DIY Tomorrowland Pin

Tomorrowland comes out in theaters today. I had the chance to catch an early screening of it earlier this week. It is a fun movie that reminds us of the value of dreamers. As a creative person, I love the message! However, for all you mamas of youngin’s… they’ll love the movie, but you might want to cover their eyes during the two times that heavy machinery smashes a human or anamatronic body. Just a little too much violence, in an otherwise charming movie, for this mom trying to teach her young boys to play nicely.

I love making craft projects to go along with the movies we see, so I came up with this DIY Tomorrowland Pin. I’ve done all the heavy-lifting, creating a cut file you can use to cut out your design. And I’m super excited, because this time I can offer you the cut file as an .SVG file! That’s right, a universal file for whatever cut machine you have!

DIY Tomorrowland Pin

To make a Tomorrowland Pin, you’ll need:
Orange Cardstock
Blue Cardstock
Gold Cardstock (or gold foil and a manilla folder)
Hot Glue
School Glue Stick
Mod Podge
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Cutting Machine – I used my eclips2
Cut file: For eclips2 or the .SVG cut file

supplies to make your own tomorrowland pin

Start by cutting out the pieces.

cut with eclips2 machine

The background is gold, the T is blue, and the funny-shaped bit is orange.

cut out the pieces for the Tomorrowland pin

Test-fit the pieces for placement, then glue in place. I like to put my pieces on a scrap piece of paper, then use my gluestick.

use gluestick

This pin is about 1.5″, so it is a little larger than the pin looks in the movie… but with so many small pieces, a little bit larger is easier to put together, and fun for kids!

pieces glued in place

Brush a coat of Mod Podge over the top to keep everything in place.

Mod Podge in place

Once the Mod Podge has dried, use hot glue to secure the magnets to the back. The two magnets will secure the pin to clothing – just remove the top magnet, place the pin on the clothes, and put the magnet in place with the fabric of the clothing between the two. Alternately, you could use a pin-back… but I thought a magnet back felt a little more “techy”.

hot glue magnets

You could stop here, but to give the pin more depth, add a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. It works like resin, but doesn’t get quite as hard… and the benefit is that you don’t have to mix resin and wait for it to get thick enough to dome on the top.

dome the Mod Podge DM

Leave overnight to dry.

Finished Tomorrowland pins

Invite your friends to become the newest members of Plus-Alpha… and change the world.

Tomorrowland Pin

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Stamped and Wrapped Bracelet

This stamped and wrapped bracelet is fun and easy to make using the tools that Impress Art sent me… so easy that I made this one with my 3 year old! He’s my “big helper” around the house, and loves helping however he can… and this stamped and wrapped bracelet was so much fun for him to be a part of. He didn’t do the hands-on work, but he helped pick the colors, decide on the saying, and got to feel like part of the process! You can watch us work on a bracelet together in the video at the end of this post.

DIY Stamped and Wrapped Bracelet

To make the bracelet you’ll need (affiliate links added for convenience):

Impress Art Metal Stamps (this is “Newsprint, Lowercase“)
Metal Stamping Block & Stamping Hammer (included in the ImpressArt Metal Stamping Kit)
Impress Art Stamp Straight Tape
ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Kit
Paper Towel or soft cloth
Embroidery Floss
Gorilla Glue or other super glue

supplies for stamped and wrapped metal bracelet

You can follow this step-by-step, or you can watch the video at the end of the post.

Start by stamping your saying on the bracelet. We’re going for an off-centered design, so don’t worry about measuring placement.

stamp saying off center

Leaving the Stamp Straight Tape in place, use the jig in the bracelet bending kit to bend the bracelet. First one side…

curve one side

… then the other…

curve the metal

I don’t have a lot of strength in my hands, and I’m able to bend the bracelet. So most people should be able to bend this just fine. If you have trouble, you could always ask a loved one to flex their muscles for you!

Peel away the plastic and the stamp straight tape. This plastic was protecting the metal during the bending process.

peel back the plastic

Here is where I skipped a step. I made it up later, but it is easier if you ink in the design with a Sharpie and wipe it away now. That way you don’t have to worry about getting ink on your floss. If you forget, you can make it up later too… but it is easier if you just ink it now.

