Custom “Checkers” for Father’s Day

Playing games is a fun pastime for most families, including ours. Our kids love to try to beat us at different board games – and often do! For Father’s day, I thought it would be fun to make a game using photos of the kids as the pieces. You could absolutely use your favorite existing board game, and just make new tokens for it, that would be an even easier version of this fun Father’s Day craft.

This project is part of Craft Lightning Father’s Day – a whole week of fun and fast Father’s Day crafts you can make in 15 minutes or less. I’m co-hosting with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper. Check out the bottom of this post for their fast Father’s Day craft ideas, along with lots from our other crafty friends!


To make the checkerboard you’ll need:

Game board or checkerboard printable and wooden baseboard
Photos of kids shrunk down to 1″ wide
Pegs and cubes (found in the wooden section of the craft store)
Scissors or paper cutter
Mod Podge
Hot Glue

supplies for checkerboard

Cut the game board printable.

trim checkerboard

Mod Podge to wooden base. Set aside to dry.

mod podge to board

Trim down the photos.

cut pieces

Mod Podge the two layers together, with the post between. The post should stick out 1″ below the photo.

glue layers together

Set aside to dry.

glue on bases

Use hot glue to secure the posts into the bases, and your game board is complete!

finished custom chekerboard

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Fathers Day Coupon book Printable by Jen Gallacher

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And Angie from The Country Chic Cottage (queen of Mason Jars, by the way), made these fun Father’s Day Mason Jars.


Tickets to Life Father’s Day Gift Idea

Do you have a dad with a sentimental side, but who doesn’t keep every scrap of paper? This “Tickets to Life” shadowbox is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea! You can customize these tickets to look like movie tickets or concert tickets, but with details from major family milestones – dad’s wedding, the birth of children, baptisms, or other milestones like the first family camping trip, a daddy-daughter dance, or other fun family event. These events don’t normally have “tickets” like a concert or movie would, so you can customize them with any details – date and time, people who were there, quotes, or even anecdotes.

This project is part of Craft Lightning Father’s day – all week long I’m sharing fast and fun Father’s Day Craft Ideas, along with my co-hosts Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper. I’ll be sharing their ideas as well as the ideas from lots of other crafty folks down below – be sure to check out their 15-minute (or less!) Father’s Day craft ideas!

Tickets to life father's day gift idea from 30 Minute crafts .com

To make your own tickets to life you’ll need:
Ticket-sized shadowbox frame
Tickets printable printed on cardstock
Computer or journaling pens to customize tickets
Paper cutter or scissors
Straight pins

supplies for tickets to life

Once you’ve customized the tickets trim them with the paper cutter.

trim up pieces

Open up the shadowbox, and pin the tickets to the backing.

pin on tickets

Close up the shadowbox, and you’re all done!

finished tickets to life shadowbox

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Simple DIY Baseball Stand

Looking for an easy way to display a special baseball? Maybe it is a ball the whole Little League team signed at the end of the season. Maybe it is your first home run. It doesn’t have to be special to anyone but you to deserve a place of honor. We decided to make a special ball for Father’s Day, and put it on our simple DIY baseball stand.

This project is part of Craft Lightning – Father’s Day. A whole week of 15-minute or less crafts that make great Father’s Day gifts! I’m co-hosting this series with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper. Check out their Father’s Day gift ideas below, along with lots of other crafty folks who are joining in!

Simple DIY Baseball Stand - make this simple stand to display a special baseball

To make this Simple DIY Baseball Stand you’ll need:

Wooden circle (this one was by the frames in the Craft store)
Red Felt
Round item for tracing – jar or glass
Hot Glue
Permanent Marker

supplies for baseball stand

Trace the circle onto the felt.

trace circle

Cut two of the circle. Put one aside. Cut the other one into a donut shape, with the donut about 1 inch wide.

cut out center

Trim the outside of the donut to make the ring about 1/2″.

two cut shapes

Glue the ring into place on the larger circle.

glue ring on

Add glue around the edge of the ring, then put on the top of the wooden circle. Press all around edge to secure.

glue around ring

Since we were making this for Father’s Day, I had my son write “#1 Dad” on the ball.

write on ball

Place the ball on the stand, and you’ve got a great Father’s Day gift for your #1 Dad… or just a simple DIY baseball stand to use to display your favorite game ball… or make several for all your favorite baseballs!

finished baseball on simple DIY baseball stand

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Jennifer at Hydrangea Hippo shares these simple Air Fresheners that work great for a car or a gym locker.


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If you’re looking for a cute packaging idea, check out this father’s day mason jar that Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts made.

Father's Day Mason Jar Gift Idea at GingerSnapCrafts.com_thumb[3]


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And Angie from the Country Chic Cottage made this great gold-leaf plane.


