Wine Cork Earrings

In case you missed that title – wine cork earrings. That’s right. Earrings made out of wine corks. A little embellishment and WHAM – adorable earrings and an excuse to open another bottle of your favorite vintage. Because if there is anything a girl needs, it is more wine… and more earrings. AmIrite? I’ll say that the only downside to these adorable wine cork earrings is the need for crochet. So, I now have a reason to learn. More wine, please!

Earrings made from wine corks

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Party in a Jar – Mason Jar Crafting!

Thank you to Ball for providing the jars for this series.

It is Crafty Hangouts time again! Every month I team up with my other bloggy friends over at Crafty Hangouts to put together a week of crafting videos! This month, all of our crafts are centered around a super-popular craft supply … Ball Jars! Yup, we’re crafting with Mason Jars all week long! In this video, I’m crafting with Angie, who has a great technique for adding color to jars – perfect ambiance when you add a tealight candle! And I’m making a party in a jar!

Make a Birthday Party in a Jar

The perfect birthday gift for a co-worker or cousin… anyone who would love a little special something on their birthday! It is so simple to make, and look at all the birthday goodies that I managed to fit in the jar! There is even extra room for a small gift inside!

birthday party supplies tucked into a mason jar

Watch the video to see how it all comes together!


Be sure to check out Crafty Hangouts all week long for more Ball Jar Crafting fun!

Simple Tissue Paper Flowers

Last week I did a whole lot of posts about different crafty flowers. Some simple, some more involved. All 30 minute or less crafts. These adorable tissue paper flowers would fit right in with my crafty flower bouquet. Or you could make an entire bouquet of these tissue paper flowers. For yourself. Or for Mother’s Day. Or for Mother’s Day for yourself. You know, whatever.

tissue paper flowers

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Peeps in a Jar

I like jar crafts. And crafts with humor. And easy, printable crafts. Which makes these cute little peeps in a jar pretty much a trifecta of crafty awesomeness in my book. Which exists. Somewhere. Probably.

Go grab the fun peeps printable and learn how to shove peeps in a jar over at the cute peeps tutorial.


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5 Minute Nautical Clutch

I love crafts that can be done in practically no time at all. This 5 minute clutch transformation makes 30 minute crafts seem like “eternity crafts”. Seriously. You could make SIX of these bad boys in 30 minutes. And that is fast. Like, Captain America fast. Go check out how Sew Can Do transformed a simple striped clutch into a nautical conversation starter.


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On your left.

Yup, that was a Captain America reference. I couldn’t help myself.

Chalkboard Necklace Tutorial

5 Minute Chalkboard Necklace Tutorial on 30 Minute Crafts

I was at Michael’s last week and saw these fantastic chalkboard hearts (they had circles, too), with holes drilled on the sides. Perfect to whip into a fast and easy necklace. I was able to whip together this necklace in just 5 minutes with a few basic jewelry supplies!

Chalkboard Necklace SuppliesIf you want to make one, here is what you need:
Chalkboard heart
Jump rings (large and small)
Necklace Clasp
Necklace Chain



Remove the heart from the package. If you can’t find these pre-made hearts, purchase a plain wooden heart, drill two holes, and paint with chalkboard paint.

Add a large jump ring to one side, attaching a small jump ring at the same time. To do this, use the pliers to open and close the jump ring.

add jump rings

Repeat with the other side.

Attach one end of your chain to the small jump ring on one side.

attach chain to one side

Hang the necklace around your neck to determine how long the chain should be. Cut it and attach to the other side. Then fold the chain in half to determine where the middle is. Cut the chain in the middle.

cut chain for clasp

Add the jewelry clasp on either side of the chain where you just cut. And you’re done!

add necklace clasp

Dyed and Waxed Wooden Box

Tutorial for a dyed waxed wooden box - such a cool way to add color!

