Free Printable Lunchbox Notes

Making Lunches for the kids to take to school isn’t my favorite part of being a mom. It is tiring putting together a lunch and hoping they’ll actually eat it while at school! But even if they don’t love what I pack them to eat, my kids do love getting little notes in their lunch. Lunchbox notes let them know that they’re special, and that I’m thinking of them! I created this sheet of printable lunchbox notes. You can print them, color them, and put them in your kiddo’s lunchbox. If you’re not into coloring them yourself, you can add a marker or some colored pencils to your child’s lunchbox so they get a meal and a craft at lunchtime!

This craft was part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long I’m sharing fast crafts for back to school, along with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Kara from Happy Go Lucky, and several of our crafty friends. Check out all their fun and fast craft ideas down below!

Free Printable Lunchbox notes - make back to school special by slipping these notes into your kiddo's lunchbox!


You can just print and cut out your lunchbox notes, but I got a little crafty with mine. If you want to get creative with your lunchbox notes, you’ll need:

Zig-Zag Scissors
Glue Stick
Lunchbox Notes Printable


Color in the printable.

color in

Cut out and glue to cardstock.

glue to cardstock

Trim up the cardstock using the zig-zag scissors.

trim up

Tuck the note into your child’s lunchbox!

Lunchbox Printable Note

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Cutesy Crafts made a chalkboard clock that’s great for helping kids keep track of their schedule.

Over at Life Sew Savory, you’ll learn about using Duct Tape to get organized for back to school.

Mad in Crafts whipped up this cute Mermaid Journal.

Jen Goode will help your outfit get back-to-school ready with some cute Flamingo Gear.

You can make your own backpack tassel with these instructions from Dragonflies and Lilypads.

My Very Educated Mother Chenilled a notebook using pipecleaners – an awesome tactile experience for sensory-seekers.

My series co-host, Kara over at Happy Go Lucky is showing how easy it is to personalize pencil pouches.

I love this adorable back to school door decoration from my longtime co-host, Angie from the Country Chic Cottage.

Stop back by tomorrow for more fun and fast back to school crafts!


THINK Classroom Letters

A couple years ago, someone gave us a printout with the letters THINK to help kids decide to say something. Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary, is it Kind? Kids can review these benchmarks to decide if what is in their mind is worth saying out loud. When I saw the wooden THINK letters in the Dollar section at Target, I snatched them up. I knew they’d make great classroom art for my son’s teacher.

And they’re the perfect project to share this week! All week long I’m sharing quick crafts as part of Craft Lightning Back to School Week! My friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Kara from Happy Go Lucky are crafting along with me creating their own fun and fast 15 minute craft each day. Check out their fun and fast craft ideas below, along with some more ideas from our craftiest friends around the internet!

THINK Classroom Letters - a great teacher gift, perfect in a Homeschool Classroom

To make these THINK letters, you’ll need:

Letters T-H-I-N-K. I found wooden letters as one set. You could use paper mache letters from the craft store.
Paint Pens

letter supplies

Prep your paint pens by shaking them. Write on each letter.

write on letters

Write on all the letters.

On the T: Is it True?
On the H: Is it Helpful?
On the I: Is it Inspiring?
On the N: Is it Necessary?
On the K: Is it Kind?

finish writing letters

That’s really all there is to making these letters! Sometimes crafting is just adding your personal touch to something.

If you’re not confident with your handwriting, you can cut vinyl or use stencils to write on the letters.

Think Letters for classroom

That’s it!

finished letters

Check out these other fun and fast back to school crafts!

How clever is this Locker Organizer made from an Embroidery Hoop by Organize and Decorate Everything!?

Bling your locker by making this Locker Chandelier from the DIY Village.

Yesterday on Tuesday shows you how to make this simple DIY Stuff Bag.

It isn’t officially the first day of school until you’ve photographed your child and shared on Social Media. Add this fun back to school sign from Ginger Snap Crafts!

Welcome kids back to school with this adorable “One Smart Cookie” Printable from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

My Crafty Co-Hostess for the Week, Kara from Happy Go Lucky created a super fun Teacher Notebook.


