Pumpkin Candle Mat

make a pumpkin candle mat

Halloween, Pumpkins, and candles just go together perfectly… don’t you think? I think so! That’s why I whipped up this Pumpkin Candle mat that is super easy to make. Just a few quick cuts in felt, and you’ve got a candle mat that you can customize in your favorite fall or Halloween colors! This project […]

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Halloween Treat Bag Tags- And How Does the Cricut Machine Work?

finished treat bags

Vying to be the coolest house on the block by giving away awesome treat bags? In charge of snacks for your child’s class at school? Putting on an epic Halloween party? Or just want to put a surprise in your kiddo’s lunchbox? Whip up these cute Halloween Treat Bag Tags to dress up your treats […]

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Cricut Antenna DIY

DIY Cricut Antenna Headband

Are you a Cricut fan? A die-hard, cut all the things, Cricut fan? If so, you need these Cricut Antenna. And luckily for you, you can cut them out on your Cricut Maker! If you don’t yet have a Cricut Maker, scroll down to the bottom of this page for a giveaway where you can […]

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Custom Fun Flask – Add a fun quote to your flask!

finished quote flask

When I found this simple metal flask in the dollar spot at Target, I knew it had to come home with me! I really regret not putting all the flasks in my cart, because for $5 a flask, I’m sure I could find lots of occasions to craft up some cute flasks! Alas, I only […]

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Bahavior Bracelet – An alternative to Behavior Charts

wearing bracelet

Most parents with strong-willed children have attempted behavior charts at some point. Either on the advice of their pediatrician, teacher, therapist, or a well-meaning friend or relative. The challenge with a traditional behavior chart is that it isn’t very portable. It is secured to the refrigerator, and stays there all week long. If you’re out […]

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Simple Felt Banner and What is the Cricut Machine?

Finished Banner

At so many events I collect pins, buttons, or other charms, and was looking for a fun way to display them. Sure, they could collect dust in a drawer or a dish on my vanity, but I’d rather turn my pin collection into decor that makes me smile each time I see it! So I […]

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Free Printable Lunchbox Notes

Lunchbox Printable Note

Making Lunches for the kids to take to school isn’t my favorite part of being a mom. It is tiring putting together a lunch and hoping they’ll actually eat it while at school! But even if they don’t love what I pack them to eat, my kids do love getting little notes in their lunch. […]

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THINK Classroom Letters

finish writing letters

A couple years ago, someone gave us a printout with the letters THINK to help kids decide to say something. Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary, is it Kind? Kids can review these benchmarks to decide if what is in their mind is worth saying out loud. When I […]

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Morning Routine Prep Hanger

add stickers

Mornings at my house are the hardest. I’m not a morning person, so trying to get two kids ready and out the door while trying to get myself ready feels like swimming against the tide every morning. To help our mornings go easier, I like to plan ahead, and set up routines. One very simple […]

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DIY Lego Heads Towel

Finished Lego Towel

I love making trips to theme parks more memorable for my kids. Legoland is a favorite for us. My boys are Lego fans, and especially love the waterpark. When we were invited to check out the new Surfer’s Cove at Legoland’s Waterpark, I wanted to make a fun project the kids could enjoy at the […]

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