Ringed Crystal Bracelet

This bracelet is great to make with any stone that has holes on both sides. Look for crystals and other stones that have been pre-drilled this way to make this great center jewel bracelet. You can adjust this design to make a necklace as well!

simple to make ringed crystal bracelet

To make this bracelet you’ll need:

Jewelry Chain
Jewelry Clasp
Large circle
Crystal with holes drilled on two sides
2 Pinch Clip Bails
Jewelry Pliers

supplies for bracelet

Put the circle into the bail, then attach the crystal.

attach to one side

Repeat with the other side.

attach to other side

Thread the necklace chain through the loop at the top of one of the bails. Trim, and attach one end of the jewelry clasp.

string chain through one side

Repeat with the other side, attaching the other side of the jewelry clasp.

finished ringed crystal bracelet

Your bracelet is complete! Because the circle isn’t held firmly in place by anything, it moves freely around the crystal. This movement makes this a very fun piece of jewelry to wear. You can dress it up or dress it down – this simple statement piece pairs with any outfit.

ringed crystal bracelet

Seed Packet Pots

Even if you have a black thumb, you’ll enjoy making these adorable seed packet pots! It is a great way to gift a small plant, so that the recipient knows exactly which seeds are planted. These little pots would make a great part of a spring table setting, either as part of a centerpiece, or at each place setting! You could put the names of your guests onto plant markers and insert them in the pots. These will be even cuter when the plants start to grow, but either way they’ll add color and interest to any space!

Easy to make Seed Packet Pots

You’ll need:
Small Pots
White Paint
Seed Packet (and copies of the seed packet front)
Mod Podge

supplies for seed packet pot

Paint your pots white.


Allow to dry.

Cut out the images from the seed packet photo copies.

cut out image

Paint a liberal amount of Mod Podge onto the back. Allow 30-60 seconds for it to soak in.

mod podge to back of paper

Place on the pot. Smooth out image as much as possible.

smooth out onto pot

Add a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the image. Move quickly and do not go over the same area multiple times – you don’t want to smudge the ink.

mod podge on top of pot

Allow to dry, then fill with soil and plant your seeds.

finished seed packet pots

Starlight Monogram

A night light is an essential part of any child’s room, but it doesn’t have to be boring! This starlight monogram is an easy way to add soft light to a space, and personalize it as well!

This Starlight Monogram adds soft light to any space

Paper Mache Letter
Battery Operated Twinkle Lights
Paint in your choice of color
Craft Knife

supplies for light up letter

Start by drilling holes into the face of the letter. You can do the sides, too, but I just did the face. Drill as many holes as you like – more holes will make for more light.

drill lots of holes

The cardboard will come up off the letter as you drill. Use a pencil to push it back inside.

push back inside

Cut a hole in the back where the battery pack for the light will go. You can cut a small hole for the switch if you like.

cut hole for battery pack

Use this hole to pull out any of the internal support. If you don’t pull these pieces out, you won’t be able to push the lights all the way to the ends of the letter.

pull out support

Paint the letter with your chosen color of paint. Use the pencil to help get the paint into the holes.


paint over letter

Once the letter has dried, tuck the lights in. Turn them on to make sure you’ve reached all parts of the letter.

insert lights

Your letter is ready to hang, twinkle, and keep the monsters away!

Blinged Stapler – Sparkly Office Supply Tutorial

This Blinged Stapler is the perfect gift for an office-mate, or anyone who likes things sparkly. Though, who doesn’t love a sparkly stapler, right? This could make a great Mother’s Day Gift, Office Professionals Day Gift, or you can make one yourself… because we could all use a little more sparkle in our lives! Want to learn how to make this blinged stapler? Let me show you…


Easy to make Blinged Stapler - add sparkle to this everyday office accessory!

Supplies for Blinged Stapler (this post contains some affiliate links, which help support this site at no extra cost to you):

Hot Glue

When you buy your crystals, consider what kind of crystals you’d like for your Blinged Stapler – I used a variety pack with several sizes of round silver flat-backed crystals. You can add more interest by using multi-colored crystals or even crystals in different shapes. This fun project can get very funky when you add different colors! And if you’re going to add some quirky office supplies to your desk, you can control the level of quirkyness you want!

To show you how the crystals are placed, I’ve made this super short video. Watch it once, and you’ll know how to make your own. If you’re worried about glue-gun burns, or the glue cools too quickly, you can use a liquid adhesive designed for multi-media projects, like Aleene’s Max Tacky Adhesive. You might need to work in sections, and let the glue dry before starting a new section.

Blinged Stapler Video



Book Earrings – the Perfect Book Lover Gift

These Book Earrings are the perfect gift for the reader in your life! They’ll be super excited to declare their love for all things bookish with these easy-to-make earrings that are actual tiny books! These books have individual pages that you can write small notes in if you like, or draw tiny pictures, or you can leave that up to the recipient.

Make these mini book earrings for the book lover in your life!