Then, tie your embroidery floss in place with a secure double-knot. Let the tail hang in the direction you will be wrapping the floss.

tie floss at back of bangle

Pick one color, and start wrapping, wrapping around the tail and extra floss hanging down the back. Once your stripe is big enough, switch colors. To do this, just have the color you’re using join the others in the tail down the back, pick the color you want to use, and begin by wrapping over the tail of the color you just completed.

wrap floss around bracelet

Keep going until you’ve added all the color you want. Tie off the end. The easiest way to do this is to tie the last color to a stand or two from the tail in a secure double knot. Add a dab of Gorilla Glue on the knot to keep it secure. Allow to dry, and cut off the ends of the threads.

dab on glue

If you forgot to add the ink to the stamping, do that now.

add ink to stamping

Bracelet is complete! Make as many as you like!

stamped and wrapped bracelet

Here is the video I made with my 3-year-old. It is worth watching just to hear his cute voice! I do make a BIG mistake when stamping, but persevere… because being creative sometimes means working through mistakes.

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Drink Marker Straws and Lemonade Margarita Recipe

I’m back with another fun drink recipe, my Lemonade Margarita. If you like a good margarita, you’re going to love this easy-to-make Lemonade Margarita! It is light and perfect for summer, and oh-so-delicious! Oh, and while we’re whipping up these cocktails that are perfect for a summer BBQ or family gathering, I’ll show you how to make these simple Drink Marker Straws. Basic straws can do double-duty as drink markers – letting your guests know which drinks are boozy, what is in a drink, or allowing them to make their own drink marker so they’ll always know which drink is theirs!

Lemonade Margarita Recipe

Let’s start by making the drink marker straws. These are simple to make.

DIY Drink Marker Straws

You’ll need straws (I used paper straws), colored paper, and pens or markers. To make mine all the same size, I used a Silhouette machine, but you can use scissors and a hole punch if that’s what you have handy.

supplies for drink marker straws

Cut the oval shapes. If you have a Silhouette machine, here is the digital cut file. If not, cut ovals, then punch a hole in each end with your hole punch.

Write on your tags, or leave them out so that guests can add their own name or details. You can even make an icebreaker party game out of it… have them answer a question about themselves – where they were born, their favorite color, their favorite food… a great conversation starter!

draw or write on drink marker

Insert your straw through the holes, and you’re all done!

Lemonade Margarita Drink Marker Straw

You really can write or decorate however you like…

Drink Marker Straws

Now… let’s get down to making this Margarita, shall we?

You’ll need:
4 parts Natalie’s Lemonade (this tastes awesome with their Strawberry Lemonade, too!)
2 parts Tequila (pick a nice mid-range silver tequila)
1 part Triple Sec

Shake and serve over ice. You can salt the rim if you like, but the lemonade has the perfect combo of sweet and sour, that I find it doesn’t need any salt! Yay for skipping a step! Garnish with a lemon slice, if you like.

Lemonade Margarita

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Rag Quilted Tutorial

Today, and all weekend long, Quiltmarket is going on in Minneapolis. My two creative loves are fast crafts… and quilting. I have spent days creating quilts from start to finish… but it is fun when you can make a quick quilty project as well! Like this fun rag quilted pillow from So Sew Easy.  Trying a new technique on something small like a pillow is a great start – you can see if you like making the project, without committing a lot of time or money. And if you love it – you can always go bigger! She also has a tutorial for a full sized rag quilt… which will take longer than 30 minutes (but be worth it!).

Rag Quilt Pillow - So Sew Easy

Make sure to pin this to your “Quilts I love” or “Projects to try” Pinterest board… but click through to the original post first!

