Valentine’s Chocolate Wrapper

If you’re looking for a Valentine Chocolate Wrapper, than this is perfect for you! This Valentine’s Chocolate wrapper is made to re-wrap a Christmas Chocolate bar. Which is perfect because these Christmas Chocolate bars are still perfectly good in February, and are on sale every January! Stock up on these chocolate bars, and you’ll have a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift at a fraction of the retail cost! All you have to do is print out this Valentine Chocolate Wrapper to re-wrap the chocolate with. 

Valentine's Chocolate - Made from On Sale Christmas Chocolate!

To make this Valentine’s Chocolate, you’ll need:
Russel Stover Santa Chocolate
Valentine’s Chocolate Printable
Double-Sided Tape

note: If you can’t find these Santa Chocolates, check out my Valentine’s Chocolate Bar craft instead.


Cut out the printed shape.

cut on lines

Remove the paper wrapper from the chocolate (leave on the foil). Then wrap in the new paper.

fold around chocolate

Tape flap down with double-sided tape. Your Christmas chocolate has been converted to Valentine’s Chocolate!

wrapped chocolate

I made it a two dollar bill because Valentine’s Day isn’t about big sums of money – it is about two people getting together. Which is also why I left the center of the wrapper blank. You can add a picture of you and your sweetie, write in your names, or do anything you like to make this chocolate bar extra special for the two of you.

Turn Christmas Chocolate into Valentine's Chocolate


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