Pop-up Graduation Card

Making your own pop-up cards is a great way to show someone how special they are to you! I whipped up this simple graduation Pop-up card using a file in Cricut Design Space. I made a few adjustments, and am sharing it here with you so that you can create your own custom graduation pop-up card!

This project is part of a week-long series of crafts celebrating the end of the school year. My friends Jessica from Mad in Crafts, Jen from 100 Directions and Angie from The Country Chic Cottage are joining in each day with more ideas, as are some of our craftiest friends around the internet. Be sure to check out all of their amazing ideas at the bottom of this page!

Pop-up Graduation Card

To make this Pop-Up Graduation Card, you’ll need:

Cardstock for outside of card
Black Cardstock
Carstock for Tassel
Adhesive Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Adhesive (glue or double-sided tape)

card supplies

Cut out all the cardstock pieces using this Cricut Graduation Card Cut File for Design Space.

cut pieces

Cut out and weed the vinyl.

weed vinyl

Cover in transfer tape.

apply transfer tape

Carefully peel the paper backing off of the vinyl to expose the adhesive. Center onto the small rectangle that will go on the front of the card. Carefully peel back the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl behind.

peel back the transfer tape

Glue this piece onto the front of the card. The front of the card is now done.

On the inside of the card, line up the Mortarboard. It should be folded in half, with the fold towards the middle. The corner of the fold closest to the tab should line up with the center fold on the card.

position piece Careful not to shift the pieces, put adhesive on the tab, then close the card. Press down on the area with the adhesive to secure.

Open the card, and repeat this process, gluing the second tab in place.

Insert the triangle end of the tassel into the slot.

insert tassel

Your card is complete and ready for gift-giving!

finished pop up graduation card

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Simple Graduation Party Favors

I love hosting parties, and sending my guests off with a favor that means something special to the guest of honor. These simple graduation party favors can hold anything you like – put candy, a note, a thumb drive of photos, a keyring… or any small gift or token into the boxes to give to the guests at your graduation party. They’ll love leaving with a token commemorating the occasion!

This project is part of a whole week of End-of-School-Year posts that use the Cricut Machine. My friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, Jessica from Mad in Crafts, and Jen from 100 Directions and I are all sharing fun end-of-school-year posts this week, and we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends to join in! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for more fun ideas!

graduation party favors

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To make these graduation party favors, you’ll need:

Cardstock in 2 colors
Hot Glue
Tissue Paper
Cricut Machine (Get it online at Cricut here or on Amazon here)


Cut out the pieces using this Graduation Party Favor cut file in Cricut Design Space. Glue the smaller piece on the inside to cover the diploma cut-out.

glue highlight

Fold up the flap, add a line of glue, and fold down the other side.

glue flap

Push the ends in to create the box shape.

push in flaps

Wrap your small token in tissue paper, and tuck it inside the box. Repeat, making enough boxes for all your guests. And a few extras, just in case.

finished graduation party favors

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Mini Mortarboard Headband

Wearing a Mortarboard at graduation is a rite of passage. Yes, it is a goofy hat with a tassel, but has such great ceremony and tradition behind it. However, it is pretty clunky to wear during a party. Make a mini mortar board to put on a headband, and you can wear your graduation cap as a cute accessory for the whole day!

This project is part of our big End-of-school-year Cricut event! All week long we’re sharing crafts that you can make with your Cricut machine, all celebrating the end of the school year!

Mini Mortarboard Headband - Graduation Cap Headband

To make your mortarboard headband, you’ll need:

Black Cardstock
Embroidery Floss
Hot Glue

Use the Mini Mortarboard cut file I created in Cricut Design Space to cut the mini graduation cap. The file will cut 2 of each piece so that you can make 2 hats.

Mortarboard pieces

While the hat is cutting, make the mini tassel. Cut two 10″ pieces of embroidery floss. Set aside.

From the spool, wrap the embroidery floss around 3 fingers 25-20 times.

loop around fingers

Cut, severing one end of the loop.

Use one 10″ piece of embroidery floss through the loop.

loop top

Use the second 10″ piece to wrap around the top of the tassel. Tie tightly in place.

pull cord

Trim all the ends even. If you want more details on making tassels, check out my mini tassel making tutorial.

trim up

Pick up the hat pieces. Curve the long piece to fit the slots into each other. The tabs should be hidden on the inside.

fold in ends

Fold up the tabs around the circle, tuck in, and glue into place.

Thread the ends of the embroidery floss onto a needle. Insert into the center of the square.


insert ends

Adjust the length, making sure that the tassel hangs off the end of the graduation cap. Trim the threads, then sandwich between the two hat pieces with a dollop of glue.

finished mini mortarboard

Glue the hat to the headband.

