Watercolor Flowers

finished watercolor flowers

Spring is on the way! And I’m ready for all the color and joy that flowers bring. So, instead of waiting for the flowers to grow on their own, I’m making some myself! These watercolor flowers are simple to make, and the watercolor technique makes each of the watercolor flowers one turn out as unique […]

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DIY Candy Hearts

Making your own Candy Hearts is a sweet way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day! It is so easy to make your own DIY candy hearts, and then box them up in little boxes to pass out to friends! You can add extracts to your hearts when you make them to give them a custom flavor… maybe […]

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Conversation Heart Hoop Art

Make your own Conversation Heart Hoop Art

If it is possible to have Valentine’s Day without Conversation Heart Candies, I don’t want to know about it. Since I was young, these chalky, flavorless sweets with their kitschy phrases are quintessential Valentine’s treats. When I was younger, I loved eating them. Now I marvel at them, and love creating Conversation Heart Crafts, like […]

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Valentine’s Chocolate

Turn Christmas Chocolate into Valentine's Chocolate

Valentine’s is my favorite. I’m not sure why. It might be because my favorite color is red. Or that Valentine’s Day is right after my birthday. Or it might be that so many Christmas items go on sale the month before, and can be repurposed to make awesome Valentine’s crafts at a fraction of the […]

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Magnetic Photo Frames

make these fun magnets to display instax photos

My kids are obsessed with my Instax Camera. They love taking photos of themselves, me, our animals, their legos… anything they can capture in the camera frame. As soon as they take the photo, they get to watch it appear like magic on the photo paper. I love finding fun ways to display their photos, […]

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Valentine’s Lock and Key Earrings

DIY lock and Key earrings - perfect for Valentine's Day

Making Jewelry for Valentine’s Day is a simple and inexpensive gift for someone you love, or a fast and fun way to whip up a special accessory for yourself! These lock and key earrings are great for Valentine’s Day, either to wear yourself or give as a gift.   These earrings are part of Craft […]

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Jingle Bell Bracelet

finished jingle bell bracelet

This Jingle Bell Bracelet is a super simple sewing project that kids will love to make and wear! Stitch up the band, add on some bells, and you have a fun bracelet that jingles as you move. This project is part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long I’m sharing a Holiday craft that can […]

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Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Make a DIY baby's first Christmas Ornament

This year brought with it two new nieces. I thought it would be fun to give them each a special ornament for their first Christmas. Making a special ornament doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated, or requir of fancy materials… I made each of these cute ornaments in about 10 minutes, and I’ll show you […]

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Easy Santa Gift Tags

finished santa gift tags

These Santa Gift Tags are super simple to make! With just a few minutes and a few supplies, you’ll have this adorable gift tag to put on a gift for someone special! I love how easy these Santa gift tags are to make! This post is part of the Craft Lightning Holiday series. All week […]

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Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Necklace

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the quick and easy Halloween Crafts I’ve been sharing! Here is an easy Halloween Jack-o’Lantern Necklace. No fancy tools, no sewing – and you can make it in about 5 minutes! Be sure to scroll all the way down to check out the other fast and fun 15-minute-or-less Halloween craft […]

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