My long-time co-hostess for Craft Lightning, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, is also the queen of Mason Jar Crafts. And she has outdone herself with this adorable Pineapple sugar scrub back-to-school teacher gift!

Morning Routine Prep Hanger

Mornings at my house are the hardest. I’m not a morning person, so trying to get two kids ready and out the door while trying to get myself ready feels like swimming against the tide every morning. To help our mornings go easier, I like to plan ahead, and set up routines. One very simple way to plan ahead is to set aside clothes for the following day. We live in a small house, with not a lot of room to set things aside. So making this Morning Routine Prep Hanger makes sense – It gets everything ready, keeps it organized, and also out of the way. It also keeps socks from going missing. Many a tardy slip can be traced back to missing socks!

This project is part of Craft Lighting – Back to School. All week long my friends from The Country Chic Cottage and Happy Go Lucky Blog and I are sharing fast and easy projects you can make in 10 minutes or less, that are perfect for Back to School! We’ve also invited some of our craftiest friends from around the internet to join in – check out their awesome projects below!

Start mornings out right with this morning routine prep hanger - have clothes and reminders ready to go each morning!

To make your Morning Routine Prep Hanger, you’ll need:

Wooden Hanger
Hot Glue
Permanent Marker
Stickers (optional)


Use hot glue to glue on clothespins.

glue on pin

glue on clothespins


Paint in your child’s favorite color. I’m going with this great red Waverly Chalk Paint that Plaid Crafts sent me.


paint hanger


Let it dry. Then write on the clothespins what each one is for. Put light things on the outside (socks, notes), and heavier things in the middle (shirts, pants).

write with marker


If you like, you can decorate the hanger with stickers – or you can let your kids personalize their own.

add stickers

You’re all set to have stress-free mornings! As long as you don’t run out of cereal. Or milk!

Check out these other great back to school craft ideas:

Annmakes created this homework helper to keep homework supplies organized.

Over at Craftivity Designs you’ll learn how easy it is to make these ribbon bookmarks.

Our Crafty Mom turned a simple composition book into a great teacher gift.

The Organized Mama has a great supply caddy for homework.

This cute backpack tag was made by Dazzle While Frazzled.

And this organized homework station was made by Cupcakes and Crinoline.


Be sure to come back tomorrow for more fast and fun back to school craft ideas!




DIY Lego Heads Towel

I love making trips to theme parks more memorable for my kids. Legoland is a favorite for us. My boys are Lego fans, and especially love the waterpark. When we were invited to check out the new Surfer’s Cove at Legoland’s Waterpark, I wanted to make a fun project the kids could enjoy at the park and all summer long – this DIY Lego Heads Towel. Add simple Lego applique to a towel to make a fun towel your kids will love!

DIY Lego Heads towel

To make your Lego Heads Towel, you’ll need:

Beach Towel
Yellow Fleece or Terrycloth
Fabric Glue
Sewing Machine
Lego Head Pattern


Make your own Lego head template or use this Lego Invitation as a template. Pin on the fleece or terrycloth. Cut out.

cut lego head shapes

Add some fabric glue and place on the towel.

glue around shape

Use an iron to set the glue.

set the glue with an iron

Stitch the Lego heads in place.

stitch around the Lego Head Shapes

Pack up your Lego Head towel and head to the waterpark! We can’t wait to check out the new rides at Surfer’s Cove!

Finished Lego Towel

Cars Movie Inspired Fun Glasses

Whether you’re planning a Cars Movie themed party, or you are looking for a fun afternoon of play, these Cars Movie Inspired Fun Glasses are fun to make, and kids will love wearing them to dress up as their favorite Cars Character! These glasses could also make a great addition to a Cars themed Halloween Costume – like a Lightning McQueen Costume or a Mater Costume.

If you’re a fan of the original CARS movie, you’re going to love the new CARS 3 Movie. I was invited to see the movie earlier this week, and my son and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We loved the original movie, and this new film picks up the storyline after the original, with no need for spycraft or international intrigue. A heartwarming story of mentors, goals, and finding your way… we both loved the new movie! I was inspired to create these fun glasses using the 3D glasses frames from the movie theater.