Finished mortarboard headband

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Graduation Party Banner

If you’re looking for a way to customize your Graduation Party decor, this graduation party banner is super simple! Use whatever colors of cardstock that will compliment your theme (and school colors are a great springboard for a graduation party theme), and let your Cricut do the cutting! The banners come together super quickly after all the cutting is complete!

This project is part of a week-long series of end-of-school-year crafts that I’m doing with my friends! Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to check out all of the awesome end-of-school projects we’ve made using the Cricut machine!

Graduation Party Banner

To make your graduation party banner you’ll need:

Cardstock in your chosen colors

Use the Graduation banner cut file for Cricut Design Space. Cut as many as you need to fill your party space.

When peeling the more intricate designs from the mat, lay the mat face-down on a table, then roll the mat away from the table, back onto itself. This peels the mat from the paper rather than the paper from the mat so you don’t have curling paper.

peel mat off

Once all your pieces are cut and removed from the mats, string ribbon through the holes at the top.

Your banner is ready to hang!

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First and Last Day Photo Frame

At the end of the school year, it is fun to look back to see how much a child has changed and grown. This simple “First and Last Day” photo frame lets you and your child compare side-by-side just how far they have come! Print out photos and put them in this simple frame to see how much they have changed this year!

This project is part of a special week of Cricut projects some of my friends and I are putting on. Each day this week we’re sharing projects that celebrate the end of the school year – graduation, teacher gifts, and more! Scroll all the way down to find dozens of ideas for end-of-school-year crafts to make!

First and Last Day Photo Frame

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To make this First and Last Day photo frame, you’ll need:

3 colors/prints of cardstock
Photos or photo printer (I love my Canon Selphy)
Cricut Machine (get one on the Cricut Site or on Amazon)

Cut out the pieces using the First and Last Day Frame Cut file.

supplies for photo frame

Print out your pictures from the first and last day of school. You can use the first and last day of the same grade, the first and last day of elementary school, or even the first day of kindergarten and the last day of their senior year! So many ways to interpret what the first and last days of the school year are! And you don’t have to limit yourself – you can make one each year, or several!

I’m using the Canon Selphy to print out my photos. It is super quick and easy to use, and I can print photos right from my phone onto photo paper!

print photos

Trim up the photos. You can cut them a little larger than the hole in the frame (the hole is 3″), or you can trace the outside, and trim the photos slightly smaller than the traced line.

trace frame

Glue the layers together, and you’re all done!

first and last frames

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Shoo Fly Quilt Block Tee with Cricut Patterned Iron-On

Do you love quilting? Or maybe just lounging underneath a quilt? Either way, this Shoo Fly Quilt Block Tee is super fun! You can make it in just a few minutes using Cricut Patterned Iron-On. Choose the pattern and colors you love (there are over 25 designs, sold in coordinating sets of 3), and make your own shirt featuring this iconic quilt block!

Cricut sent me some of their new Patterned Iron-On to play with. I made this fun shirt in just a few minutes. But with a little more work, I was able to make an entire faux quilt top! Click over to check out the step-by-step video.

Simple DIY Quilt Block Tee

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To make this DIY Shoo Fly Quilt Block Tee, you’ll need:

Cricut Patterned Iron-On
Your Cricut Machine (Maker or Explore series)
Cricut EasyPress Mat

supplies for patterned iron on quilt shirt

Use this Shoo Fly Design Space File to cut the Patterned Iron-On for your shirt. You can make the design smaller or larger (up to 11.5″).

Each pack comes with 3 coordinating designs, so there are lots of different designs to choose from. I just love the blue and white of this set!

designs in iron on sampler

Cut the Iron-On patterned-side down.

cut patterned iron on

Weed away the extra Iron-On, leaving the areas that you want to iron onto the shirt.

weed vinyl

Following the instructions at Cricut.com, use the EasyPress and EasyPress Mat to fuse the Patterned Iron-On to the shirt.

use EasyPress to fuse

Wait for the shirt to cool, then peel away the transfer plastic.

peel off transfer sheet

It is that easy to make a DIY Shoo Fly Quilt Block Tee! You could add this same design to a pillow, baby outfit, tote bag, and so much more! And if you want to see more fun quilt block designs, check out my No Sew Mini Quilt that is made entirely using Cricut Patterned Iron-On!

DIY Quilt Block Tee

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


Succulent Earrings

Jewelry can be so simple and easy to make! Even cute jewelry like these little Succulent Earrings! They take very little time to make, and you don’t need to be a master jewelry maker to whip up a pair for yourself or as a gift for a friend who loves succulents!