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Lego Necklace and cuttable jewelry box

My boys love Lego. It is their favorite gift to open. We bring it with us when we go out to entertain the boys. It is all over our house. Just about any surface – odds are high you’ll find at least one Lego there. I’ve learned how to navigate the minefield of Legos on their floor… most of the time. So, it makes sense that we would make Lego jewelry. I’ve already made Lego earrings and a Lego ring. Today we’re whipping up Lego Necklaces. The Lego Necklace is super fun because you don’t need any special tools or heavy-duty adhesives… so kids can help with every part of making them!

DIY Lego Necklace and Cuttable Box

Oh, and I whipped up a Lego-inspired jewelry box. Along the same line as the Lego Inspired Gift bag and Gift Box from last year, but in three parts – a lid, a base, and a necklace insert.

So… to make your Lego Necklace, you’ll need:
Lamp Holder – the ones at the Lego Store in Costa Mesa were white. Lego part # 4632566
Various small pieces – 3005740, 3005743, 3005741 are the transparent round plate 1×1 in various colors. I also used Eyeball 6029156 and Yellow tooth 4282860 … but you can use just about anything.
Ribbon – 1/8″ or 1/4″ wide, any color. I like Satin ribbon, but Grosgrain works fine, too.

supplies for Lego Necklace

I found all these pieces in the pick-a-brick section of the Lego store. What they carry changes constantly, so I gave you the part numbers above if you can’t find the parts and want to order online.

pick a brick for lego necklaces

Cut 3 feet from the ribbon, if you plan to tie knots. If not, 2 feet is fine. String on a lamp holder piece by threading the ribbon through the hole like a bead. Tie an overhand knot on each side. If your ribbon isn’t very thick, you might want to put two knots on top of one another.

tie knots

Repeat, adding the number of lamp holder pieces you want.

knots between each piece

Then add accent pieces. I added round 1×1 pieces to look like jewels. My son had fun making different patterns with the colors.

add lego bling to necklace

For a little different look, I put one lamp holder piece in the middle, and tied a knot with both ends. Then added another lamp holder piece to each side. I used the eye and tooth pieces.

add lego bits Fun, right?

lego eyeball necklace

You can wear several Lego necklaces at once!

wearing lego necklaces

You can also make them without tying knots. But tie the ends together so your lamp holder pieces don’t slip off!

make your own lego necklaces

The box is simple to make. I created a Silhouette Cut file you can use. One sheet of 12×12 paper cuts all the parts of the box, which measures slightly larger than 3x3x1″.

Fold on the dashed lines, and glue the flaps down with hot glue. The lid is slightly larger so it will fit over the base. The necklace insert tucks inside the base.

put necklace in box

This is such a fun gift to give! We gave them to the Aunties at brunch for Mother’s Day. It would make a great birthday gift, party favor, Christmas stocking stuffer… any Lego fan would love getting one of these… and they make a great gift from a Lego fan as well (much more fun to make than a macaroni necklace!)

Have fun whipping up your own versions of the Lego Necklace, and be creative! You can use jewel-like pieces like we did, or add planks or other larger pieces for a Lego statement necklace… we chose not to Kragle ours, but you can if you like!

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Converting Clip-on Earrings

Maybe you’re like me and you didn’t pierce your ears until you were older. Or perhaps you were given a box of clip-on earrings from family or friends. Or perhaps you fell in love with a bag of costume jewelry at a yard sale or thrift shop. You can convert clip on earrings into pierced earrings, and Plaster and Disaster shows you how! It is easy to do for most kinds of clip-backs.

Plaster and Disaster - converting clip-on earrings

Make sure to pin these tips to keep them handy… but first click the link so you can pin from the original source.

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Cocktail Recipe: The Honey Do

I’m super excited to share The Honey Do cocktail with you today, and the corresponding craft: a sweet little swizzle stick you can make this cocktail just a little sweeter. How can you resist? A quick and easy craft, a strong and sweet cocktail, and a completed “honey do list” at the end of the day!

Natalie’s sent me a cooler of their delicious juices, and I was determined to savor each one… what better way than to pair it with some liquor, right? I’ve promised them a few fun cocktail recipes, and some quick and easy craft projects to go alongside them. You ready? Let’s get started!