Cars Movie Inspired Fun Glasses - Made with frames from 3D glasses and a FREE PRINTABLE!

To make these Cars Movie themed fun glasses, you’ll need:

3D Glasses
Glasses Printable

supplies for cars glasses printable

The printable has several sets of eyes for different characters from the CARS movies.

Printable to make CARS movie themed glasses

Print the printable. Pick which eyelid set you want to use, and color it in.

color in Cars Eyelid Printable

Pop the lenses out of the frames.

pop out lenses

Cut out, and glue to glasses frame.

glue on eyelids

Make as many pairs as you like!

DIY Cars themed glasses

Kids and adults will have fun trying on the different CARS glasses!

Kids wearing CARS glasses

make your own Cars Movie inspired Fun Glasses

Cars 3 Craft: Miss Fritter Inspired License Plate Bracelet

My boys have grown up loving the Lightning McQueen, and all the Cars characters that create the movies. Mater, Sally, Doc, Luigi, Guido, Miles Axlerod, Professor Z, Finn McMissile, Holly Shiftwell, and so many more! To celebrate the new Cars 3, I created this fun Cars 3 craft – a License Plate Bracelet inspired by Miss Fritter. She is a Thunder Hollow Speedway Legend – a schoolbus weilding a stop sign blade, and wearing a collection of license plates commemorating former victims.

Recently, my 8 year old and I were invited to the “Road to the Races” tour here in San Diego. Lightning McQueen and his friends are going on a cross-country tour to celebrate the new Cars 3 movie that will be in theaters starting June 16th. We got to see a short clip from the movie that featured Miss Fritter, as well as see Lightning himself, and make some fun Cars themed crafts. Scroll all the way down to check out photos from the event.

Cars 3 Craft - Miss Fritter inspired License Plate bracelet

To make the Cars 3 Craft: Miss Fritter inspired License Plate Charm Bracelet, you’ll need:

License Plate Printable
Shrinky Dinks (printable kind is best)
Oven/pan/brown paper bag for baking Shrinky Dinks
Hole Punch
Clear Nail Polish
Jewelry chain
Jump Rings
Jewelry Pliers

license plate charm bracelet supplies
Print the license plates onto the shrinky dink material.

A huge thanks to family and friends for helping me come up with the Vanity Plates for this project. Shout outs to Frits, Heather, Keri, Rebecka, Christie, Noah, Jasmine, Francina, Neil, Stacie, and Catherine!

License Plates Printable

Don’t worry if it bleeds a little – remember that the final version is 1/3 this size, and it will look fine. Also, we’ll be trimming the edges in the next step.

If you don’t have shrink plastic, you can print these license plates at 30% on paper, and use resin like I did in my resin jewelry.

printed license plates

Trim the license plates with scissors. Try not to touch the ink if you can, it can stay wet for quite a while, even when it looks dry. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each. The holes don’t all have to be in the upper left hand corner – you can do some on the right, and some on the bottom, depending on where it fits best.

punch holes

Bake according to the Shrinky Dink instructions. To keep the ink from smearing if the bracelet gets damp, seal in the ink side. My favorite way to do this is with clear nail polish. If you think the bracelet is going to get a lot of wear, add a second coat.

add nail polish

Measure the chain for your bracelet, and cut to length.

measure bracelet

Add a clasp on one end, and jump ring on the other.


Lay out your license plates to determine an order, and to see how far apart to space them. I’m putting mine on the large links in this chain so they will be evenly spaced.

lay out plates

Use the jump rings to attach the license plates.

add plates

Once you have them all added, your bracelet is ready to wear! I love the noise the plates make when they tap against each other… makes it feel so authentic!

finished bracelet

Enjoy wearing your bracelet… maybe on the 16th to the opening of Cars 3?

Cars 3 license plate bracelet inspired by Miss Fritter

Here are some photos of the fun we had at the Road to the Races event in Belmont Park!


