Inside Out Movie Craft: DIY Memory Spheres

Disney Pixar’s Animated movie comes out today: Inside Out. I had a chance to catch an early screening of it, and loved it. The movie takes place largely in the head of a young girl. She is growing up, and her family moves across the country. The emotions in her head: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust help her cope with everything that comes her way… in every way they can. Inside Out does a great job of tackling emotions and memories. One of the concepts is that memories are captured onto large marble-like spheres. At the end of each day, most of these spheres are sent off to long-term storage. The spheres are different colors, depending on the emotion surrounding them. Happy memories are yellow, sad ones are blue, angry ones are red, fearful ones are purple, and ones associated with disgust are green.

I created these fun memory spheres as a craft project to do with my kiddos. I can cut out a “sphere” (they’re not really spheres – trying to cut a true sphere out of paper would be much more difficult!), and have my children draw on the different pentagon-shaped-sides. Then I can put the ball together, and they can have a “memory” of a day to put on a shelf. I can cut a white memory sphere so they can color each side based on the image they draw, or cut a whole ball one solid color, so they can express a single emotion in one place.

Inside Out Movie Inspired Memory Spheres

I used my Sizzix eclips2 to cut out the shapes. The eclips2 has a scoring feature – it does a true score on all the folds instead of a dashed line! If you have access to an eclips2, use it! If not, I’ve added the SVG file with dashed lines so you can use whatever cutting machine you have available. If you don’t have a cutting machine, there is also a PDF so you can cut out your sphere by hand (or allow your kiddos to cut their own).

You’ll need scrapbook paper or cardstock, a hot glue gun (I find that a low-temp gun works best for paper projects), and a long stick to help push everything together. I used the end of a skinny paintbrush.

supplies for memory spheres

Here are the cut files:
Sizzix eclips2 cut file
SVG cut file
PDF printable to cut by hand

memory spheres image


Once you have cut out your shapes, fold on all the score lines.

fold in flaps

Add a line of glue to one flap, then adhere to the opposite side.

glue on flap

Secure the sides together, making two halves.

two halves complete

Then secure the two halves together.

finish gluing panels

All done!

The best day ever memory sphere

Make more to represent all the emotions!

completed memory spheres


Enjoy making these memory spheres all summer long to capture memories with your kids – trips, vacations, or just days hanging around the house. I hope that most of them are happy yellow… but a few other emotions mixed in isn’t a bad thing, either!

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15 Minute Ring Pillow

You can make this simple ring pillow in just 15 minutes – and customize it to your wedding! If you’re making your bridesmaid dresses (or having them made), you can use leftover fabric to make a ring pillow that matches your wedding perfectly. Or you can bring in a swatch from bridesmaid dresses you ordered to find the perfect color fabric and ribbon to whip up your own wedding ring pillow.

This is the last in a 5-part series on fast and easy wedding crafts. I’ve co-hosted this fun week of Craft Lightning fun with my friend Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our friend Katie from Sweet Rose Studio. They have both shared a 15 minute or less wedding craft on their sites each day this week. We’ve also asked some of our crafty friends to join us… you can check out their projects by scrolling to the bottom. Make sure you do – there is a lot of awesome wedding craftiness down there!

15 Minute Ring Pillow

To make the ring pillow you’ll need:
Fabric (I used Essex Linnen, but you can use what you like)
1″ Ribbon (I used a sheer white ribbon, but use a ribbon that works with your wedding colors)
2″ Ribbon (I used a satin ribbon the same color as the pillow)
Rotary Cutter and Ruler or Scissors
Sewing Machine
Needle and Thread
Polyfil Stuffing

ring pillow supplies

Start by cutting your fabric. You’ll need two squares 10.5″x10.5″. If you want a bigger or smaller ring pillow, you can change the size, but this is a nice size.

Fold one square in half, and in half again to make corners. Press in the center, then unfold.

fold to find center


Cut two pieces of 1″ ribbon, about 8″ each.

cut ribbon Find the center of a ribbon piece, fold into thirds, then stitch down on the one folded layer, using the folds as guides. I placed my ribbon about 1″ down and 1″ over from the center, into the bottom right quadrant.

If your fabric has printing on one side, make sure to stitch this to the printed side (the “right” side) of the fabric.

Stitch down, going back and forth a couple times to secure.

