Metal Stamped Statement Necklace

When you make your own jewelry, you can easily add custom pieces that make it extra special. With metal stamping, you can add names or words that are special to you. This statement necklace has metal stamping on two of the rings, which adds both a textural element and special meaning to the necklace.

Metal Stamped Statement Necklace in less than 30 Minutes

Impress Art sent me some of their wonderful stamps and blanks to use for this project. If you’d like to make your own metal stamped statement necklace, you’ll need:

Metal stamping blanks (rings)
Metal Stamping tools
Various sized rings and jump rings
Jewelry Pliers
Jewelry Chain supplies for metal stamped statement necklace

Decide what you want to stamp on your rings. I chose “Love” for one and “Faith” for the other. There was plenty of room to stamp each three times.

stamp rings

stamp the rings

Connect the stamped rings and other assorted rings to make a chain.


make chain

Add other rings along and between the chain to make a decorative statement piece.

adding pieces

adding more pieces


Use jump rings to add necklace chain to either side.


add chain

Cut the chain to the desired length, then add a jewelry clasp.

completed necklace

Your statement necklace is finished! wearing necklace


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Mini Lego Tin

My boys, like most young boys, love all things Lego. Last year, we had the chance to go to Legoland with our family, and they loved it. One of the things my oldest especially loved was trading Minifigures with the Legoland staff. It is one of the fun little “extras” at Legoland… bring some of your own Lego Minifigures, and swap them with staff members who have their own. Last year, we tucked our Minifigs into a mint tin, which was the perfect size. For our upcoming Legoland trip, I thought I’d make a special Mini Lego Tin.

If you’re planning a Legoland, check out their awesome promotions. I was asked to share this great promotion with you – with any purchase at a participating McDonald’s in Southern California (L.A. and San Diego) in the promotional period, Kids Go Free with paid adult ticket to LEGOLAND® California Resort and your choice of LEGOLAND Water Park or SEA LIFE® Aquarium. Offer ends July 31st 2015.

Mini Lego Tin

To make the mini Lego Tin, you’ll need:
Small Mints tin (like Altoids or similar)
6×10 flat lego piece (any color)
Matching paint
Air-dry clay
Hot Glue

supplies for lego tin

Glue the Lego piece to the top of the tin.

glue on lego piece

Put the air dry clay around the Lego piece to even out the area between the Lego piece and the tin.

put clay around edges

Smooth the clay out. If it starts to dry out, put a couple drops of water on your finger, and smooth over the clay.

smooth out clay

Wipe away any excess clay and allow to dry. Once dry, paint the clay and the tin to match the Lego piece.

paint sides

It may take 2-3 coats of paint. Once the paint is dry, you’re done! Enjoy your tin, perfect for trips… especially one to Legoland!

finished lego tin

Check out these other fun Lego craft ideas:

Lego Necklace
Lego Ring
Lego Mask
Lego Inspired Gift Boxes

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Monster Book of Monsters in just 30 Minutes

The Harry Potter books (and movies) are full of all kinds of fun magical creatures, like the Monster Book of Monsters. These are the little things that make the story so magical and fun! Making your own Monster Book of Monsters is easy to do, with just a few supplies, and in only a few minutes.

I made this project as part of the annual Rae Gun Ramblings series celebrating Harry Potter crafts! You can go check out all the other awesome projects that are part of the series… but for now, let me show you how easy it is to make your own Monster book of Monsters. When you get down to the bottom, you’ll find an awesome Harry Potter inspired giveaway as well!

DIY Monster book of Monsters in just 30 Minutes

To make your own Harry Potter inspired Monster Book of Monsters, you’ll need:

Faux Fur from Shannon Fabrics
Hardback Book (I picked one up at Goodwill)
Googly Eyes
Red Felt
Hot Glue

supplies to make a monster book of monsters

Start by placing the fur right-side-down, with the book open on top, and cutting the faux fur about 2″ larger than the book on all sides.

cut fur larger than book

Cut in towards the spine both at the top and the bottom, at an angle, and cut away. Then use hot glue to glue the spine in place.

glue down spine

Mark the corners of the book.

mark corners

Cut away the corner, so that the flaps of fur are angled. Then glue down the flaps one at a time.

glue in flaps

Repeat with the other side. You now have a furry book!

covered book

To secure the eyes, first move the fur a little, so that you create a part in the fur where you want to glue the eye.

move fur out of the way

Add a generous dab of glue to the back of the googly eye.

hot glue

Secure in place, where you created the part in the fur. Repeat for all the eyes you want to add.

press down googly eye

Once you’ve added all the eyes, you can pet down or fluff up the fur on your Monster book of Monsters.