Instax Cartridge Picture Frame

Do you love taking photos with your Instax camera, but don’t know what to do with the empty cartridge after? I’ll show you how to turn a spent Instax cartridge into an Instax cartridge photo frame! With the crafty magic in a hot glue gun and some scrapbook paper, you can stop throwing away those Instax cartridges, and start making a photo display! As a bonus, you’ll love taking that 10th photo, because you’ll know it means you get to craft up another fun photo frame! If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift idea – this frame is a fun choice! Kids can help pick out the photo and paper, and can even decorate the frame with crayons and markers! And dad can add the frame to his photo collection at the office, on his nightstand, or on his dresser.

This Instax Cartridge Photo Frame is part of Craft Lightning Father’s Day – All week long I’m sharing fast, 15-minute-or-less crafts that would make great Father’s Day gifts. And so are my co-hosts Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper. And, we have a great lineup of other online crafters who will be sharing crafty ideas as well! Check out the bottom of this post for their great ideas, and come back all week long for even more!

Picture frame from an Instax Cartridge

To make the Instax Cartridge Photo Frame, you’ll need:

Spent Instax Cartridge
Instax Photo
Scrapbook paper
Craft Knife
Cutting Mat
Hot Glue Gun


supplies for instax cartridge photo frame

Watch this video to take you through the step-by-step of making your own Instax Cartridge Photo Frame:


instax cartridge photo frame

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DIY Beard Oil

Over at Ink Happi, Jillene is sharing this Father’s Day Award Printable, showing you how you can whip up a fun Father’s Day badge using her printable.



Michelle from Delicately Constructed made this fun Grill Tool Holder – fast, easy, and fun to make!


Over at The Benson Street, Emily has some great Father’s Day Printable Tags that you can add to your dad’s favorite treats.


Love this rustic-looking Dad sign – perfect for Father’s Day or as a new-dad gift, check out the details over at Ribbons and Glue, Holly will show you how it is done!


Over at Dragonflies and Lillypads, Karen whipped up this fun customized father’s day frame.

2016 D&LP Craft Lightning Fathers Day Markers and Stencils

Make sure to come back by tomorrow for more fast and fun Father’s Day crafts ideas!


Easy DIY Lego Ninjago Kai Shirt

When we went to Legoland California for the preview of the new Ninjago World, I made shirt for myself and the boys, including this fun Lego Ninjago Kai Shirt. You can see my Sensei Wu shirt and the Ninjago Pythor shirt that I made if you’re looking for more fun ideas. If you’d like the easiest of the three, this Kai shirt is super simple to make, and takes the least time of all three.

Easy DIY Lego Ninjago Kai Shirt

This is Kai as Kai DX (which stands for Dragon Extreme). You can make some slight adjustments to this file to make a Ninjago Zane DX shirt,  Ninjago Cole DX shirt, or Ninjago Jay DX shirt as well.

To make a Lego Ninjago Kai Shirt you’ll need:

A red shirt
Gold Glitter Heat-transfer Vinyl
Kai DX Silhouette Cut file

Iron and ironing board


Resize the dragon image to fit the size shirt you are using. My 4 year old’s shirt was fairly small, if you’re making this for an older child, you’ll want to increase the size.

Cut a REVERSE IMAGE of the Silhouette cut file on the gold heat transfer vinyl.

Weed away the parts of the vinyl not needed, then iron the vinyl on to the shirt.

Your Lego Ninjago Kai shirt is complete! My preschooler was super excited to wear his Kai shirt at Legoland!

wearing Kai DX shirt at Legoland


Lego Ninjago Pythor Shirt

My boys are big Ninjago fans, and were super excited to go to the preview day for Legoland California’s new Ninjago World. I made special shirts for the occasion, including this Ninjago Pythor shirt for my oldest. Of the three shirts, this one felt like the most work, but it was still simple to make, and he was so excited to wear it!

DIY Pythor Lego Ninjago shirt

To make a Ninjago Pythor Shirt you’ll need:

Purple Shirt
Freezer Paper
Black Fabric Paint
White Fabric Paint
Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
Iron and Ironing Board

Use the Ninjago Pythor Silhouette Cut File to cut the freezer paper and the gold glitter heat transfer vinyl. Fuse the freezer paper to front of shirt. Put an extra piece of freezer paper inside the shirt to prevent any paint from bleeding through.

iron on freezer paper

Use the black paint to paint in the center area and large oval shapes.

paint in black

Peel off the freezer paper before the paint dries. Fill in the center jewel with white paint. Allow all paint to dry.

Place all the gold glitter vinyl pieces. Fuse into place according to instructions on the vinyl packaging.

place gold glitter vinyl.


Remove the vinyl transfer pieces.

remove transfer sheet

Your Lego Ninjago Pythor shirt is ready for wearing!

wearing lego ninjago pythor shirt at Legoland

Ninjago Sensei Wu Shirt

Legoland California recently opened “Ninjago World”. We attended their preview day, and of course needed to make some fun Ninjago shirts! I made shirts for my boys, but didn’t want to be left out… so I made myself a Ninjago shirt as well – this is my Sensei Wu shirt (if you’re a big Ninjago fan, you’ll note that this is Sensei Wu DX).

DIY Master Wu Lego Ninjago Shirt - Wear as as a costume, or to Legoland California's Ninjago World!