This is the top of your ring pillow.

stitch down ribbon

Repeat with the second ribbon, placing it in the top left quadrant.

both ribbons on

Cut a piece of the 2″ ribbon the width of your square (10.5″ if you’re following my sizing). Pin across the middle of the square, using pins on both sides. If your fabric has printing on one side, make sure to pin this to the printed side (the “right” side) of the fabric.

This is the bottom of your pillow. The ribbon will act as a strap. The ring bearer can place his hands under the pillow, with this ribbon under his hands. That will help it stay in place as he walks down the aisle.

pin wide ribbon


Place your top piece, right side down, on top of your bottom piece, right side up. The right sides of the fabric, and the ribbons, should be in the middle, facing each other.

place right sides together

Pin all the way around. Make sure that the ends of your top ribbon are tucked safely inside so they won’t get caught in the stitching.

pin all around Stitch on the sewing machine, almost all the way around. Leave yourself a hole at least 4″ along the middle of one side. Remove all the pins.

Clip the corners. This reduces the bulk in the corners. Make sure to leave a couple threads between the stitching and where you cut.

clip corners

Turn right-side-out through the hole you left in the stitching.

turn right side out If your fabric is wrinkled, press it with an iron. Be sure to use the iron setting for the fabric you’re using. If your fabric is synthetic, you may want to use a pressing cloth and a very low setting to keep the fabric from melting or scorching. Linen is easy – you can use a high heat setting.

Stuff with Polyfil. I kept mine lightly stuff. You can stuff with whatever firmness you like.

stuff pillow

Pin the opening closed.

pin closed

Hand stitch closed with a needle and thread. To close it invisibly, use a ladder stitch.

Tie the rings onto the pillow, and you’re ready to head down the aisle!

finished ring pillow

Check out these other great wedding craft ideas:

Cyn over at Creative Cynchronicity made these simple wedding centerpieces:


These Mr. and Mrs. wreaths from Katie at A Sweet Berry are super cute!

wedding wreaths

Heidi at Happiness is Homemade made this great gold foil wedding decor:


I love these Vintage-looking wedding favors from Busy Mom’s Helper.

Learn how to make these fun wedding signs over at Fireflies and Jellybeans:

Easy DIY Wedding Signs 1

Jen Gallacher made these gold foil wedding favor boxes.


Ask your bestie to be your bridesmaid with this fun printable from Play Party Pin.


These mini flower pot wedding place card holders from Yesterday on Tuesday are so cute!


Our Guest Host for this series, Katie from Sweet Rose Studio, made these fun floral wedding table numbers.


She also whipped up a Super Fast Favor Tag (I’m not the only one who is all dressed for the wedding, only to realize I still need to wrap the gift… right?)


My Co-Host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage made a Paper Flower Centerpiece.


She also made this great guest book map and sign:








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DIY Wedding Favor Boxes

Making things yourself can really cut down on the cost of a wedding… but it can increase the time it takes to make it all happen! These DIY Wedding Favor Boxes can be made in advance, ready to stuff with favors closer to the event. You can fill them with hard candies a month ahead of time, or with fresh cookies the night before… it is up to you!

This project is the fourth in a 5-part Craft Lightning Wedding series. I’m sharing fun and fast wedding crafts, along with my Co-Host Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, and our Guest Host Katie from Sweet Rose Studio. We also have crafty friends from around the internet sharing their fun and fast wedding craft ideas, so be sure to scroll down to see their projects!

DIY Wedding Favor Box

Hot Glue
Scrapbook Paper
Wedding Favor Box Silhouette Cut File


cut shapes


Fold on all the dotted lines.

fold flaps

Glue down flaps.

glue flaps

If you like, you can glue cellophane to the inside to cover the heart shape.

glued pieces

Fill your wedding favor box with a favorite treat!

finished favor boxes

Check out these other fast and fun wedding craft ideas:

I love these DIY vow books from Happy Go Lucky


This ribbon table runner from Silly Pearl is perfect for a guest book table!


Laura Kelly whipped up this adorable placecard with a button accent!


Based on a wedding gift that was special to her, Simply Kelly Designs made a foiled Honeymoon Fund jar.


How awesome are these floating photo centerpieces from My Craftily Ever After?


