LED Popcorn Box

As much as I love crafting… my boys love movies. They get it from their dad who already had a sizeable movie collection when we started dating… and it has only grown from there! Right now, my oldest loves TRON. He’s very into things that are techy… so I thought this LED Popcorn Box would be the perfect combination of craft, tech, and movie magic! It is super simple to make, and would be a great craft project for tweens at a movie night or sleepover.

DIY LED Popcorn Box This post contains affiliate links which help support this site, at no cost to you.

I created this craft as part of the annual Popcorn Box Hop. You can see the Creepy Hand Craft I created for the Popcorn Box hop last year… and be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out all the other fun ideas submitted this year!

I combined the popcorn box with the Starter Kit from Chibitronics. It comes with a fun booklet that teaches you about basic circuits. Lots of fun for kids (and adults)!

To make the LED Popcorn Box, you’ll need:
Popcorn Boxes (from World Market, or buy here)
Scotch Brand Decorative Tape
Starter Kit from Chibitronics
Parchment Paper (or wax paper) – optional


Start by adding the Scotch Expressions Washi Tape. It is decorative, but also functional. The width of the tape helps you align the copper tape in the next step, and the slick surface makes it easy to reposition the LEDs if needed (or pull them off to reuse them elsewhere).

add tape stripes

Add as many as you like. You can use the tape to plan out your LED design, or just have fun with it like I did.


Then, cut a slit down one corner of the box, about 1 1/4″ long. Fold the flap over.


Time to add the copper tape! Starting at the folded corner, add one line without breaking the tape, just folding at the corners.


Add a second line of copper tape, also at the folded corner. Your battery will go between these two ends, connecting the circuit. As you go around the box, use the width of the Scotch tape as a guide, keeping the outside edge of the copper tape flush with the outside edge of the Scotch tape, your LEDs will line up perfectly.


Add the battery, clipping in place, and your LED lights.


I wanted the box to be reuseable, so I added a lining of parchment paper (wax paper would be fine too). I rolled it into a cone, folded up the point, and shoved it into the box… then trimmed off the top.


Fill with popcorn, and watch your favorite techy movie! We love TRON, but the new Avengers movie is pretty good too!



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DIY Upcycled Doilies

When my son started school, I was excited that I’d find some more uninterrupted time in my days. But what I wasn’t expecting was the mountains of school papers I needed to sort through. It is like I’m trading time for papers – on sports, clubs, events. Old school papers and art projects. Notes home. It feels like I’m getting more time in my day… to sift through paper. And once I’ve sifted through it, I have to figure out what to DO with all that paper! So, when the lovely folks at Martha Stewart sent me their new Doily Punch to play with, I knew exactly what needed punching – papers!

I can turn old cafeteria menus, flyers about soccer camp, and math practice sheets into lovely doilies to use in craft projects. Or I can send them right back to school on some decorative lunch sacks!

Make an Upcycled doily lunch sack This post may contain affiliate links – these links don’t cost you anything, and help support this site!

Making the doilies from any paper around the house is super simple. You just need the Martha Stewart Doily Punch and whatever paper you have handy.

make doilies out of school papers

Lift off the top of the punch, and the center knob. Place the paper on top, and put the pin knob in place. It sticks with a magnet – CLICK!

place knob

TIP!! Turn the knob all the way around. This ensures you’ve placed the paper properly, but it also makes sure that the magnets on the knob are aligned correctly.

Put the wedge back on top and PRESS.

stamp paper

Lift up the wedge. Turn the knob. Put the wedge back. Press.

turn knob

Repeat all the way around, and your doily is done! My kids were as amazed with the punch as I was!

doilies made from school flyers

Fold over the top of a lunch sack for a fancy treat, or use the next time you need a doily!

upcycled doilies

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No-Sew Snowman Costume

Do you want to build a snowman? Or would you like to be a snowman? Okay, hi!

… sorry! I couldn’t resist! Today I’m sharing with you this fun and easy Snowman costume that I whipped up in about 15 minutes. Super simple to make, and if your kids love snowmen, chances are they’ll love this snowman costume!

I created this no-sew snowman costume as my last craft in our Craft Lightning Halloween week. All week long, my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, Jen from 100 Directions, and many of our other crafty friends from around the internet, have been sharing 15 minute or less Halloween crafts. I’ve shared a different fast Halloween costume each day this week. If you missed any, check out my Simple Mushroom Costume, No-sew Toga, Creeping Vine Costume, and Printable Monster Costume. And be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for more fun and fast ideas for quick Halloween Crafts.