Add a tongue by cutting a rectangle of red felt, then curving one end. Place between the pages so that the tongue sticks out.

cut out tongue

Your Harry Potter inspired Monster book is complete!

the monster book of monsters

Check out this fun Harry Potter inspired giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Crafty Giveaway

PRIZE_CL_Ellison All last week we celebrated back to school with nearly 100 different back to school craft ideas! To continue the celebration, we’re offering an awesome giveaway, this great Sizzix bundle… great for back to school crafts and so much more!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

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No Sew Minion Finger Puppets

The new Minions movie came out in theaters today. I had the opportunity to see an early screening with my family earlier this week. We wore our Minion Goggles over our 3D glasses – be sure to get your own Minion Goggles printable here. Minions is a cute film taking you back to the origin of the Minions, and following them on their journey to find a villainous boss. Much of the movie is devoted to the journey Stuart, Kevin, and Bob take, and you get to know these three Minions much better. My 6 year old loved the movie. He was giggling throughout the film, and I loved seeing him happy, though the movie wasn’t quite as roll-in-the-aisles funny for me. Though, I’m sure we’ll be adding it to our video collection… I have two young boys, and this film was made for kids like mine!

To celebrate the opening of Minions, I created these No Sew Minions Finger Puppets. They are super simple to make, and I whipped up all three in about 30 minutes. I made my three look like Kevin, Stuart, and Bob… but you can make more generic Minions if you like, they are easy to customize.

No Sew Minion Finger Puppets

To make these finger puppets I used Oly*Fun. You can find it in crafts stores like JoAnns and Michael’s, and in any WalMart that carries by-the-yard fabric. It is as thin as regular fabric, but acts like felt – it doesn’t fray and is awesome for crafting.

minion finger puppet supplies

You’ll need:
Oly*fun in Yellow, Black, Grey, and White
Hot Glue

Start by cutting out your pieces. For each Minion you’ll need:
Two body pieces the same size – a rectangle with one end rounded off
A black strip for the goggle strap
1-2 Grey circles for goggle eye pieces
the same number white circles, a little smaller
the same number small black circles
small black curve for the mouth
optional – skinny black strips for hair  cut pieces

Glue the two yellow pieces together.

glue together layers

Glue on the black strap – don’t worry about the ends sticking out.

glue on strap

Glue on the Grey circle, the white circle, and the black circle.

glue on eye

Cut off the strap pieces. Then glue down the mouth.

trim sides

To add hair, you can add it in the first step when you’re gluing the pieces together…

add hair

Or you can add it afterwards, by adding a dab of glue to secure the pieces in place.

glue hair in place

These Minions are so fun to make, you might find yourself making handfuls!

finished Minion Finger Puppets

Enjoy making your own Minions! If you like this Minion Craft, you’ll also enjoy my Video on making a Minion Necklace Charm, and my Minion Goggles.

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DIY Pencil Toppers

Making your own Pencil Toppers is a simple back-to-school craft. These pencil toppers are completely customizable, like lunchbox notes that last the whole day… or week! As long as the pencil is being used, your child will have a fun reminder. These pencil toppers make easy and inexpensive gifts for an entire class, or can be doled out one at a time to your children as they need a reminder or a pick-me-up.

These DIY pencil toppers are the last project in this week’s Back to School Craft Lightning. All week long, my Co-Host Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and I, along with our Guest Host Laura Kelly, have been sharing 15 minute or less back to school crafts, and we’ve had lots of our crafty friends join in… be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out their projects.

DIY Pencil Toppers

Digital Cutting Machine
Cut file for Sizzix eclips2 or SVG cut file for all other machines

Start by cutting out the pencil toppers.

supplies for pencil toppers

Write your messages on the pencil toppers. You can draw doodles instead, if you like.

write on pencil toppers

Slip the pencil toppers on your pencils.

finished pencil toppers

It is that easy!

Check out these other fast and fun back to school crafts:


With her new line of papers, Jen Gallacher created these fun school lunch treat bags.



Make staying healthy fun with these Printable Germ Juice Labels from Cute as a Fox.