You can make an upcycled centerpiece using these ideas from Scrappy Chick 101.

upcycled table setting

This Birdcage wedding card holder was customized by Crafting in the Rain in such a cute way!

This Printed Burlap Wedding Gift from Cute as a Fox can double as wedding decor as well.



This printable wedding banner from Sweet Rose Studio is a great way to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs.



And Angie from the Country Chic Cottage shows you how to make the easiest ever map-lined envelopes!



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Flower Girl Headband

Many bridal parties include a flower girl or flower girls. A fun way for a younger family member to be a part of the wedding. This flower girl headband is the perfect hair accessory for any young gal preceding the bride down the aisle, and you can customize it with your own wedding colors! The flower headband is would also work for any other dressy occasion … or just to wear to school on a Wednesday!

This project is part of Craft Lightning Week – this week my co-host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our Guest Host, Katie from Sweet Rose Studio and I are 5 days of fast and easy wedding craft ideas, along with other crafters from around the internet. Be sure to scroll to the end of this post to check out all their fast and easy wedding craft ideas!

Flower Girl Headband
To make the Flower Girl Headband, you’ll need:
Plain Headband
Wide Lace/Ribbon trim
Small Faux flowers (in wedding colors)
Faux Pearls or Rhinestones
Hot Glue Gun

supplies for flower girl headband


Start by gluing the ribbon trim to the headband, one section at a time so that the glue doesn’t cool before the ribbon is in place.

add line of glue

Gently pull the flowers off of the stems. We just need the petals for this part, so discard the rest.

pull flowers off stems

Put a dab of hot glue on the back of one petal set. Put onto the headband. I find that the headband looks best when the flowers are placed asymmetrically (just on one side of the head), but use your own judgement.

glue on flower

Glue a pearl or rhinestone into the center of the flower.

add pearl

Repeat, adding multiple flowers with pearl or rhinestone centers.

glued on flowers

Your flower girl headband is complete!

DIY Flower Girl Headband

Check out these other fun and fast wedding craft ideas:

Over at My Daylights, you can learn how to foil your own napkins – great for any fancy party!


Do you love wrapping beautiful gifts? Over at 100 Directions, Jen shows you how easy it is to wrap a beautiful wedding gift.


If you’re planning a summer wedding, you’ll want to check out these Fan Wedding Favors from My Very Educated Mother.


These wedding crackers from Frog Prince Paperie are super fun, and add a great pop of color to the wedding decor.


Get your bridal party together for an evening, and you’ll have all your wedding placecards done in no time, using this tutorial from Tikkido.


These bride and groom flower pots from Albion Gould could be wedding decor, or you could use them to decorate for a bridal shower… or save money and use them twice!


Homemadeville shows you how easy it is to make a classy bowtie napkin.

Bowtie Napkin

Carla Schaurer Designs made these fantastic watercolor Thank you notes – because a bride can never have too many!



Katie from Sweet Rose Studio, our guest co-host, made this awesome Monogram Cake Topper (and I love the donut “cake” she put it on!


My Craft Lightning Co-Host, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage made these photo transfer candles – great for decor at the ceremony or the reception.


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DIY Bridal Flip Flops

These DIY Bridal Flip Flops are so simple to make, and are perfect for most weddings. Many brides wear long dresses, so their shoes are covered. Even if they choose elegant shoes for the wedding ceremony, many brides opt for more comfortable bridal shoes after the first dance. After all, all that standing and dancing is hard on a girl’s feet! If you’re a bride, you can make flip flops in your bridal colors for your bridesmaids as well, and have them waiting at their seats after the ceremony. They, and their feet, will thank you! If you’re particularly generous (or have a small wedding), you can have baskets of flip-flops in wedding colors available for your guests to wear as they dance late into the evening… and take home as fun wedding favors!

This project is part of a week-long series on fast and easy wedding crafts. I’m co-hosting this week’s Craft Lightning with my friend Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our Guest Host Katie from Sweet Rose Studio. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to check out their fun projects, and all the fast and simple wedding crafts from our friends around the internet!