Captain Underpants Inspired Comic Book Templates

Last week, the kids and I were invited to a pre-screening of the new Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, which opens in theaters today. My 8-year-old was familiar with Captain Underpants from reading some of the books in the collection. I have seen the covers, but didn’t have much experience before watching the movie. Which I enjoyed. And my boys REALLY enjoyed it. The movie follows the unlikely misadventures of two best friends, Harold and George. They love creating comic books together in their treehouse – one of their comicbook heroes is “Captain Underpants”, who comes to life in the movie.

The boys loved watching the movie, and I really loved the creativity. I’m looking for activities to keep the kids busy this summer, and was inspired by the comic strips that Harold and George create together. So I created some Comic Book Templates that the kids and I can use to create our own comic strips featuring unlikely heroes.

Captain Underpants Inspired Comic Book Templates


I’ve made using these templates as easy as possible. Start by printing the cover.

Put the cover back in the printer so that you can print on the back. On my HP Envy, that means putting it back in the printer tray printed-side-down.

Then pick one of the inside pages to print. Either the plain inside, the curly inside, or the action inside. I’ve designed the inside pages so there is no “right” top or bottom. As long as your cover and inside pages print on opposite sides of the page, you don’t have to worry about directionality.

Fold on the center fold line, then let your kids get started with creating their own comic.

child making comic

I got into it, too. The kids loved my choice for an unlikely superhero!

Super mom and the Adventures of the dirty laundry

You don’t need to be a great comic book artist to make a fun comic. Grab some markers, crayons, or colored pencils, and come up with a fun storyline. For my first comic, “Super Mom and the Adventures of the Dirty Laundry,” I chose a mom as the super hero. And of course mom’s biggest nemesis – the laundry.

The back of the cover page lets the artist add some details about the story or series, as well as the publisher’s seal.

back of book

If you’re interested in my heroine, you can see how the dirty laundry turned out:

finished mom comic

The kids thought it was pretty funny. I thought it was hysterical. I might be more easily amused.

If you have ambitious kids who want a comic that is more than two pages, just print more of the inside pages back-to-back, fold them, and staple into the middle of the comic book.

Here you can see what the center pages look like. The plain:

plain comic book page

The curly:

curly comic book page

and the action:

action comic book page


I hope you enjoy whipping up your own comic book pages this summer!



Firework Cookie Jar

This fun craft turns an oatmeal can into a firework cookie jar! Perfect for putting patriotic oatmeal cookies in. You can make this firework cookie jar in the time it takes the cookies to bake!

This craft is part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, Laura from Me and My Inklings and I are sharing patriotic crafts you can make in 15 minutes or less. And we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends from around the internet to join us! Check out their ideas at the bottom of this page.

Firecracker cookie jar


To make your Firecracker Cooke Jar, you’ll need:

Large Decorative Paper
Oatmeal Can
Paper Plate
Paper Straws
Glue Gun firecracker cookie jar supplies

Wrap the can with the decorative paper.

wrap the can

Mix glitter and Mod Podge, and cover the lid. Allow to dry.

mix mod podge

Cut about 2″ of the straw. Cut small pieces of the ribbon.

cut ribbon

Roll up ribbon.

roll up ribbon

Tuck into end of straw. Glue in place.

tuck into straw

Glue to top of lid.

glue flame

Fill with some patriotic cookies, like these patriotic oatmeal cookies!

finished cookie jar

If you’re looking for more fun and fast patriotic craft ideas, check out these great crafts!

Scrappy Chick design made this fun patriotic decor.

Over at Doodlecraft you’ll learn how to whip up this trendy string art.

You’ll find instructions for this patriotic sign over at Gingersnap crafts.

Get the details on this patriotic framed sign at It Happens in a Blink.

Don’t you love this felt banner? You can get the low down at A Sweet Berry Blog.

Beth Watson shows you how to make this upcycled banner.

Our crafty guest-host, Laura, made these felt firecracker placemats.

My long-time Craft Lighting Co-host made these yummy looking Strawberry Cheesecake bites!


Patriotic Sparkle Sunglasses

Looking to add a little sparkle to the holiday? Whether you’re spending on the porch or at the beach, these patriotic sparkle sunglasses will add some flair to any 4th of July outfit.