Cocktail Recipe The Honey Do copy

For the craft you’ll need:
Your highball glass
Bamboo skewers
Red felt
Hot Glue gun
For the drink you’ll need:
Natalie’s Honey Tangerine Juice
Smirnoff Wild Honey Vodka

Before we get to the crafty portion, I just want to add that you should always drink responsibly. Know your limits, don’t drink and drive, and if you’re going to drink and craft… get a low-temp hot glue gun!

supplies for cocktail pick

Cut your bamboo skewers so they extend about 1″ past the rim of the glass. Don’t use your good sewing shears. Use craft scissors, okay?

cut skewers to size

Fold a segment of felt in half, and cut through a double layer to make two hearts the same size. They should be about 1″ square.

cut heart shape

Separate the two hearts, add a dab of glue, then press down one end of the skewer.

hot glue in place

Another dab of glue, the second heart on top, and you’re all done!

finished heart cocktail pick

Now let’s add a sweet cocktail to go with these sweet swizzle sticks…

1 part Smirnoff Wild Honey Vodka
3 parts Natalie’s Honey Tangerine juice
stir well and serve over ice

… after the day’s honey-do list has been completed.

how to make the honey do cocktail

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Mouthy Zippered Pillow

My kids love softies. And hiding things in pockets. And presents from Mom. And all those loves came together when I made them these Mouthy Zippered Pillows a couple weeks ago. I was going away for a conference, and left a gift for them to open each day. Day 2 included these fun zippered pillows made out of soft Shannon Cuddle fabric squares. I whipped them up the night before leaving. And inside each zipped-up mouth was a little bonus gift.

Mouthy Zippered Pillows on 30 Minute Crafts com

These zippered mouth pillows can hold their treasures, notes from mom, even allowance money! And they are super simple to make.

You’ll need:
3 – 10″ Squares of Shannon Cuddle Fabric. I went with two green squares for the outside, and a pink one for the inside “mouth”, but you can choose whatever you like.
2 buttons. These were from a collection of buttons for Buttons Galore by my friend Laura Kelly
12″ zipper (you can use a 10″ zipper, but longer is easier)
Sewing machine
Needle and Thread
Batting Scraps (at least 10″x10″, but larger is fine)

supplies for mouthy zippered pillow

Start by cutting one of the outside squares.  I cut a 4″ wide piece off of mine, but you can divide yours however you like. I think 4″ looks better than right down the middle at 5″.

cut square

Because Cuddle is a knit, and doesn’t fray, there is no need for a lining fabric (yay!). This makes putting on the zipper easier. Just put the zipper underneath the strip of Cuddle (fuzzy size down – touching the zipper which is right-side up), and stitch down with your zipper foot. Make sure the edge of the zipper lines up with the raw edge of the Cuddle fabric.

stitch on zipper

Now flip the fabric over so both the right side of the zipper and the right side of the fabric are exposed, and top-stitch down the fabric.

stitch down side of zipper

Repeat with the other piece of fabric, and the other side of the zipper.

topstitch zipper

Time to put it all together! Layer your pieces: Back (furry side up), Front (furry side down), Pink (furry side down). IMPORTANT: Make sure that your zipper pull is on the inside, so that it isn’t outside the seam allowances after the next step.

layer pieces

Stitch all the way around, leaving about an 8″ hole at the bottom. I used a 1/2″ seam allowance, but it really doesn’t matter.

stitch around leaving opening

Cut away the extra zipper pieces, clip the corners, and turn right side out. To turn, put your hand between the two green layers, and bring them to the outside (just like you would an inside-out sock).

Fold up your batting scraps to make a layer about an inch or two thick, that is the size of your square, or a little smaller. Tuck inside, using the hole at the bottom.

fold up batting scraps to insert Pin all three layers at the bottom, and stitch closed.

stitch bottom closed

Open the zipper, and using a needle and thread, stitch the buttons to just the top layer, making the eyes. If you plan on giving this to a young child, use fabric paint instead so that you don’t have a choking hazard.

stitch on button eyes

Your mouthy pillow is complete!

zippered pillow pocket

Make a friend for him, if you like…

finished mouthy zippered pillow pockets

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Half Birthday Party

For my oldest, turning 6 1/2 was a big deal, so we decided to celebrate with a Half Birthday Party. I made all his decorations, including a half birthday banner, half party hats, half cups, half plates, half a cake, and even half balloons! It was so much fun to put it all together, and each of these projects can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less. He felt so special blowing out his half cake while we sang the half birthday song. Scroll through this post for all the details on how to make a special half birthday party for someone who could use a little celebration!