Bridal Flip Flops

To make these bridal flip flops you’ll need:
Plain Flip Flops
Ribbon in your wedding colors, assorted sizes
Hot Glue

supplies for bridal flip flops


Start by cutting your ribbon into 6″ lengths. You’ll need more depending on how full you want your flip flops to look, and how wide your ribbon is.

cut ribbon pieces

Tie one piece on the strap, near the middle. If needed, add a dab of hot glue to secure the knot.

tie knot

Keep tying more and more ribbons, adding hot glue as needed.

keep tying ribbons

You can add ribbons all the way down each side, or just 2-3 inches. Any on the very ends might get dirty or stepped on, so just 2-3″ is fine.

finished flip flops

So pretty, and a great way to show off that bridal pedicure!

Check out these other fast and easy wedding craft ideas:

One Krieger Chick made this adorable wedding pillow – a great piece of wedding decor, a wedding gift, or an anniversary gift!


This card suitcase from Duct Tape and Denim is perfect for any vintange-themed wedding!


I love these thumbprint heart placecards by Occasionally crafty!

DIY Fingerprint Table Numbers for Weddings

One Artsy Mama made this absolutely adorable Ampersand Wedding Gift!


You can find a spray paint to match your wedding decor, and make these great spray paint and crystal vases from DIY Inspired.



Our guest co-host for this series, Katie from Sweet Rose Studio, made these lovely floral wedding place cards.



And my co-host for Craft Lightning, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, made this fabulous bent spoon tea light holder.


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DIY Garter in 15 Minutes

Want to make your own wedding garter or a garter for a friend? Looking for instructions to make a prom garter? This fast and easy garter made from ribbon is fast to make and easy to customize. You can make it blue for a “something blue” at a wedding, or just add a blue bow. If you’d like to have “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” all in one place, you can do that with your garter – Use old lace, new ribbon, borrow a brooch to pin on the middle, and add a blue bow or some blue beads. But be sure to make a second, more simple tossing garter if you plan on having a garter toss at the wedding!

This project is part of a series of five fast and easy wedding crafts I’ll be posting this week as part of the “Craft Lightning Wedding” series. I’m co-hosting again with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage. And this week we have Katie from Sweet Rose Studio joining us as a guest host. They’ll each be sharing five fast and simple 15-minute-or-less wedding crafts. AND we’ve teamed up with other crafty folks from around the internet to share even more fast wedding projects… so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out all their great ideas!

15 Minute Bridal Garter

There is NO hand stitching in making this garter! We’re going to use our sewing machine and these supplies:
2″ satin ribbon – cut TWO 25″ pieces
3/4″ sheer ribbon – cut to 15″
1″ elastic – cut to 13″
Bodkin (or a large safety pin)

supplies for garter

Place your two 25″ pieces of ribbon on top of eachother. If there is a “right side” and a “wrong side”, put them wrong sides together. Stitch down one side, 1/4″ away from the edge.

stitch down side

Repeat with the other side.

stitch down other side


Put the bodkin (or safety pin) on one end of your elastic.

attach bodkin

Feed into the casing created by stitching on both sides of the ribbon, until the other end of the elastic *just* peek out. Pin the elastic in place, then stitch down. Nothing fancy, just a line of stitching, then stitch back, then stitch forward again.

stitch elastic in place


Finish feeding the elastic out to the other end, and let it poke out about an inch. Stitch in place, then cut off the excess.

stitch down end


Fold over one end about 1/4″, and place on top of the other end. Put under the sewing machine, and stitch down. Make sure to stitch securely – you don’t want it coming undone!

stitch sides together

The garter could be complete like this, but we’re going to add a little embellishment…

garter stitched up

Tie a bow from the sheer ribbon.

tie a bow

Use a couple stitches to tack it in place.

stitch down bow

You could add whatever you like – an old brooch, a locket with family photos (or a photo of a loved one who was unable to attend the wedding). I took some lace pieces off of my mom’s veil that would have looked great on a garter like this! You can personalize this simple garter however you like… but if you’re going to be sentimental, make sure to make a second, simple garter to toss at the reception so you don’t lose your special one!

Want some more fast and easy wedding crafts? Check out these great projects!

These starfish napkin rings from Artistic Endeavors would be great for a beachy wedding!

PicMonkey Collage craft Lightning Wedding Edition

Bunble Bree came up with an adorable alternative to a ring pillow – this ring nest is perfect for the nature-boho wedding she’s attending!


Looking for wedding decor? This DIY Wedding Centerpiece from Try it Like it is perfect for adding some sparkle to the evening.

lit wedding centerpiece

Frugal Elegance made some great wedding decor as well… these fun “Mr and Mrs” chair signs.


