No-Sew Felt Puppets

I love imaginative play with kids. Puppets are so great for both young and old imaginations. Slip a puppet over your hand, and suddenly your hand is an entirely new character. With a different voice. Possibly an accent. You’re having conversations with your hand. Arguments even. And with multiple puppets, the puppet on your hand can have deep, meaningful conversations with the puppet on your child’s hand. These No-Sew Felt puppets are super simple to make. I have patterns for five different animal puppets, three of which are shown here. But with all these basic elements, you can come up with even more fun felt puppets!

This project is part of Craft Lightning week. All week long Laura from Laura’s Crafty Life, Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and I are all sharing fun and fast felt crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less. And we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends to join in! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out today’s ideas, and make sure to check in on the projects all week long!

No Sew Felt Puppets - Make these fun felt animal puppets in less than 15 minutes each with no sewing!

To make these no sew felt puppets you’ll need:

Felt puppet PDF templates
Felt in colors needed for chosen animal(s)
Hot Glue
Fine-tipped marker

Trace the template for the puppet shape. Cut two.

trace puppet shape

Trace the ears and muzzle for the animal you selected. Cut out. Cut a set of eye whites and eye blacks. Set aside.

Take one layer of the puppet body. Glue the ears in place.

place ears

Glue the second layer of the puppet body on top. Add the glue in sections and press down the top layer before the glue cools. Be careful! Hot glue can seep through the felt to burn your fingers.

glue layers together

Add the eyes and muzzle.

glue on face

For the animals that need it, draw on the mouth and whiskers if needed.

draw on mouth

add whiskers

After the glue has completely cooled, your puppet is ready for some imaginative play!

felt puppes are easy to make and fun to play with

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Felt Zippered Pouch

Installing a zipper is super easy in this felt zippered pouch! I’ll show you how you can make this pouch using your favorite decorative felt, or just your favorite color of felt. A felt zippered pouch is a great place to stash treats, use as a pencil pouch or even use as a clutch or purse.

This project is part of Craft Lightning week. All week long my crafty friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Laura from Laura’s Crafty Life and I are sharing fast, 13-minute-or-less crafts that you can make using felt! And we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends to join in! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out today’s awesome felt ideas, and come back all week long for more fast crafting fun with felt!

Make this simple felt zippered pouch in minutes using these instructions! Sew up a simple felt pouch!

To make this Felt Zippered Pouch, you’ll need:

Felt (I used some decorative felt, but a solid color is fine)
Chalk pencil or other fabric marking pen
8″ or longer zipper
Sewing Machine

supplies for pouch

Cut two pieces of felt to the size you want your pouch. I cut mine to 8.5×11″ so that I could easily use a piece of paper as the template.

On the back of one of the pieces of felt, draw the hole for your zipper. I drew lines in 1″ on each side, and down 1.5″ and 2″ from the top.

draw zipper outline

Using your scissors, carefully cut the rectangle you drew.

Place the zipper behind the felt. You can pin it in place if you like. Edge-stitch around the zipper to secure it to the felt.

stitch xipper into place

If the zipper pull gets in the way, just stop sewing. Put the needle down. Lift up the presser foot. Move the zipper out of the way, then put the presser foot back down and keep sewing.

to move the zipper lift the presser foot

If your zipper was longer than the hole you cut, you can just stitch over the zipper (assuming it is a plastic zipper and not a metal zipper). Then you can cut off the extra length.

trim the extra zipper

Once you have the zipper in, the rest is easy! Place the two pieces of felt together right side out (if your felt does have a right and a wrong side. If it doesn’t then don’t worry about it).

Then stitch all the way around the outside.

Your pouch is complete!

felt zippered pouch

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DIY Felt Earbud Case

This little DIY Felt Earbud Case is super simple to make with only a few supplies – and you can whip up a Felt Earbud Case in about 15 minutes! I love the design of this Felt Earbud Case, and want to whip a bunch up in different colors! An earbud case is super handy to have, to keep earbuds from getting tangled up. This earbud case is also a great option for storing charger cables. If you have big, bulky charger cables you can make a larger one using a bowl as your template rather than a glass.

This project is part of Craft Lightning Week. If you’ve been around a while you know that my friend Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and I partner with another crafty friend (this time it is Laura from Laura’s Crafty Life) for a week to create a different 15-minute craft project each day. And we invite our craftiest friends to join in! This week, all the projects are made using FELT! Check out all of today’s awesome creations at the bottom of this page, and be sure to come back each day this week to check out all the other fun felt creations that take 15 minutes or less to create!

DIY Felt Earbud Case - this little earbud case is super simple to stitch up, and so handy! The perfect way to store your earbuds and keep cords from getting tangled!