DIY half birthday party supplies

Half Cups

Making half cups for the half birthday party was a fun challenge. How to make cups that were cut in half, but would still hold liquid? The solution was to use whole clear cups, and surround them with half of a red cup, so that we could keep the “half” theme, without leaking KoolAid all over the place!

Half Cup Supplies:
Red Cups
Clear cups that fit into the red cups
Lo-temp Glue Gun

supplies for half cups

Cut each red cup in half. There are indentations at the bottom that you can use as a guide.

cut cup

Use a Lo-temp glue gun (hot glue might melt the cups) to add a dab of glue at the bottom and side, securing the clear cup in place.

glue to inside of half cup


put cup inside half cup

Repeat until you have enough cups for your half birthday party!

half cups for half birthday party

Half Plates

Once I had the half cups, the half plates were easy to make using the same basic idea. A clear plate fused to half of a colored plate.

Red Plate
Clear Plate
Lo-temp glue gun

plates for half plates

Cut red plates in half

cut plate in half

Glue to underside of clear plates.

glue plate pieces

Half plates done! You can make large ones for the meal and small ones for cake if you like. We had a small party, so we just did the large plates.

Half Party Hats

You can’t have a party without silly party hats, right? I created a Silhouette cut file to make the half party hats. Here are the Half Birthday Party Hat Silhouette Cut Files for two hats per sheet and one hat per sheet. If you don’t have a Silhouette, here is the Half Birthday Party Hat Template you can use.

Scrapbooking Paper with hats cut out
Lo-temp or hot glue gun

make a half birthday hat

Once you’ve cut out the hats, fold on the score lines.

fold paper on dotted lines

Curve the larger section towards the tab. Secure with a dab of glue at the base.

glue down corner edge

Now run a line of glue all the way along the edge of the flap, and secure the entire edge of the hat.

glue down edge of hat

Glue to headband, slightly off-center.

glue hat to headband

Once it has cooled, wear your half birthday party hat with pride!

half birthday party half hat

It makes a fun part of the Half Birthday Party place setting!

half birthday party place setting

Half Balloons

Half Birthday Party Balloons? YEAH! It took me several failed attempts to figure out the best way to make these, but since it isn’t a party until you have balloons, I kept trying.

Half Balloon Supplies:
Large Styrofoam balls
Styrofoam cutter
Colored Mylar Sheet (usually near the tissue paper in the craft store. In a pinch, you could probably use tissue paper, but the shiny Mylar looks a little more legit)
Clear heat-shrink cellophane
Hair Dryer
String or ribbon

supplies for half balloons

Start by cutting the ball in half, and inserting a dowel. Wrap in the colored Mylar sheet, gathering the ends at the stick.

cut styrofoam in half

Wrap in the heat-shrink cellophane, just like the Mylar. If there is any area with LOTS of excess cellophane, you can cut some away, but the cellophane will shrink a lot, so it is better to leave it.

wrap with cellophane
Tie the bottom with string or ribbon, and shrink with a hair dryer until smooth.

Half Balloons for half Birthday Party

Half Birthday Banner

The Half Birthday Banner is a fun backdrop for your party. Watch your guest try to read what it says! Which is particularly funny because they should know what kind of party they’ve been invited to, right?

3 sheets 12×12 Scrapbook paper
6-8 feet of ribbon

Cut out the Half Birthday Banner with the Silhouette Machine, using these files:
HAPPY B Letters Cut File
IRTHAY Letters Cut File
Letter D Cut File

Thread a ribbon through the notches at the top of the banners, and hang.

