Stitched Candy Corn Necklace

This Stitched Candy Corn Necklace is almost as sweet as the iconic Halloween Treat it was inspired by! Simple to make, you can whip up this necklace in 30 minutes, allow it to dry overnight, and wear it the next day! I love simple projects that become immediate outfit accessories!! DIY Halloween Jewelry is so fun to make. You can wear it yourself, or make it to give to a friend, neighbor, or teacher. Especially if Candy Corn is their favorite treat! This way you can enjoy Candy Corn without the calories!

Make your own Stitched Candy Corn Necklace in less than 30 minutes with this fun 30 Minute Halloween Jewelry Craft!

To make the Stitched Candy Corn Necklace, you will need:

Embroidery Floss in white, orange, and yellow
Black Fabric
Small Wooden Necklace Hoop
Fabric Glue
Chalk Pencil
Small Embroidery Hoop (optional)


Trace the outside of your necklace hoop onto your fabric.


Draw a candy corn. Basically, an elongated triangle with curved corners. Divided into thirds. Don’t worry about perfection – candy corn are not perfect.


If you like, you can put the fabric in a hoop. This can make it easier to stitch.

put in hoop

Starting with the white thread, stitch the candy corn.

sttich white candy corn

Then stitch the orange and the yellow.

stitch yellow

When it is all done, it should look something like this.

finished sitching

Trim about 1/4″ away from the edge of your chalk line.


Grab your fabric glue. I like spreading it with an old paintbrush.


Glue the fabric to the back of the wooden hoop.

glue to back

Then glue the hoop in place. You can use the paintbrush to remove any stray glue from the edges and sides.

wipe glue

Allow to dry, and your Stitched Candy Corn necklace is complete!

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