To make the DIY Felt Earbud Case, you’ll need:

Square of Felt
Fabric Marking Pen
Coordinating Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle

supplies for earbud case

Trace the glass three times, and cut out.

trace glass

Place the glass on one of the cut circles. Overlap a little over the midline, then draw an arc.

draw an arc

Cut two circles of felt to match this same arc. Place them on top of the remaining circle.

lay pieces on top

This is the design for the earbud case. Simple, right? Now just stitch all the way around. You can use whatever stitch you like, I prefer a blanket stitch.

stitch around edge

Make sure to place the second arc on top, and stitch all the way around. Then your earbud case is complete!

DIY Felt Earbud Case - super simple to stitch up in just 15 minutes!


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Be sure to come back tomorrow for more felt fun!


Hexagon Felt Box

These cute Hexagon Felt Boxes are super simple to cut and to sew, and super useful! You can use a Hexagon Felt Box to store all kinds of items, to keep candy close at hand, or just as decorative pieces! Make your own stitched up Hexagon Felt Box with the instructions below.

This project is part of a monthly challenge to create with my Cricut. Each month I’ll be joining some of my crafty friends online as we challenge ourselves to create using a specific craft supply and our Cricut machine!

Felt Hexagon Box - 30 Minute Crafts .com - Cricut Craft Project


To make your own felt hexagon box you’ll need:

Felt (I used the Cricut Felt because it is nice and stiff)
Embroidery Floss
Tapestry Needle
Cricut Maker (perfect for cutting felt)
My Hexagon Box Cut File for the Cricut Maker

Start by cutting out the file. It has enough pieces to make 2 boxes – one small box and one large box. I timed myself when making the small box, and I was able to make it in just under 30 minutes.

cut pieces for felt hexie box

You can lay out your pieces to make sure that you’re matching the correct size sides to the correct size hexagon.

lay out the hexagon felt box pieces

Line up one side with an edge of the hexagon. Thread your needle with the embroidery floss and start stitching. I start each edge with 3 small stitches in place, leaving about a 2″ tail of thread.

stitch on side

Blanket stitch all the way across.

blanket stitch box

Blanket stitch each side on, going all the way around the hexagon.

stitch all the way around the hexagon

You can tuck the threads away, neatly into the seams.

bury the threads by tucking into the seams

Then stitch the sides together in the same manner.

stitch edges

And just like that – your box is complete! Make it in as many colors as you like, and try the different sizes for even more variety.

finished hexie box

The two sizes nest perfectly inside each other!

felt hexie boxes on 30 Minute Crafts .com

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Draw then Cut Valentine’s Stickers

The Print-then-cut feature on the Cricut is super awesome, and a great way to get lots of color in a design without having to cut multiple layers. Even easier than print-then-cut is the draw-then-cut option. There are so many different colored Cricut Pens that you can use in the machine, and it is so amazing to watch the machine draw out the design! These Draw then Cut Valentine’s Stickers are super simple to make, and you’ll find so many uses this Valentine’s Day!

This project is the final in a week-long series sharing projects you can make for Valentine’s day on the Cricut machine! Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom to check out all the projects from this series. Both my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Jen from 100 Directions have been sharing their ideas all week long as well, and we’ve had lots of our crafty friends join in as well!

Draw then Cut Valentine's Stickers on the Cricut Machine - 30 Minute Crafts .com

Make your Draw then Cut Valentine’s Stickers

These stickers are super simple to make. You just need the Valentine Sticker Cut File. This file uses images from Cricut Access, so if you have an Access subscription, it is free for you to make.

I used Cricut Sticker Paper, but draw-then-cut works great on Cricut Printable Vinyl as well, as you can see in my draw then cut planner stickers.

cricut sticker paper

You can use the colored pens directed when drawing the file. Or, you can just pick your favorite Valentine’s colors and switch to a different color when prompted. You don’t need to change the colors on the file, the machine can’t tell if you’ve inserted a different color than indicated.

drawn stickers

Once the file is done cutting, peel away the background. This makes the stickers easy to use.

peel away background

It is that simple to have the machine make you a set of fun Valentine’s stickers!

finished stickers

Now to decide how to use them! But if I run out before Valentine’s Day, it is super easy to make some more!

valentine sticker sheet


Be sure to scroll all the way down and check out all these other great Valentine’s Day projects you can make with your Cricut machine!

Sucker Valentines

I’m a sucker for Valentines with Suckers on them! These simple and fun sucker Valentines were made using Jolly Rancher suckers and my Cricut machine. But I’ve also made these printable sucker valentines and these Valentine Suckers.

