of the Craft Lightning series. Each day this week, my co-hosts and I are sharing a 15 minute or less craft project with a recycled component, as well as sharing quick, easy, and cute craft projects from some of our crafty friends online. With the recycled theme we have going this week, of course I had to use toilet paper rolls in one of my projects… and this is it!

Faux Gemstone Necklace

You’ll need:
Toilet Paper Tube
Paper Straw
Colored Mod Melts and Mod Melter
Mod Melts Mold (turned upside down)
Jar or container with water
Scrubby Sponge

faux gemstone supplies

Cut a 1″ slice from the toilet paper tube. Pinch one side to make it teardrop shaped. Place on the back of the Mod Melts mold. Cut a 2″ piece of straw, place near the top. Don’t touch the tube with the straw, though.

glue into the toilet paper roll mold

Make sure your Mod Melter is HOT before you start adding the glue. The hotter the Mod Melter is, the smoother the surface of your faux gemstone will be.

glue straw in place

Fill the whole mold with the colored Mod Melts. You want two colors to mix. You can do this by either inserting only 1/2 a length of each color instead of the full stick. If the color hasn’t changed yet and your mold is more than half full, squeeze the excess to one side until you notice the color change.

fill with glue

Allow to cool. Put in water overnight.

soak the gemstones

Peel away the excess toilet tube cardboard, and pull out the paper straws. Use a scrubby sponge on the sides to help remove any leftover paper fibers from the toilet tube.

scrub away tube

removed tube

Use scissors to cut off any uneven edges.

trim away excess

gemstone complete

Cut a length of ribbon, fold in half, thread the ends through the hole.

pull ribbon through

Put the ends through the loop, and pull tight. Add an overhand knot to secure the ends.

loop ribbon

Your faux gemstone is complete – you won’t believe that something so cute is so easy to make!

finished faux gemstone necklace

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