This project was made as part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Morena from Morena’s Corner are sharing crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less – all using clay pots! Which is where I got the idea for these succulent earrings – by finding these cute mini clay pots! Be sure to scroll all the way down to check out their fast clay pot crafts, as well as those from some of our craftiest friends on the internet who are all joining in this week!

DIY Succulent Earrings

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To make your Succulent Earrings, you’ll need:

Mini Clay Pots
Large glass gemstones
Small glass gemstones
Earring wires
Eye pins
Head Pins
Jump Rings
Hot Glue
Jewelry Pliers

succulent earring supplies

I bought my beads at Michael’s, but you can find whatever beads you like that look the most like succulents to you. I thought these looked like fun little cacti and would look perfect sitting in my little clay pot.

Go ahead and plug in your hot glue gun to get it warmed up.

String an eye pin onto your large crystal.

string eye pin

Twist the excess wire around the barrel of round-nosed pliers. You can start with a tight spiral, but it will sit more securely in the glue if you stretch out the spiral.

twist wire

Put two of the smaller crystals onto a headpin. Twist the wire just like you did with the large crystal.

twist up wire

Fill the pot with hot glue, up to the bottom of the rim.

put hot glue in mini clay pot

Before the glue cools, push both the twisted wires into the glue. Position the succulents the way you like before the glue cools. Watch the direction that the eye pin is going. You’ll want it facing the front of the earring.

insert jewels

Use the jump rings to attach the earring wire to the top of the eye pin. Repeat making a second earring that is a mirror image of the first.

Clay Pot Succulent Earrings DIY and easy to make! Full instructions

If you loved these succulent earrings, you’ll love all these quick crafts using clay pots!

Customize clay pots with your favorite fabrics – Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything shows you how!

How fun is this little bunny pot that Try it Like it made?

Annmakes shows you how to give a Terra Cotta pot an upgrade with decoupage and napkins.

Looking for a gift for a sewing friend? Re-purpose a clay pot into a pincushion like Albion Gould did!

Jessica at Mad in Crafts uses Dollar Store supplies to transform a terra cotta pot into a Fairy Garden.

Two pots and an air plant are all it takes for Carla Schauer to create this pineapple craft!

Clay pots become unicorns when they are in the crafty hands of 365 Days of Crafts.

Over at 5 Little Monsters, clay pots will get you Easter ready – how fun are these clay pot bunnies?

And my Crafty Co-host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage shows you how easy it is to customize a clay pot with paint!


Come back tomorrow for more fast and fun clay pot crafts in 15 minutes or less!

Clay Pot Coasters

Looking for some colorful coasters? These clay pot coasters are quick and easy to make, and you can customize them to whatever color combination you like!

I made these clay pot coasters as part of Craft Lightning week. All week long I’m sharing crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less made using clay pots, along with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Morena from Morena’s Corner. Check out their projects, as well as the fast clay pot crafts created by some of our craftiest friends on the Internet. I’m sharing them at the bottom of this page, and all week long!

15 Minute Coasters - made using two supplies and two tools!

To make these Clay Pot Coasters, you’ll need:

Clay dishes (used under clay pots – found in the gardening section of the hardware store)
Felt in your choice of color
Lid matching inside diameter of clay dish (optional)

supplies for coasters

Start by drawing a circle the diameter of the inside of the clay dish on the felt. I found that the easiest way to do this was to search around the house to find a lid, jar, or glass that fit nicely inside the rim. I found one fairly quickly – this is the lid from my fish food container!

You’ll need to trace four of these circles if you’re making four coasters like I am here.

trace lid onto the felt

Cut out the circles.

cut felt

Add glue to the back of each circle. I like to add the glue in an organized way (like I am here – with the concentric circles). Different qualities of felt absorb the glue in different ways, and if the glue bleeds through the felt and is visible after it dries, I’m always happiest if it is done in a pleasing pattern like this.

add glue

Place the felt, glue-side-down into the bottom of the dish.

glue in place

Repeat for all coasters. Allow the glue to dry before using.

finished coasters

Want some more fun and fast projects to make with clay pots? Check out these fun projects!

How fun is this Macrame Clay Pot that Lydia Out Loud made?

I’m loving these watercolor ombre pots made by The DIY Village.

See Lindsay Say gave clay pots a glamorous upgrade with these metallic look clay pots.

Looking for a fun Easter gift? These bunny butt pen holders at Frog Prince Paperie are super cute!

PS I Love You shows you how to transform broken clay pots into plant markers.

How cute is this Whale clay pot? Tried and True shows you how to make your own.

I love this clay pot turned Unicorn by Debra Quartermain.

