Rya Tie Hoop Art

finished Rya Tie Hoop art - easy to make, such a fun decor piece!

Knitting and Crochet are not skills I have mastered. But I still love playing with yarn. Which makes this project perfect! Plaid sent me their new Rya Tie kit to play with, so I made a simple wall hanging, in a hoop! This Rya Tie Hoop Art is easy to make, even for those of […]

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Custom Princess Tee

Custom Princess Shirt

Have a little princess in your life? Make her this DIY Custom Princess Tee! Making this shirt is a super simple craft project that you can make in less than 30 minutes! To make your Custom Princess Tee, you’ll need: Gold Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt Cricut Machine Iron and Ironing Board Cricut Princess Shirt File […]

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DIY Color Necklace

finished color necklace

This unique piece of jewelry is as fun to wear as it is to make! Using the used Dye sheets from a Canon Selphy Printer, you can create this DIY color necklace that looks amazing in sunlight! You get to recycle the ink sheets from your printer, and create this unique jewelry! Such a simple […]

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DIY Hairy Spider

make a creepy hairy spider

Big Hairy Spiders are a fun Halloween decoration to make, and a super simple one! You can whip up this Hairy Spider in under 15 minutes! Make your own DIY Hairy Spider using just a few supplies to make your Halloween Decor extra creepy! I found these extra large pipe cleaners in the kid craft […]

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DIY Felt Hair Clips

gift hairclips

When my niece turned one, I wanted to make something fun for her. So I made these simple DIY Felt Hair Clips. They are easy to make, and so fun! They are made by cutting felt and gluing the felt to the hair clips with hot glue, so there is no sewing or fancy crafting […]

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DIY Stamped Tablecloth

finished printed tablecloth

When I found this simple tablecloth in the Dollar Section at Target, I knew it would be the perfect tablecloth for the table on the back patio – but it needed a little sprucing up. I had fabric paints and block printing stamps that Plaid had given me, and knew that it would be the […]

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Wild West Cactus Invitations

fiinished cactus invitations

If you’re hosting a Cowboy party, Wild West party, or Desert Bash, these Wild West Cactus Invitations are the perfect way to invite guests to have a good time! I love the cards, and they are even cuter when combined with the peekaboo envelopes with the cactus cut-out. They are simple to cut on the […]

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Googly Eye Photo Frame

finished googly eye photo frame

If you’re looking for a fun way to display Halloween photos, look no further than this DIY Googly Eye Photo Frame! Googly eyes are so much fun to add to the frame, and give great dimension and interest, without a lot of expense. Make different fun Halloween frames each year to display your family’s annual […]

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Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cards

DIY Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cards

If you have a Harry Potter fan in your life, they will love these Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cards. The ties that Hogwarts students wear are one of the most iconic parts of the clothes in the movies. Each house wears striped ties in their house colors. These make a great Harry Potter Birthday Card, […]

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Photo Frame Piggy Bank

put back in

Teaching kids to save is one of the harder lessons. We all want the bright and shiny thing in front of us, and saving up for a big-ticket item is only exciting when you actually get to purchase that item. To help my children visualize what they are saving up for, I created this simple […]

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