Simple Snowman Costume on 30 Minute Crafts dot com

To make your snowman costume, you’ll need:

HiLoft Polyfil Batting (you can find this at your craft/sewing store)
Black felt
White ribbon
Hot Glue
Glasses frame (I used 3D glasses from the last time we went to the movies)
Styrofoam cone
Orange paint (this is DecoArt in “Paprika”)
Hat & Scarf

supplies for Snowman Costume

Start by making the nose. Pop the lenses out of your 3D glasses.

pop out lenses

Cut the styrofoam cone to the length you want with a sharp kitchen knife or styrofoam cutting tool. Use a spoon to carve out a section on what will be the bottom – this gives some “nose room” for the carrot.

carve away foam

Hot glue to the glasses frames. Then paint orange and set aside to dry.

glue on carrot nose

For the body of the costume, cut a piece of batting between 1.5 and 2 times the width of the child, and twice as tall as you want the costume (measure from their shoulders to knees or shins, then double this). Fold in half, and cut a neck hole. If you’re not sure how big to cut this hole, look at one of their t-shirts for an estimate. If you’re still nervous, cut it smaller – you can always make it bigger if you need to.

cut neck hole

Cut 5 circles from the black felt. They don’t have to be perfect (these represent lumps of coal after all!). I went for about 2″, but the size you want will depend on the size of the child. Use hot glue to secure these down the front of the costume, in a row.

glue on circles

Now put it all together! Put the batting body over the child’s head – like a poncho. Use the ribbon to tie at the waist. Fluff up the top a little if you like. Add the hat, scarf, and carrot-nose glasses. Done!

Snowmen like Warm Hugs - and costumes

This costume is super easy to make – and so forgiving! How do I know? I made it for my 3 year old, and the photos above are being modeled by my 7 year old! Because sometimes, 3 year old children don’t want to be bribed with candy. And they stomp their foot and say “I don’t wanna be a noman! I want Mickey Mouse!”

Wanna be a Snowman - for Halloween

And they look absolutely miserable in every photo.

Snowman Costume in 15 Minutes

I have many, many more photos of him being absolutely miserable. So, I’m pretty confident I’ll be sharing a Mickey Mouse costume here in the next few weeks. I just need to find red pants… in the meantime, enjoy all these awesome (and fast) Halloween crafts:

Cute as a fox shows you how to bead your own spiders:

Beaded-Crystal-Spider-Quick-Halloween-Craft-Title-446x640 You can find out how to make your own Belladonna bottle on BumbleBree.


Halloween treat boxes are the cutest when they look like headstones! Make Life Lovely shows you how.


Paint chips are so much fun to craft with – like this paint chip party bag from Katie Berry!


Every superhero needs a trick or treat bag – Simply Kelly Designs made this fun Batman Treat Bag.


My Craftily Ever After has the perfect drink for your Halloween party – and some fun Witches Brew Labels to go along with it!


Busy Mom’s helper whipped up this Book of Spells – great for any budding Witch or Warlock!


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Monster Shirt Costume

Yes, you can print your costume. And it can be easy! This monster shirt is as easy as printing the circle labels and sticking them on your shirt. Done in minutes. Quite possibly seconds! I love how easy this is – and how simple it is for kids to help! A super big thanks to Online Labels for sending me the labels to make this easy shirt costume!

This project was made as part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long, I’ve been sharing fast and easy Halloween crafts along with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Jen from 100 Directions, and a bunch of our other crafty friends here online. Be sure to check out my other easy costumes, the Mushroom Costume, Simple No-Sew Toga, and Creeping Vine Costume.

Simple Monster Costume - made using printable labels! So easy!

Here are the label printables from the video – the circle labels which are printed on this sheet from Online Labels or the full sheet labels that can be printed on printable iron on transfer sheets. Check out the video to see how it all comes together:

Monster eye printable labels

And check out all these other fun and fast Halloween craft ideas:

You can have ReDo Mom show you how to make these Paper Plate Spiders.



Find out how One Artsy Mama made these Halloween Night lights: HalloweenNightLightPin2-731x1024


Here comes the Sun made these fun Mummy Mason Jars. Mason-Jar-Mummies-title


Silly Pearl made her mason jars spooky with cheesecloth. Halloween-Mason-Jars-made-Creepy-with-Cheesecloth-399x800


This Pottery Barn kids inspired Halloween sign was made by One Krieger Chick. Pottery-Barn-Kids-Inspired-Halloween-sign-made-in-15-minutes9-OneKriegerChick


I’m loving these specimen jars from Creative Cyncronicity. HalloweenSpecimenJars_thumb1


Hop over to Sowdering About to see how easy it is to whip up this spider shirt. bleach pen shirt


Don’t you love these 3-minute Halloween Luminaries from Frog Prince Paperie? 3-minute-Halloween-Luminaries-top


You can make a glow in the dark spiderweb shirt like this one from Jen Goode.