Morena, our crafty co-host for the series made this fun chair planter using an old chair and a terra cotta pot!

My long-time co-host for Craft Lightning, Angie from the Country Chic Cottage made this fun fairy garden – complete with outdoor pool!

Glittered Clay Pot

Join the glitter revolution with this fun Glittered Clay Pot. Super simple and quick to make, you can add layers of sparkle to up the glam factor on a humble terracotta pot. I’m sure you’ve noticed that glitter is everywhere. Which isn’t to be confused with glitter getting everywhere. Because there are now ways that you can keep the glitter where you want it. Like with this brand new Intense Glitter Brilliance paint that Testors sent me to play with.

This fun glittery plant pot is part of Craft Lightning Week. All week long I’m sharing quick and easy crafts that you can make in 15 minutes or less (excluding dry time), along with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Morena from Morena’s Corner. And we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends to join in. Be sure to check out all their 15-minute-or-less clay pot craft ideas at the bottom of this page!

Glittered Clay pot - super sparkly and super easy to make!

To make this glittered clay pot you’ll need:

Clay Pot
Base coat paint (any multi-surface white or black)
Testor’s Intense Glitter Brilliance Paint
Popsicle Stick
Silicone Mat (optional)

supplies for glittered clay pot

Start by painting a quick base coat on the outside of the clay pot. Either white or black are great options for silver glitter. This should only take a few minutes. Set aside to dry.

paint the base coat on clay pot

Once the base coat is dry, open up the glitter paint.

open the glitter paint

Stir well with a spoon or popsicle stick (the glitter likes to settle to the bottom).

stir up the glitter paint

Paint on a quick coat of glitter. Set aside to dry.

add layer of sparkle glitter paint

Keep adding layers of glitter – each layer should be fairly thin, and only take a few minutes. Keep adding layers until you are happy with the build-up of glitter.

layers of sparkle silver glitter paint

When you’re all done, allow the pot to dry one final time, then add your potted plant.

finished glittered pot

And check out these other great clay pot projects that can be made in 15 minutes or less:

How fun are these moss covered clay pots from Refresh Restyle? I love the faux moss paint job!

Are you ready to add some Spring to your decor? Add bird nests to clay pots with The Inspiration Vault.

Karen at Dragonflies and Lilypads adds some glam to the humble clay pot in her fun project.

Is there anything cuter than a bunny butt? Our Crafty Mom shows you how to whip up these clay pot bunny butts that are cute decor – and make great table place markers for Easter!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for even more fun and fast crafts that transform clay pots!

No-Sew Felt Puppets

I love imaginative play with kids. Puppets are so great for both young and old imaginations. Slip a puppet over your hand, and suddenly your hand is an entirely new character. With a different voice. Possibly an accent. You’re having conversations with your hand. Arguments even. And with multiple puppets, the puppet on your hand can have deep, meaningful conversations with the puppet on your child’s hand. These No-Sew Felt puppets are super simple to make. I have patterns for five different animal puppets, three of which are shown here. But with all these basic elements, you can come up with even more fun felt puppets!

This project is part of Craft Lightning week. All week long Laura from Laura’s Crafty Life, Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and I are all sharing fun and fast felt crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less. And we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends to join in! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out today’s ideas, and make sure to check in on the projects all week long!

No Sew Felt Puppets - Make these fun felt animal puppets in less than 15 minutes each with no sewing!

To make these no sew felt puppets you’ll need:

Felt puppet PDF templates
Felt in colors needed for chosen animal(s)
Hot Glue
Fine-tipped marker

Trace the template for the puppet shape. Cut two.

trace puppet shape

Trace the ears and muzzle for the animal you selected. Cut out. Cut a set of eye whites and eye blacks. Set aside.

Take one layer of the puppet body. Glue the ears in place.

place ears

Glue the second layer of the puppet body on top. Add the glue in sections and press down the top layer before the glue cools. Be careful! Hot glue can seep through the felt to burn your fingers.

glue layers together

Add the eyes and muzzle.

glue on face

For the animals that need it, draw on the mouth and whiskers if needed.

draw on mouth

add whiskers

After the glue has completely cooled, your puppet is ready for some imaginative play!

felt puppes are easy to make and fun to play with

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Learn how to create this fun Frieda Kahlo party favor at Michelle’s Party Plan-it.

Jessica at Mad in Crafts shows you how to make non-slip coasters out of felt.

Pineapple Paper Co made this felt hair clip that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Niki at 365 Days of Crafts made these felt clips in fun designs.

You’ll see how to turn felt into flowers with Karen of Dragonflies and Lilypads.

These fun felt wine glass holders were made by Paula at Frog Prince Paperie.