Book Earrings Supplies:

(this post contains affiliate links which help support this site at no additional cost to you)

Earring Wires
Jewelry Pliers
Miniature Books (similar here)
Craft Glue
Small Binder Clips

supplies for making book earrings

Start by twisting the bottom of your headpin into a spiral. This doesn’t have to be perfect or fancy – it is going inside the book, and will be hidden in the final book earrings. It just needs to be smaller than your mini book.

spiral eyepin

Check the fit of the spiral in the book. The eye should come out right at the top of the spine. Make any adjustments as needed.

fit inside book

Put glue between two pages. Not so much it squishes out everywhere – just a few dabs is fine.

dab of glue

Put the eyepin back in, and close the book. Wipe away any glue that runs out, and secure with a binder clip.

secure with binder clip

Add the earring wire.

attach earring wire

Repeat for the second book, to make a second earring.

repeat with second book

Allow to dry, and your earrings are done! If you like, you can draw small pictures, add little notes, or just leave them as is. You can even suggest to the recipient that they can add their own notes. Perhaps a reading wishlist?

Finished Book Earrings - 30 Minute Crafts

These book earrings make great book club gifts, teacher gifts, or gifts for a friend who loves to read. I made these for Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings, who loves to read more than anyone else I know. You should absolutely check out her site for all her cute crafts and projects… but also the best reading recommendations. She never steers me wrong!

Alien Spaceship Reading Light

Do your kids love searching the skies for flying saucers? Do they believe that aliens are living among us? If you have a UFO fan, they’ll flip for this fun Alien Spaceship reading light! With a few supplies, and a little bit of time, you can make this fun reading light for your child’s room… or your own!

Make this Alien Spaceship Reading Light for the UFO fan in your home!

You’ll need:
Battery-operated light source (this is an LED light set designed for a mason jar
Air-dry clay
Silver Paint
Black Marker

supplies for spaceship reading light

Pull out a handful of clay, and start working it to soften it. Once it is very pliable, wrap it around the battery-operated light.

wrap with clay

Start pinching, pulling, and rubbing the clay to make the UFO shape. Make sure to keep the clay off the lights.

form into UFO shape

Once you’re done, allow to dry overnight.

allow to dry

Paint with silver paint. Allow to dry again.

paint spaceship

Once paint is completely dry, add in details with a black marker.

add details

Insert the batteries, and attach the top, using string to hang it in place.

This Alien Reading light will be a hit with your kids… or any space fan!

finished alien spaceship

Succulent and Moss Monogram

When I saw this Monogram at JoAnn’s, I knew it would make the perfect fast and easy craft! This monogram with succulents is great decor for in a garden, on a porch, or in the house… and comes together in minutes!

make this simple monogram decor with just a few simple craft supplies

You’ll need:
Metal Monogram in your choice of letter
Moss or filler of your choice
Faux Succulents from FloraCraft


Fold up the tabs to remove the wire.

lift up tabs

Take out the wire and fill with moss.

put moss in monogram

Replace the wire mesh, and fold the tabs back in place. Tuck in the succulents.

insert succulents

Cute, simple, and easy!



Star Earrings

Stars are so much fun to wear, and even more so when they sparkle! These sparkly star earrings are easy to make, and add some style to any outfit!

star earrings

To make these star earrings, you’ll need:
Jewelry Chain
Star Crystals
Jewelry Wire
Jewelry Pliers
Earring Wires

supplies for star earrings

Cut 6″ lengths of jewelry wire.

cut wire

Thread the wire through the hole in the top of the star crystals. Twist.

twist wire

Thread through the bottom loop of the jewelry chain. Wrap the wire back around itself to secure.

wrap wire

Add the earring wire to the top of the chain.

attach earring wire

Repeat for the second earring.

finished earrings

You may have just made your new favorite earrings!

If you love star shapes, you’ll also want to check out these falling star earrings.

Bird House Planter

Want a fun centerpiece for a spring table? Looking to add some style to your Mother’s Day Brunch decor? Love adding a whimsical twist to your spring decorating? These Bird House Planters are simple to make, and add color and style to any occasion that could use a touch of spring!

Simple to Make Birdhouse Planter

You’ll need:
Wooden Birdhouses (look for ones where the roof is not firmly attached, if you can)
Craft Knife
Chalky Paint
Small Potted Plants

supplies for birdhouse planter

If you can, find birdhouses where the lid is not securely glued on.

cut away glue

Use the craft knife to carefully remove the lids. This will allow you to lift up the lids and water the plants as needed.

remove top of birdhouse

Paint the base and roof with your Chalk paint. Allow to dry completely.

paint birdhouses

Remove the plants from their containers. Split up as needed. Insert into the hole at the front of the birdhouse.

separate blossoms

put plant through the hole

Through the open roof, tamp down the soil. Add additional soil as needed.

fill with dirt

Replace the roof, and enjoy!

finished birdhouse planters

Faux Pearl Necklace

Love the pearl necklace look, but not the pearl necklace price? This faux pearl necklace is as chic as it is affordable… and easy to make! With only a few supplies, in 15 minutes you’ll make a necklace you’ll love wearing, or that you can give as a gift!

Faux Pearl Necklace - made with inexpensive beads and ribbon for a pop of color. No fancy jewelry making tools needed!


Faux Pearl Beads
1/2″ Ribbon
Sturdy Thread

supplies for necklace

In most cases the ribbon will be too thick to push through the hole of the beads. So, we’re going to pull it through instead! Cut a 12″ length of thread. Fold in half. Feed through a bead so that there is a loop on one side, and the two tails on the other.

put thread through

Feed the ribbon through the loop, then firmly pull the ends of the thread to pull the ribbon through.

pull through

Add an overhand knot, and repeat until you have as many faux pearls as you like.

add knot

Tie the ends behind your neck to wear.

finished faux pearl necklace