No Sew Minion Finger Puppets

The new Minions movie came out in theaters today. I had the opportunity to see an early screening with my family earlier this week. We wore our Minion Goggles over our 3D glasses – be sure to get your own Minion Goggles printable here. Minions is a cute film taking you back to the origin of the Minions, and following them on their journey to find a villainous boss. Much of the movie is devoted to the journey Stuart, Kevin, and Bob take, and you get to know these three Minions much better. My 6 year old loved the movie. He was giggling throughout the film, and I loved seeing him happy, though the movie wasn’t quite as roll-in-the-aisles funny for me. Though, I’m sure we’ll be adding it to our video collection… I have two young boys, and this film was made for kids like mine!

To celebrate the opening of Minions, I created these No Sew Minions Finger Puppets. They are super simple to make, and I whipped up all three in about 30 minutes. I made my three look like Kevin, Stuart, and Bob… but you can make more generic Minions if you like, they are easy to customize.

No Sew Minion Finger Puppets

To make these finger puppets I used Oly*Fun. You can find it in crafts stores like JoAnns and Michael’s, and in any WalMart that carries by-the-yard fabric. It is as thin as regular fabric, but acts like felt – it doesn’t fray and is awesome for crafting.

minion finger puppet supplies

You’ll need:
Oly*fun in Yellow, Black, Grey, and White
Hot Glue

Start by cutting out your pieces. For each Minion you’ll need:
Two body pieces the same size – a rectangle with one end rounded off
A black strip for the goggle strap
1-2 Grey circles for goggle eye pieces
the same number white circles, a little smaller
the same number small black circles
small black curve for the mouth
optional – skinny black strips for hair  cut pieces

Glue the two yellow pieces together.

glue together layers

Glue on the black strap – don’t worry about the ends sticking out.

glue on strap

Glue on the Grey circle, the white circle, and the black circle.

glue on eye

Cut off the strap pieces. Then glue down the mouth.

trim sides

To add hair, you can add it in the first step when you’re gluing the pieces together…

add hair

Or you can add it afterwards, by adding a dab of glue to secure the pieces in place.

glue hair in place

These Minions are so fun to make, you might find yourself making handfuls!

finished Minion Finger Puppets

Enjoy making your own Minions! If you like this Minion Craft, you’ll also enjoy my Video on making a Minion Necklace Charm, and my Minion Goggles.


  1. JaneEllen says

    Seeing these fun characters makes me wish our grand kids were still little ones, youngest is 15 and oldest is 25, (6 of them). I used to make so many fun things for grandkids. No more so now I make things for little neighbor kids. Our neighborhood isn’t exactly friendly so when I went to a house across street they asked me what I wanted. Nothing, just like to make cute things for kids. Think I need to find better place to offer my freebies huh? lol
    This is such a cute project and you did great job with tutorial and showing photos. Will have to look for that fabric. Have great week and enjoy your boys.
    I have 4 kids two of which are boys that are 16 months apart. Have 2 girls 10 years apart but they’re all old folks now I tell them. Oldest just turned 55 and youngest is 45. Boys are 51 and 53, boy where did the years go? Happy days

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed the Minion Finger Puppets! The Oly*fun is now at most large retailers carrying craft supplies – I’ve found the largest selection at Hobby Lobby, but JoAnn also carries it on the bolt. Pre-cut pieces are available at Michael’s and WalMart. You can also find it online.
      … Maybe someday soon you’ll have great grandkids to create for? 😉

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