This project is part of a week of Valentine’s Crafts all made using the Cricut machine. My friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and Jen from 100 Directions and I are sharing a different Valentine’s craft made with the Cricut each day. And we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends to join in. Check out all of their awesome ideas down below!

DIY Sucker Valentines

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To make these Sucker Valentines, you’ll need:

Suckers (I used Jolly Rancher brand because that is what my kids like)
Cricut Machine
Valentine’s Scrapbook paper
Cricut Pens

supplies for sucker valentines

Use this Sucker Valentine Design Space File that I designed. Insert the Pen into the housing on the left, and allow the Cricut to draw the letters and cut the card.

Peel from mat. I find they don’t curl if I pull the mat from the paper, rather than the paper from the mat.

peel off mat

Lift up the tabs, then insert the sucker sticks. If you’re using these as classroom Valentines, you might need a piece of tape or dot of glue to hold the suckers in place.

finished sucker valentines

That’s how easy it is to make the Valentines! I liked using different colored paper with different designs. Go for simple patterns without a lot of contrast for the best results. I also used different colored pens. Black stood out the most, but I like using the reds and dark pinks.

Be sure to scroll all the way down and check out all these other great Valentine’s Day projects you can make with your Cricut machine!

Valentine Candle

Whether you like the flicker of a burning candle or the look of a decorative candle, we can all agree that a Valentine Candle makes great Valentine’s Day decor. This DIY candle doesn’t use many supplies, and is a great way to add a little color and ambiance to your Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day craft is part of a week-long series of Valentine themed crafts I’m doing with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Jen from 100 Directions. Every day, we’re each sharing a different Valentine’s Day craft idea. And we’ve invited lots of our creative friends to join in! Scroll all the way down to check out all their projects!

DIY Valentine's Day Candle - 30 Minute Crafts .com

To make your DIY Valentine Candle you’ll need:

Large candle – I found this one on sale in the Christmas section
Glitter adhesive Vinyl
Cricut Bright Pad (optional, but recommended)
Weeding Tool
Cricut Scraper Tool
Hair Dryer

supplies for diy valentine candle

Use this Cricut Design Space Valentine’s File to cut the glitter adhesive vinyl.

Once cut, it can be hard to see the cut lines. The Bright Pad makes this easier. Use the Bright Pad in a dimly lit room for the best results.

use bright pad

Trim the piece to a more manageable size. Peel away the extra background vinyl.

weed vinyl

Go slow. Use the weeding tool to help keep pieces in place.

fully weeded

In the middle of the roll of the glitter vinyl, you’ll find a sheet of strong grip transfer tape. You need the strong grip transfer tape when using glitter vinyl. Cut a piece the size of the design, then place over the design. Use the scraper tool to strongly secure the vinyl to the transfer tape.

apply transfer tape

Peel back the backing paper.

peel backing

Place the design on the candle. Use the scraper tool to stick in place.

put on candle

The vinyl won’t naturally want to stick to the wax, so you will need to use the weeding tool to help remove the pieces from the transfer tape and get them on the candle.

peel back transfer tape

The gold vinyl is really striking against the red candle!

vinyl on candle

The vinyl pieces will want to slip around. The easiest way to seal them in place is to use a hairdryer. Add a little heat (about 10-20 seconds) until you see the top layer become glossy. Then move to another section on the candle. As the wax cools it will help secure the vinyl pieces in place.

heat wax

Your Valentine Candle is complete! Now you need to decide if you want to light it, or save it! Either way, it is a simple and elegant addition to any Valentine’s Day decor!


Be sure to scroll all the way down and check out all these other great Valentine’s Day projects you can make with your Cricut machine!

Locked Heart Valentine’s Day Card

As I was walking through Michael’s Crafts Store, I saw these adorable lock and key brads. I knew they would make the perfect card! I love lock and key symbols for Valentine’s Day, so I looked up Valentine’s Card designs in Cricut Design Space. I simplified and adjusted the “Dear to my Heart” card that is free in Design Space if you have Cricut Access. I’ll link to my revised versions of the card below so that you don’t have to make any adjustments, you can just cut them out yourself to make both versions of the Locked Heart Valentine’s Day Card.

This project is part of a fun week of Cricut Valentine’s projects that my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, Jen from 100 Directions, and other friends from around the internet are joining together on. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you can check out lots of Valentine’s projects that you can make using a Cricut Machine!

Locked Heart Valentine's DayCards

To make the Locked Heart Valentine’s Day Card, you’ll need:

Double-sided 12×12 cardstock
Cricut Machine
Scoring Stylus
Lock and Key Brads (for one version)
Hot Glue Gun

card supplies

Cut out either the locked heart card using brads or the locked heart card without brads.

