One Fish Two Fish Necklace – Seuss Inspired Craft

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I love celebrating this week with fun Seuss Inspired crafts, like this One Fish Two Fish necklace. It isn’t over-the-top Thing One Thing Two hair, or a classic Cat in the Hat hat. This One Fish Two Fish necklace is understated enough to wear to work to celebrate a childhood favorite.

One Fish Two Fish inspired necklace

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To make this One Fish Two Fish Necklace, you’ll need:

Wooden fish beads (similar here)
Necklace Cord
Spacer beads (3 or 6)
Blue and red paint
supplies for one fish two fish necklace

Line up your fish. You’ll need 6 total.

choose fish beads

Paint beads. You’ll need one red and and one blue.

paint wooden fish beads

Allow paint to dry.

beads and spacers

String the beads onto the necklace. Start with one fish, add spacer(s), then two fish, spacer(s), a red fish, spacer(s), and finally a blue fish.

beads strung on necklace

Your necklace is ready to wear!

finished one fish two fish necklace


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