If you like upscale Halloween decor (or sparkles) you’ll love these sequined pumpkins from The Country Chic Cottage.


Come back tomorrow for another day of fast crafting Halloween fun!

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Creeping Vine Costume

Sometimes, kids don’t want to be their favorite superhero or cartoon character for Halloween. Sometimes, they want something completely unique. Like this Creeping Vine Costume. It might not be as exciting as being a Disney Princess for Halloween, but if your child dresses up like Ivy this year, chances are they’ll be the only one. Which is halfway towards winning the annual Halloween costume contest. And the fact that this costume takes only 15 minutes to pull together is a bonus!

I created this costume as part of Craft Lightning week. This week, along with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and Jen from 100 Directions, as well as our crafty friends around the internet, we’re sharing fast and fun Halloween crafts. And I’m sharing 15 minute or less costumes all week long! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out their projects, and be sure to check out my costumes from earlier this week – the mushroom costume and toga costume.

Simple Creeping Vine Costume To make this costume you’ll need:
The “trellis” which is created from a wood-cut from American Crafts that I found in the scrapbook aisle
Ivy (the garland-style ivy that’s a little fuller) – BUY TWO
Green Ribbon
Green shirt

supplies for creeping vine costume

I tied the ribbon to the top of the wood-cut.

tie on ribbon

This was hung over my son’s head, while wearing the green shirt. If you look closely, you can see it is an inside-out Christmas shirt.

hang from neck

Using a little more ribbon, I loosely tied one garland to each of his ankles.

tie to ankles

Then loosely wove it up into the wood-cut.

lace vine through


make a creeping vine costume This costume isn’t very expensive or complicated… but is sure to get a lot of comments on Halloween. And it is easy enough to adjust it for an adult to wear as well.

Oh… and check out these other fun and fast Halloween crafts:

Glow in the Dark Monster Eyes from Beth Watson:


Tikkido shows you how to make these gum paste pumpkins:


These easy Halloween candies were whipped up by Albion Gould:


Mrs. Greene used paper straws to make a fun Halloween necklace!


Learn how Try-it Like-it made these Pumpkin Shake-ups


Jennifer Priest shows you how easy it is to make your own Halloween window clings.


These Halloween treat jars were created by Happiness is Homemade.



Tried & True made these Halloween pins in just 15 minutes!


If you love to doodle, you’ll have fun with these spooky face Halloween Treats from 100 Directions:


And the creepy crawlies are less than 15 minutes away with these fun door decor spiders from The Country Chic Cottage:


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No Sew Toga Costume

With a yard of fabric and a few other crafty supplies, you can whip up this no sew toga costume in just a few minutes! Sure, a toga feels like an obvious Halloween costume – but when was the last time you had a toga-clad trick-or-treater at your door? And with a fun fabric like this gold shimmery fabric I picked up, it becomes a fun costume for any kid to wear (and highly reflective – something every mom wants in a trick or treating costume)!

I whipped up this costume as part of Craft Lightning week. All week long my friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and Jen from 100 Directions and I, along with our crafty friends from around the web are sharing 15 minute or less Halloween crafts, and I’m sharing a 15-minute or less Halloween costume each day this week! Check out yesterday’s Mushroom Costume. And be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out more fast and fun craft ideas.

No Sew Toga Costume in 15 Minutes

This Toga costume idea started when I was at JoAnns and saw a yard of this gold fabric in their remnant bin. Perfect! Here are the supplies you’ll need to create your Toga:

1 yard of gold fabric (for a child’s costume – if you’re making this for an adult, and you don’t want an uber-mini skirt, grab a bedsheet instead.
Ivy (from the silk/floral section)
Hot Glue
Pin Back
Large medallion (from the jewelry section)
safety pins

supplies for toga costume Start by making the crown. You could go more traditional and find Laurel leaves or Olive leaves, but for the sake of simplicity, I just grabbed some ivy. To match the rest of the costume, I could have painted the leaves gold, but I kept it simple.

