Easy Duck Tape Bunny Ears

Looking for a simple last-minute Easter craft? Whip up these cute Duck Tape Bunny Ears! As easy as they are adorable, you can make these bunny ears in only a few minutes!

Duck Tape Bunny Ears

To make your own Duck Tape Bunny Ears, you’ll need:

White Duck Tape and Glitter Duck Tape

Duck Tape Bunny Ears Supplies

Start by cutting or tearing two 20″ pieces of white Duck Tape. Fold almost in half… leaving about an inch of exposed adhesive.

fold tape in half

Cut both into ear shapes

cut tops of ears

Cut ear shapes from the gold glitter, smaller than the white ears. Stick to the insides of the white ears.

cut tops of ears

Wrap the bottoms of the ears around the headband.

attach ears to headband

If needed, add another layer of Duck Tape to make the ears less floppy.

Make Duck Tape bunny ears

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