This project is part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long, I’m sharing patriotic crafts you can make in 15 minutes or less… and so are my crafty co-hosts – Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Laura from Me and My Inklings. And we’ve invited our crafty friends from all over the internet to join in! Check out their fun projects below.

Patriotic Sparkle Sunglasses

To make your own Patriotic Sparkle Sunglasses, you’ll need:

Red sunglasses
Blue Glitter
Gold Glitter
Mod Podge
Paper Plate

supplies for patriotic sunglasses

Mix the Mod Podge and blue glitter together on the plate.

glitter and mod podge

Paint it onto the sunglasses. I used chunky glitter, which is a little more tricky than fine glitter. It gets painted on in big clumps that then get pushed and shifted around with the paintbrush.

spread glitter

Do the same with the gold glitter. I created a flag-like design with a blue “star” field, and red and gold stripes.

add sparkle

Allow to dry. Your fun patriotic sunglasses are complete!

finished patriotic sunglasses

If you enjoyed this fun and fast patriotic craft, you’ll love all these quick patriotic projects!

These fun painted rocks from Jen at 100 Directions are an inexpensive craft that everyone can enjoy!

These Wine Charm Tassels from Danielle at Story Piece are easy to make, useful, and cute to boot! That’s a crafty trifecta!

Duct Tape and Denimn made this Patriotic tassel will add some holiday flair to any bag.

Annmakes shows you how to include your pet in the holiday fun.

This Chalkboard Star Decor from Laura’s Crafty Life adds so much patriotic flair!

I just love this Patriotic sign from Yesterday on Tuesday.

See Lindsay made this Confetti Popper that is sure to brighten your 4th!

Laura shows how to make these patriotic paper flowers over at Me and My Inklings.

And my Craft Lightning co-host, Angie from the Country Chic Cottage pulled out the sewing machine to whip up this 15 minute Bandana Apron – how clever is this!?

Patriotic Star Coasters for 4th of July

I love adding touches of holiday decor that aren’t overwhelming. These star coasters are easy to make, easy to set out and enjoy during the holiday, and easy to tuck away when not in use. You can make your own 4th of July Patriotic Star Coasters with very little work – and the raised star center makes them look very labor-intensive!

I made these Star Coasters as part of Craft Lightning week. All week long, I’m sharing 15 minute or less Patriotic-themed crafts along with my Co-Host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our guest Co-Host, Laura from Me and My Inklings.

Star Coasters

Plaid sent me some of their new Folk Art Coastal paint line. I love the texture that this paint adds – a rustic look without having to pull out the sand paper. I was excited to use it as part of this project.

To make these Star Coasters, you’ll need:

Wooden Star blocks – found in the decorative wood trim section of the Hardware Store
Folk Art Coastal Paint
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Optional – red and white paints

supplies for coasters

Start by painting the wooden block. Set aside to dry.

paint with coastal paint

Fill the center with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Do your best not to let air bubbles in.

fill with dimensional magic

Allow to dry overnight. If, in the morning, your coaster looks like this… don’t worry! The thick layer of Dimensional Magic sunk in the center.

after drying

Just re-fill any holes and allow to dry for another day. You might have to fill a hole or two the following day. But then they turn out awesome!

fill again

If you like, you can add touches of red and white paint to really add to the patriotic theme.

add red and white paint

Allow to dry, and your fancy-looking but oh-so-simple Coasters are complete. And with less than 15 minutes of hands-on crafting time!

finished star coasters

If you enjoyed these patriotic coasters, you’ll love checking out these other fast and fun patriotic crafts:

Emily at My Mom Made that whipped up her own Star Coasters… how fun are these?

Learn how to customize a drink bucket for the 4th over at Everyday Party Magazine.

Jessica at Mad In Crafts made this Patriotic Floral Centerpiece – with waterproof LED lights!

Albion Gould shows you how to make your own rustic Americana Banner.

Over at Sparkle Living, you’ll learn how to whip up this patriotic wreath.

Carla Schauer has a Patriotic Word Search that will keep the kids occupied while you’re waiting for dusk so you can light the fireworks.

Karen Marie at Dragonfly and Lily Pads has some fun tied-ribbon decor.

And be sure to check out Rita Barakat’s Patriotic craft video on her site.