When I saw this plain wooden box at Target, I fell in love. With its potential. Sure, it is a pretty little box as-is. Nothing fancy. But I knew that with a little bit of color, I could really jazz it up! So I pulled out my crafting supplies, rolled up my sleeves, and added dye and wood to this plain little box. It now has a soft, weathered look. Perfect for a beachy cottage. Or, well, anywhere. It has such character! And it was super simple to do! I’ll show you how!

supplies - wax dye and socks

To add character to your wooden box you’ll need:

Wooden Box
DecoArt Americana Creme Wax
Rit Dye (I used Aquamarine)
Old Rags (I used old mis-matched socks)
Disposable container and spoon for mixing

Start by sanding the finish off of the outside of the box, the inside of the lid, and the lip of the box.

sandpaper and box

I didn’t sand the inside of the box. When sanding, I tried to keep my sanding in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

sand off finish

I poured some wax into a disposable container, added some Rit dye, and stirred with a disposable spoon.

mix dye with wax

I dipped the sock into the dye and wiped on a layer.

rub in the dye and wax

I kept adding layers, and smoothing them off until I had some nice color built up. I let it dry a little, then used a clean part of the sock to buff the wax.

waxed box given character with Rit dye

That was it! So simple, and adds some character to a simple box!

wooden box given character with wax and Rit dye

Paint Chip Flower Art

All of last week, I shared over a dozen different flower tutorials. So, you’d think that I’d be sick of flowers, right? Well, I’m not. And I hope you’re not either… because I want to share this fun paint chip flower art with you today! This paint chip craft uses paint chips that are already in that leaf shape, so there isn’t a whole lot of fancy cutting involved. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I won’t give away all the secrets – click on over to the Happier Homemaker to see how it is done.

paint chip art - abstract flower

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Chalkboard Flower

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Chalkboard Flower Tutorial

All week long I’ve been sharing different flowers and leaves made of craft supplies as part of my crafty flower bouquet. This is a flower that didn’t make it into the bouquet. Not because it isn’t fun – there are lots of things I love about this flower – but because of the size. This flower is several times larger than any of the other flowers, and would have overwhelmed the bouquet. But, I still wanted to share it with you, so here it is!

supplies for chalkboard flowerTo make your own chalkboard flower, you’ll need:
Knitting Needle
green washi tape
Darice Chalkboard Peel & Stick Labels
Handmade Charlotte Stencil
Chalkboard Paint
Yellow Paint
Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue
wooden circles, ovals, and teardrops


Start by painting the petals yellow. I used both ovals and teardrop shapes, but all teardrop shapes would work as well.

paint petals

Paint the center circle with the black chalkboard paint.

paint pieces

Once the petals are dry, stick on the chalkboard labels.

stick on chalkboard labels

Use the stencil to add some sunshine to the chalkboard center of the flower.

stencil center

Cover the knitting needle with the green washi tape.

cover knitting needle in washi tape

Once the pieces are dry, glue everything in place.

glue on knitting needle

If you like, you can paint the back of the sunflower while the glue is setting.

Your chalkboard flower is all done ! Feel free to add some words or pictures to the labels.

chalkboard flower

Zipper Butterfly

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Tutorial for how to make a zipper butterfly

Looking for a fun embellishment? I made this zipper butterfly to add to a floral arrangement, but you can make your own zipper butterfly and use it however you like! I dyed my zipper for some extra color, so you can make yours whatever color you like!

supplies for zipper butterflyHere is what you need to make the zipper butterfly:
Fashion Black & White Separating Zipper
Rit Dye Liquid Fabric Dye
Krazy Glue Craft Formula Gel
Floral Wire (optional)



I put the zipper in a bath of HOT (just below boiling) water, and added a generous amount of dye (a couple tablespoons), then let it sit for an hour. Then I rinsed it out and set it aside to dry.

dyed zipper

I opened up the zipper, and cut a notch about 2/3 of the way down on one side.

cut a snip

This made it easier to shape the wings, which I stitched in place with a few stitches.

stitch one side

I did the top wing first, then the bottom wing. Stitching the ends in place.

make one side

Then I did the same with the other side – cutting a snip, making the top, and then the bottom.

glue up the zipper

I used a dab of krazy glue to secure the zipper pull “up”. Looks a little like the head or antennae of a butterfly. If you squint and turn your head to the side. If it doesn’t, then just squint harder!

make a zipper butterfly

I made a loop at the top of a piece of floral wire, and stitched it to the back of the butterfly so I could insert it into my floral arrangement. But that is optional. You can now stitch it to a sweater or backpack, or add a pin back to turn it into a brooch. You could add it to a hairclip… the options are endless!