Cut a length of ivy several inches longer than the headband.

cut length of ivy

Start twisting around the headband.

wrap headband

Twist all the way around the headband, twisting back at the ends.

wrap ivy on headband

You can use a brooch you have on hand for the embellishment at the shoulder, or hot glue a pin back to a large medallion from the jewelry section of the craft store.

glue on pin back

I had my son leave on his gym shorts, but remove his shirt. You could make this same costume for a girl, but I’d recommend a tube top underneath to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. I wrapped the fabric around his torso, under one armpit. I grabbed the top corner from the back, and the top corner from the front. He’s skinny, so I moved my hand in several inches on the front, grabbing along the edge, instead of the corner.

make knot

I tied these in a double knot.

knot at shoulder

I covered up the tail on the front with the medallion. Then used safety pins on the side to pin it closed under his arm.

safety pin side

The crown of ivy went on his head, around the back and resting on his ears. Costume was complete! Obviously, he’ll need some sandals before he would be able to go trick-or-treating.

Simple No-Sew Toga Costume

If you’re looking for more fast and fun Halloween crafting, check out these fun ideas:


Any Googly-eye fanatic (like me) will love these monster pinwheels from A Girl and a Glue Gun.


Aren’t these spooky coffins adorable? Michelle’s Crafty Plan-it has the step-by-step for you to make your own! spooky-coffin


Laura’s crafty Life will show you how to whip up an adorable button card for Halloween. Halloween-Button-Card-Lauras-Crafty-Life


Duct Tape and Denim added some simple spooky to her decor with this fun mummy model. DIY-Halloween-mummy-model.-More-Halloween-DIY-and-easy-craft-ideas-on-DuctTapeAndDenim.com_


I love how DIY Inspired transformed this simple owl into sparkly Halloween decor. Upcycled-Halloween-Owl


Halloween is the first creative holiday in months, and a great reason to make a Halloween count down like this one from Jen Gallacher. Halloween-Countdown


Artistic Endeavor shows you that there are no excuses for not making fun Halloween decor – especially when it is as easy and fun as these mummy cans! DSCN8000


And if you’re a fan of upcycling, these easy Boo jars from Occasionally Crafty are another fun and easy way to make your Halloween decor out of recyclables! Easy Boo Jars for Halloween Decor

Our crafty Guest Host, Jen Goode from 100 Directions, shows you how to make your own spooky treats with these eyeball cookie pops.


And my crafty co-host, Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, made this fun Halloween Banner:



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Simple Mushroom Costume

With Halloween coming up, I’m constantly asking my kids what they want to dress up as for Halloween. Otherwise, I’ll wake up Halloween morning to realize that I still don’t know, and don’t have time to make anything fancy. For those of you in the same shoes, I’m sharing fun, fast, and easy Halloween costumes all week long – like this Mushroom Costume! That’s right – a Mushroom costume. Doesn’t sound too exciting – but it is super cute! Any kid will look adorable asking for treats dressed like a Toadstool, right?

This is part of another awesome Craft Lightning Week. This week my co-host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our Guest Host Jen from 100 Directions and I, along with our creative friends from around the ‘net are sharing fast Halloween crafts that can be done in 15 minutes or less!

15 Minute Mushroom Costume

I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world I came up with the idea to make a Mushroom costume! I was wandering the aisles of my local crafts store with my kiddos, trying to come up with costume ideas. My oldest picked up one of these Smoothfoam half-spheres, and the idea just popped into my head! He was excited to put it in the cart, and I was thrilled that I came up with a simple and inexpensive idea for a unique costume. It would be great for a parent or sibling of kids dressed up in a Mario Costume – or a Little Miss Muffet Costume! But it is pretty special all on its own.

To make your Mushroom or Toadstool Costume you’ll need:

12″ Smoothfoam Half-Sphere
Red Paint
White Shirt

supplies for mushroom costume

Start by lightly drawing large oval/circles on your smoothfoam. Make them large, and cover lots of area – the more white dots, the less you’ll need to paint red (and the faster this costume will come together)!

make pencil marks

Paint in the negative space around the dots with your red paint, then allow to dry.

paint red

Put on the white shirt, add the mushroom cap, and your costume is complete! Super fast, super simple – you can make it in the morning, and wear it that night!

DIY Costume - Mushroom in 15 minutes!

Looking for more Halloween craftiness? Check out these fast and fun Halloween crafts that you can make in just 15 minutes (or less!)

Over at Frugal Elegance, you’ll learn how to make these spooky skeleton luminaries.


Turn the most versatile decor item (the mason jar) into a fun ghost votive with Lisa Stuf.



