Windowed Zippered Pouch

I love zippered pouches like this circle clutch and topstitched zipper bag. They are super handy. This windowed zipper pouch has all the handy holding capabilities of a standard zippered pouch, with the added benefit of a vinyl window – so you can see at a glance what is in the bag! The Windowed Zippered Pouch is very handy!

Windowed Zippered Pouch

You’ll need vinyl (found as vinyl tablecovering in the upholstery fabrics section)
Fabric of your choice (a fat quarter is plenty)
12″ zipper
Ribbon and keyring (optional)


Cut your fabric:
2 – 9″x 2″
2 – 9″x6″
Cut the Vinyl:
1 – 9″x5″

All seams are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted.

Put the vinyl between the two 2″ pieces, with the right sides facing the vinyl. Stitch.

stitch onto vinyl

Open fabric, roll up vinyl to tuck into the fabric layers, out of the way.

roll up vinyl

Pin the zipper in place, between the layers of fabric.

pin zipper in place

Stitch the zipper, when you get to the zipper pull, stop. Lift your presser foot, move the zipper pull out of the way, then continue sewing.

fold in zipper

Turn this section right side out by inverting the tube at one end.

turn through end

Continue all the way down.

turn right side out

Topstitch on either side of the fabric. This is optional, but makes the zippered pouch look much more finished.

topstich zipper

Sandwich this section between the two larger pieces of fabric, right sides towards the vinyl, and sew the zipper in place.

sandwich between backing

Open up the layers, topstitch down.

front and back complete

Make sure the zipper is open halfway, sandwich the vinyl layer between the two backing pieces.

layer for sewing closed

Sew almost all the way around – stopping 2″ from the end.

leave hole for turning

Trim off any excess seam allowance, and clip the corners.

trim seam allowance

Turn right side out through the hole, pin the hole closed.

pin hole closed

Add a ribbon and keyring, if you like.

ribbon and loop

Stitch the hole closed.

close the hole
Your windowed zippered pouch is complete! Maybe make a hexagon needle book to put inside?

finished zippered pouch with clear front panel


  1. Pauline Luna says

    Great idea. My aunt bought a clear shower curtain and I cut for her a piece for a small table of hers. She let me take the rest home with me. I was thinking of something like this Windowed Zippered Pouch to use the remaining clear plastic shower curtain. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

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