If you’re using paper with a directional print, be sure to place the paper right-side-up on the mat. Otherwise you’ll end up with something that looks like this:

directional paper

To keep the cardstock from curling, peel the mat from the cardstock instead of the cardstock from the mat.

peel mat from cardstock

Fold the envelope on the score lines.

folded envelope

For the version with the brads, put the prongs of the brad through the heart and then through the envelope.

insert key

Then glue the envelope flaps closed.

glue envelope

The top flap of the envelope rests under the heart to hold the envelope shut.

finished envelope

For the version without the brads, slip the toungues into the grooves to secure the heart in place before gluing the envelope together.

slip on heart


For the card, fold the creases to put together the gate-fold card.

folded gate card

Place the heart on top. If you’re using the non-brad version, the tounges and grooves will line up. For the version with the brads, place the lock brad through the heart and through the back of the card before securing.

Before closing up the card, write whatever sentiment you want to offer your loved one.

locked card

I love the way the double-sided cardstock really makes the heart pop!

finished locked card

All done! Gift your Locked Heart Valentine’s Day Card to someone special!

Locked Heart Valentine's Card

Be sure to scroll all the way down and check out all these other great Valentine’s Day projects you can make with your Cricut machine!

Mini Chocolate Boxes

I’m a big fan of Chocolate. Luckily for me, I married into a family that loves chocolate almost as much as I do. My in-laws generously gift us See’s Candies for holidays and special occasions. They know what our favorite chocolates are, and get custom 1-lb boxes made. Did you know that you can customize a box with just one type of candy? Or pick out just your favorites? I didn’t know that before I met my inlaws! But a 1-lb box is… well… huge. That is a LOT of chocolate. I like splitting it up into smaller pieces. Each candy can be put in its own mini chocolate box. Use the mini chocolate boxes at each place setting for your Valentine’s meal, put mini chocolate boxes into your child’s lunchbox, or use the mini chocolate boxes as decor in whatever way you like!

I’ve created this project as part of a special Valentine’s Event that I’m doing with my friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, and Jen from 100 Directions. We’re all creating Valentine’s Day projects all week long that we’re making with our Cricut Machines! And we’ve invited our crafty friends to join in! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out all of their awesome Valentine’s Creations!

Mini Chocolate Boxes - 30 Minute Crafts

To make your mini chocolate boxes, you’ll need:

12×12 Valentine’s paper – double-sided papers are best for this project, but any will do.
Cricut Machine and Cricut Design Space
Cricut mat (I used the blue low-tack mat)
Scoring Stylus
Hot Glue
Chocolate wrappers

mini chocolate box supplies

Use my free Mini Chocolate Box Cut File to cut out your boxes. Each file also makes 4 boxes and some bonus heart-shaped confetti.

Next, you’ll need to fold the box on the score lines.

fold box

Glue flaps, and be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue. Another option is to use Hot Glue finger protectors. Finger protectors make hot glue easier to handle and protect you from burns.

glue flaps of mini chocolate boxes

Your chocolate box is all put together! Put a chocolate in a chocolate wrapper in your box and you’re all set!

glued mini chocolate boxes

You can cut several sheets to make different colors and designs of chocolate boxes. Because more chocolate is always better!

Finished Mini Chocolate Box

Be sure to scroll all the way down and check out all these other great Valentine’s Day projects you can make with your Cricut machine!

Ferdinand the Bull Flower

Love Ferdinand’s sweet nature? Are you as flower-crazy as he is? Make this simple Ferdinand the Bull Flower that you can enjoy year-round!

Earlier this week, my family and I were guests at an advance screening of Ferdinand. A sweet story about a bull with a loving nature. He doesn’t want to fight, he wants to enjoy life and smell the flowers. Which is great for a small calf. But becomes more difficult as Ferdinand grows to his full size. I won’t spoil the story for you, but I will tell you that my entire family enjoyed the movie – filled with sweet moments and comic jabs. I think your family will enjoy it too!

Ferdinand the Bull Flower


You’ll need:
Tissue paper
Floral Wire
Floral Tape

Using 8-10 layers, cut a square and a rectangle.

cut pieces

Fold the square in half, and then into thirds.

fold into thirds

Cut into an arc.

cut arc

Cut notches into the arc.

notch edge

Fold the rectangle in half. Cut into a wedge. Fringe the edge.

cut fringe

Fold wire in half, slip onto curve of fringed rectangle.

slip on wire

slip on flower pieces one at a time. Crinkle them a little as you do.

flower pieces

Wrap stem with floral wire.

wrap stem