I love this lace suitcase card holder that Beth Watson made – the lace is such a great accent for a wedding!


If you’re looking for favors, the lilac sugar scrub that the girl creative made is perfect!


This fun beachy floral arrangement from 365 days of crafts is great for a wedding on the beach… or one with a beach theme.





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DIY Memo People

Want a cute place to kep memos, grocery lists, reminders, or photos? These little memo people are super simple and easy to make!

Memo Holders

Wooden Peg People
Black Paint
Hot Glue

supplies for people memo holders

Paint your peg people black. Allow to dry.

paint wooden figures

Hot glue paperclips to the top.

glue on paperclips

Touch up the hot glue with a little black paint, if you like.


Paperclip memo people

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Duck Tape and Paperclip Necklace Charm

This necklace charm is super simple to make, and a fun craft for kids – with just a few simple supplies, many of which you probably already have on hand, you can make a simple and cute necklace… in about 10 minutes! And I have a video to show you step-by-step how to make one yourself. A fun activity for kids this summer!

DIY Duck Tape and Paperclip Necklace

Decorative Duck Tape
Paperclip (any size, I used small, but large is better for bigger designs)
Jump Ring
Pin (optional, but a good idea)
Scissors (I used Fiskars Duck Edition scissors)
Pliers (optional)
necklace chain

duck tape and paperclip necklace supplies

Here is the step-by-step video, where I make a cute Minion version of this necklace! If video isn’t your thing, you can watch the step-by-step further below.

Start by bending your paperclip into an L, then opening up the sides to make a triangle.

shape paperclip

Cut a piece of Duck tape.

cut a piece of Duck Tape

Place your paperclip triangle on the sticky side of the Duck Tape, centered over the chosen design. Make sure the design fits inside the triangle.

center image in triangle

Trim all three sides. Clip in the corners.

cut to fit

Start folding in all the sides. Cut away any excess tape, and trim around the edges. Open up a jump ring, and poke it through the top of the charm. If you like, use a pin to poke the hole first – that will make it easier to get the jump ring through. Then close the jump ring.

add jump ring

Your necklace charm is complete! Just put it on a necklace chain, and you can wear it.

finished duck tape and paperclip necklace

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Semi-Permanent Decorative Glassware

Want to dress up your glassware for a party or special occasion, but don’t want to make it permanent? You can add semi-permanent decorations to your glassware with glass paint pens, use them, then remove the ink after the party is over! A great way to make a special statement, without buying all new dishes!

Semi-permanent Decorative Glassware

To make these fun glasses, you’ll need:
Rubbing Alcohol
Paper Towels
DecoArt Glass Paint Pens

Just a heads up: the paint pens are semi-permanent for a couple days, but if you leave the ink on for too long, it will become much harder to remove, and will eventually become permanent. Make these glasses the day before your party, and remove the ink no later than the day after, and you will be fine.

supplies for decorative glassware

Clean the glasses with the rubbing alcohol and paper towels.

Once the surface is dry, draw your design. I chose lines of hearts going up the sides of the glasses.

draw rows of hearts

You can draw your design all the way around. Keep it away from the rim of the glass – although these pens are labeled as non-toxic, they are not approved as “food safe”, so you want to keep them out of contact with food or drink.

draw on hearts

If you need a fun drink idea, make these Virgin Grapefruit Mimosas! I was sent some delicious juices from Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Company, and whipped up these simple non-alcoholic mimosas to drink.

Virgin Grapefruit Mimosas

Add equal parts Natalie’s Grapefruit juice and Lemon-Lime soda. Yum!

After the party, use rubbing alcohol and paper towels to clean off the ink from the glassware, then wash as normal.

use alcohol to remove ink

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No-Sew Story Board

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, chances are you had a teacher or librarian who used a story board. I loved watching stories come to life on storyboards as a child, and was always itching to get my hands on the pieces… but was rarely allowed. The magic of the story components sticking to the storyboard without any adhesive, and being able to move them over and over again kept me fascinated!

You don’t have to hop in a time machine to give your children that same joy! You can make them their very own Felt Story Board, without sewing a single stitch, and the gals at XO Lauren and Jane show you how.


Pin this to your “Kid Crafts” Pinterest board – but first click here to pin from the original source.

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