To make a Sensei Wu Shirt you’ll need:

You’ll need:
Black Shirt
12×24″ Silhouette mat
Fabric Paint – Grey and White or Black and White
Freezer Paper
Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
Iron and Ironing Board

prepare shirt for paint

Use the Sensei Wu Silhouette Cut File to cut out the freezer paper and the gold heat-transfer vinyl. Make sure to REVERSE the gold lettering before cutting out the heat transfer vinyl!

Place a sheet of freezer paper inside the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back of the shirt.

Iron the freezer paper stencil on to the shirt.

iron on freezer paper

Paint the beard white, and the sash grey. I mixed black and white paint to make my grey.

paint in beard and sashing

Peel the freezer paper off BEFORE the paint dries. This prevents it from sticking when the paint hardens.

Allow the paint to dry, then fuse the Heat Transfer Vinyl in place. Here I am wearing my finished Sensei Wu shirt at Legoland – I was surprised not to get any comments about the beard I wore all day! HA!

wearing sensei wu shirt at Legoland

Hanging Framed Planter

Looking for unique decor? This hanging framed planter is the perfect thing! Plant flowers to brighten up your living space, without cluttering up table tops. This planter makes great decor indoor and outdoors – any place where your plant gets the sunlight it needs.

Hanging framed planter - add plants to your wall decor!


You’ll need:
Framed Planter
Paint (I used red paint and wax)
Seeds or plant

supplies for frame

Paint any sentiment or design on the frame you like. I went with the word “grow”.  I also painted the edges of the frame for an extra pop of color. Allow to dry.

paint grown on side

I waxed the wood to give it a nice glow.

wax frame

The planter’s instructions call for planting seeds in the frame. This will give you the best success. I was impatient and wanted to add an already flowering plant. I carefully pulled open the moss, and tucked the plant in, then carefully moved the moss back as much as possible.

pull open

Hang the planter in a sunny spot to enjoy!

finished hanging planter

Smashed Penny Bracelet

Smashed pennies are a favorite souvenir in our family. My boys love picking out the design, choosing the perfect penny, and then smushing it with brute strength! I love how inexpensive they are. For 51 cents I’ve made my boys happy. The challenge is what to do with the smashed penny afterwards? Put them in a box, a bag, or a drawer? That just won’t do! So I turned this smashed penny from Legoland into a fun smashed penny bracelet!
Make a Smashed Penny Bracelet - a great way to enjoy the smashed pennies you get from amusement parks!

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To make your own smashed penny bracelet, you’ll need:

Smashed Penny (this one is from Legoland)
Metal Hole Punch
Faux Leather cording
Jump Rings – 4 small, 2 large
Jewelry Clasp
Jewelry Pliers

supplies for smashed penny bracelet

Start by cutting a hole into the top and bottom of the smashed penny.

punch hole in the smashed penny

Using a small jump ring through the hole, attach a large jump ring.

add jump rings

Cut a piece of leather 4 times longer than you need (The exact length is going to depend on the size of your wrist, the size of your large jump rings, and the size of your clasp. Start with twice loosely around your wrist, you can always make it tighter later.), and string a large jump ring through it.

Fold in half, with the jump ring at the fold.

Put the two ends through a jump ring on the smashed penny.

Put one end through the original jump ring, and tie an overhand knot to secure.

tie knot


Repeat for the other side, and attach the jewelry clasp.

add second strap

Your smashed penny bracelet is complete!

finished smashed penny bracelet

You can adjust the length of the straps by untying the knot, and retying. Cut off any excess. If you’re concerned about the knot coming loose, add a few drops of krazy glue or gorilla glue to help keep the knot in place.

Monogrammed Gate Decor

Sometimes, working with different craft companies, I’m sent surprises in the mail. Fun, happy boxes with craft supplies for me to try. Recently, Plaid Crafts sent me a box of their new chalk paints, along with this fun Sea Turtle Monogram from Unfinished Wood Co. to paint!

Beachy Gate Sign

I’ve been working on updating the garden of our 1950’s Bungalow here in San Diego, and thought that this sea turtle would make the perfect beachy garden decor to hang on our garden gate. It is a very simple, and dare I say foolproof, project. You don’t need to be an expert painter or crafter to get an awesome result!

You’ll need:

Wooden sign
Waverly Chalk Paint in “Ocean”
Waverly Wax in “White”
Paint Brushes
Rag or old dish towel

supplies for beachy gate sign

Paint the sign and allow it to dry. Make sure to get in to all the cracks.

paint turtle blue

Once the base coat has completely dried, paint on the wax. The first brush stroke will make you think “oh my goodness, this is way too dark and I’ve completely ruined it!!” But, you haven’t. You’re fine. Use the rag to wipe away the wax while its still wet, giving your sign a beachy, coastal look.

brush on wax

Go around all the edges and sides, adding additional layers of the wax if you like, until you get the look you want. Allow to dry completely, then hang on your garden gate, or wherever you welcome visitors!