Half Birthday Party at 30 Minute Crafts com

Half Cake

A half cake is easy to make! Bake a round cake in a spring-form pan, following the instructions on the package. Trim any bulge off the top to make the top flat, and discard this bit(this is a yummy treat for you while doing party prep). Cut in half to make two half-circles. Put frosting on top of one half. Place the other half on top. Frost the entire cake as usual, but leave the flat side (the cut side) exposed for a fun “half cake” look.

To make half a candle, just cut the bottom half off of a candle. For this 6 1/2 party, I added 6 regular candles, then the shorter half candle.

And, be sure to sing the half birthday song! It goes like this:

(Hum hum) Birthday (hum) you!
(Hum hum) Birthday (hum) you!
(Hum hum) Birthday (hum) NAME HERE!
(Hum hum) Birthday (hum) you!

Click on the image below to hear us singing our Half Birthday Song:


You can serve all kinds of fun foods… half hot dogs, half hamburgers, half carrot sticks, half-popped popcorn (just add some kernels to the bottom of the bowl), fruit sliced in half (cherries, blueberries, oranges), twice-baked potatoes (served in half the skin)… have fun coming up with ways to serve halves of your favorite party snacks!


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Group Gift Idea: Personalized Zippered Pouch

A couple times a year I get together with various groups of friends for various events. I like to bring little gifts along for my friends, and one of my favorite is a zippered pouch. They are inexpensive to make, don’t take a lot of time, and are a great all-around gift. Anybody can enjoy a zippered pouch – for holding business cards, makeup, sewing notions, pens and pencils… the uses are endless! I like to find fun ways to personalize them or make them unique. Impress Art sent me some supplies to play with, giving me the perfect opportunity to dress up this simple gift by adding tags with hand-stamped initials.

Group Gift Idea Personalized Pouches

Start by making a simple zippered pouch. If you have never made one before, they are easy! I’ll show you how, and then we’ll add the cute metal stamped zipper pulls.

Cut the fabric. I cut my pieces 5″x10″. You’ll need two pieces for the outside, and two pieces for the lining. cut fabric for zippered pouches

Sandwich the zipper against the raw edge of the fabric, with a lining piece on the bottom, right side up, and an outside piece on the top, right side down.

stitch on zipper

Using the zipper foot on your sewing machine, stitch the zipper in place. Open up the two pieces of fabric, exposing the zipper, then top stitch the fabric down to keep it in place. When you reach the zipper pull, stop. It will get in the way. Lift up your presser foot, turn the fabric so you have access to the zipper, then zip open partway. You can then put the presser foot back down and keep stitching.

turn presser foot and open zipper

Repeat with the other side of the zipper.

open up layers

Put the two top layers right sides together, and the two lining layers right sides together.

VERY IMPORTANT: Leave the zipper at least part way open, or your bag will be sealed shut (the good news is that most people only make this mistake once!)

Pin and stitch all the way around, leaving a 3″ hole in the bottom of the lining to turn. Then, through the hole, turn the bag right side out.

turn zippered pouches right side out

Stitch the bottom hole closed. You can hand stitch for a more finished look, or run it through the sewing machine.

pin closed and stitch

Turn the bag all the way right-side-out, and your little zipper bag is complete! I love making these assembly-line style.

pouches ready for tags

Now for the fun part! Let’s personalize them with little tags.

supplies for zipper pulls
You’ll need:
Impress Art Letter Stamps (I used the “Newsprint” font)
Impress Art 7/8″ Tag Stamping Blank
Stamping Block
Stamp Straight Tape
Split rings or regular jump rings
Jewelry pliers
List with recipient names

Place a blank on the stamping block. Use some Stamp Straight Tape to keep your stamping all lined up.

line up with tape

Stamp your letters, remove the tape.

stamp letters

Use a Sharpie to rub ink into the stamped letters. This will help them stand out more. Attach with your jump ring. Because the zipper pull will see a lot of use, a split ring is a good choice, instead of a standard jump ring.

add sharpie ink


Repeat for all your bags.

finished zipper pouches

These little personalized gifts are almost as fun to give out as they are to make!

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