Mothership Scrapbook Gal shows you how you can whip up a fun and simple Halloween Card. MSG-SimpleHalloweenCard


My Very Educated Mother shows you how to whip up these adorable poseable mummies! mummycollage


Add a little creepy to your front door with this great Halloween Door Decor from 365 Days of Crafts. olyfun-halloween-front-door-decorations-800x533


Even if you don’t dress in a costume this Halloween, you can still get wrapped up in the holiday – with this Halloween headband from Lucky Scarf. photo-2-10


Laura Kelly made this fun printable Halloween garland – with Ugly sweaters! What a perfect way to celebrate this fall holiday! Ugly_Sweater_Garland


Over at Mad in Crafts you’ll learn how she made this fun glowing Halloween sign! Glow-in-the-Dark-Halloween-Sign_thumb

Come back tomorrow – I’ll share another fun and fast Halloween costume, as well as a bunch of other fast and fun Halloween crafts!

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DIY Confetti Birthday Seals

Surprise your friends and family with these fun Birthday Seals! I made two printable versions – one to print on a laser printer so that you can foil them, and the other with colorful dots that you can inkjet so you don’t have to foil them.

DIY Confetti Birthday Seals

Thanks so much to Online Labels for sending me these fun labels – I had a blast creating this project! If you want to make your own, I used these scallop-edged labels. Here is the printable file for the foil labels. Be sure to use a LASER printer to print them! If you don’t have access to a laser printer, foils, and a laminator, you can still make these seals using the full color version.

Whether you choose to foil them or not, these seals are so much fun to add to any envelope. I give you the step-by-step in the video.

These are so much fun!

foiled confetti birthday seals

I might have made them in four different colors… because you never know when you’ll need a fun foiled confetti seal!

four colors of foiled labels

Here is what the colorful printable looks like:

happy day printable confetti labels img

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DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

Do your children love Minions? Mine do. Very few days go by where I don’t hear “Beedo! Beedo! BEEDO!!” So, of course, Minion School supplies are a must. This year, there was a school supply I was not used to seeing – dry erase board eraser. In an effort to use less paper, practice is often done on small dry erase boards, so of course, an eraser is a must. There was an option instead of buying an eraser – send an old (clean) sock. This gave me an idea. Why not craft up the sock and turn it into a DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser? I upcycle a sock, check off an item on the school supply list – and add a Minion to my son’s school supplies – WINNING!

DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

Small, Clean sock
Batting scraps (or pillow stuffing,or a second, larger sock)
Felt: Yellow, Blue, Gray, White, Black
Hot Glue
Fabric Paint

supplies for DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

Start by folding your Batting scraps, or larger sock.

fold batting

Insert into sock, then tuck the top of the sock in as well. Adjust until smooth.

tuck in sock

Place the sock on the yellow felt, and cut an oval-ish shape to size.

cut felt to fit

Glue on with hot glue.

glue on yellow felt

Cut an oval-ish piece of blue, the same size as the yellow piece.

cut blue felt

Also cut two grey circles, two slightly smaller white circles, and a strip of black. Cut the top and sides of the blue to form the overalls.

cut shapes

Glue down the body, then the black stripe for the goggles, then the grey circles, and finally the white circles. Use fabric paint to add the details – hair, eyes, mouth, and seams on the overalls. If you have fabric paint with a nozzle – awesome! I couldn’t find mine, so I used plain paint with a paintbrush.

paint on details

Once the paint is dry, your Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser is complete! I surprised my son with his, and he was super excited to take his little minion to school!

Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

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Terial Magic Flowers

When I did my review on Terial Magic for Craft Test Dummies, I made a couple projects… including this fun fabric flower. I love this, because you can turn your favorite fabric into beautiful flowers! And it is a great project for using up scraps. I realized I never shared the step-by-step with y’all here, so it is about time I show you how to make these quick and easy fabric flowers.

Fabric Flower You’ll need:
Terial Magic
Beads or Buttons
Floral Tape

supplies for flower

Cut a 25″ length of wire. String on the bead or button. Twist, twist, twist the wire.

add beads and make stems

Treat the fabric with the Terial Magic according to the instructions on the bottle. Then cut out teardrop shapes for petals.

teardrop shapes

Place the points of the teardrops next to the wire stem. Wrap with floral wire to secure. Start with 1 or 2, then keep adding more.


adding petals

Wrap the floral wire down the stem.

add on petals

Open up the petals – your flower is complete!

Terial Magic Flower


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