Easy Santa Gift Tags

finished santa gift tags

These Santa Gift Tags are super simple to make! With just a few minutes and a few supplies, you’ll have this adorable gift tag to put on a gift for someone special! I love how easy these Santa gift tags are to make! This post is part of the Craft Lightning Holiday series. All week […]

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Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Necklace

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the quick and easy Halloween Crafts I’ve been sharing! Here is an easy Halloween Jack-o’Lantern Necklace. No fancy tools, no sewing – and you can make it in about 5 minutes! Be sure to scroll all the way down to check out the other fast and fun 15-minute-or-less Halloween craft […]

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Googly Eye Headband

Googly Eye Headband - easy to make Halloween accessory!

I have a thing for googly eyes. They make me go completely googly on the inside. For realz. And I can’t explain it. Googly eyes are my catnip. And Halloween is the perfect time to break out my giant stash of googly eyes. Like this Googly Eye Headband. It is crazy simple to make, and […]

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Hanging Spider Hoop

add eyes

Looking for an inexpensive Halloween craft to make with a group of kids? This simple hanging spider hoop is easy to make! For younger kids, you can have an adult man the glue gun, or you can switch it out for some crafting glue or even adhesive dots. This hanging spider hoop is part of […]

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Skeleton Key Earrings

finished skeleton key earrings

I love jewelry that is easy to make and fun to wear – and these Skeleton Key Earrings absolutely check both of those boxes! Earrings are super simple to make. These are so inexpensive and simple that you can make several to give as gifts. They are the perfect zero-calorie Halloween treat! This project is […]

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No Sew Bat Baby Hat

Easy to make Bat Baby Hat - make this cute baby beanie in about 15 minutes!

This no sew bat baby hat is super easy to make with just a few supplies. You can make your own bat baby beanie in about 15 minutes, and it is super cute! In fact, you can adjust these instructions a little to make a bat beanie in just about any size! This project is […]

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Pokemon Go Craft: Pokeball Tin

finished pokemon go tin

My kids love to play Pokemon Go, and I love that it gets us all out of the house and doing something together (see a whole list of reasons I love Pokemon Go Here). But, sometimes, I just want to stay in. Doing a Pokemon Go craft with the kids lets me avoid the heat […]

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DIY Bandana: Scout Craft

finished DIY Bandanas

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or Cub Scout, a bandana is an essential tool in scouting. It is super versatile – a bandana can keep your hair out of your face, serve as a temporary sling, be used to tie things together, be dipped in water to help you cool […]

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Flag Retirement Record

put into tin

Many in the US fly the flag of our country with pride daily. Over time, the flag can get worn, torn, or soiled beyond repair. At that time it is appropriate to retire the flag, which is usually done in a special ceremony where it is burned with the respect befitting this symbol. Some scouts […]

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Knot Tying Practice Sticks

finished knot tying practice

One of the coolest skills I learned while in Girl Scouts was lashing. With some sticks and rope, I can lash together just about anything! And that all stems from the ability to tie basic knots. Knot tying is an essential skill that most kids learn in scouts. These Knot tying practice sticks are great […]

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