Make Life Lovely shows you how you can make cute apple bean bags in 15 minutes.


Over at Fireflies and Jellybeans you can find out all about making these personalized water bottles. Easy DIY Personalized Water Bottles 2

One Krieger Chick made these adorable special message dishes – what a great way to start the day! Make-your-own-Personalized-Special-Message-Dishes-in-less-than-15-minutes-perfect-for-kids-to-start-the-day-off-on-a-positive-note-OneKriegerChick.com_

Learn all about these fun wood burned pencils over at Bumble Bree. Wood-Burned-Pencils-19-1024x683

Happiness is Homemade whipped up these simple Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cup. Washi-Tape-Pencils-and-Desk-Cup-Organizer

Katie at a Sweet Berry crafted this clever “My First Day” frame. final

Though you’re probably more excited about the kids heading back to school than they are, enjoy these last days of summer with this Summer Countdown Calendar from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage.



Keep school supplies organized with these fun DIY School Supply Containers from Laura Kelly. Pinterest5


Learn how Laura Kelly made these cute Apple Beanbags, and then eleven ways to use Beanbags in the classroom. Beanbags_Apples1


If you’re looking for a cute school snack, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage made these fun pencil pops. pencil-marshmallow-pop

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Back to School Boxtops Card

Does your child collect Boxtops for their school? My son does, and we’re lucky to have a Grandma, Oma, as well as Aunties who collect Boxtops for us as well. If you are looking for a fun way to get family to help collect Boxtops, you can print out this fun back-to-school card asking family to save boxtops for your child and their school.

This project is part of our Craft Lightning Back to School week. Together with my co-host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and our Guest Host, Laura Kelly, we’re each sharing a new 15-minute or less back to school craft each day. And so are some of our crafty friends from around the internet. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out all their great projects.

Back to School Boxtops Card - get a kickstart on collecting boxtops for your school this year

This post isn’t being sponsored by Boxtops for Education, or any of the brands that put the Boxtops on their packaging… my son enjoys collecting the boxtops and bringing them to his school, and I wanted to share a fun way to ask for family support.

You can grab the card printable here. You can have you child color it in using whatever method they like.

color schoolhouse image

Send it off… then start checking the mailbox, hopefully your family will be sending more boxtops your way soon!

poem in card

glue boxtops in place

Check out these other fun and fast back to school crafts:

Dolen Diaries is planning an event for moms after the kids go back to school, and has made this cute Back to School Garland as decoration.


Nobody will mistake your child’s pencils as theirs with this washi tape pencil tutorial from My Craftily Ever After.


If you’re looking for a fun craft to do with the kids before they go back to school, these DIY Erasers from Redo Mom are awesome, and kids will love playing with the eraser “dough”.


Mornings are tough, especially after weeks off for summer vacation… make your mornings go a little smoother with this Morning Clothing Organization from Here Comes the Sun.


Occasionally Crafty made this fun and simple decorative cork board.

Cute Cork Board Makeover

Laura Kelly whipped up these simple Back to School Teacher Notes.


And Angie from The Country Chic Cottage made an adorable back to school picture frame.


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Simple Pencil Wrap

This simple pencil wrap is like a pencil case, but with no buttons or zippers, making it a very easy to sew project. Tweens and teens can sew their own back-to-school pencil wrap using two pieces of fabric and some simple straight-line stitching. They can make extra pencil wraps as gifts for friends, too!

This pencil wrap project is part of this week’s back to school Craft Lightning series, which I’m Co-Hosting with my friend Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our friend Laura Kelly. Every day this week we’re sharing a different 15 minute (or less) back to school craft, and we’ve asked some of our crafty online friends to join in… be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for more fast and fun back to school craft ideas!

Simple Pencil Wrap

You’ll need:
2 fabrics (a quarter yard or fat quarter of each)
Ruler and Rotary Cutter or Scissors
Bodkin or large safety pin
Sewing Machine

For all steps, use a 1/4″ seam allowance.

supplies for pencil wrap Start by cutting your fabrics. You’ll need a piece 8.5 x 12 from both of your fabrics, and a piece 2.5 x 12 from one.

cut pieces

Place the two larger pieces right-sides-together. Sew down one of the 8.5″ sides, leaving a 3″ gap in the center. This means you’ll stitch about 2.5″, then leave a gap of about 3″, then stitch the rest of the way down the side.

stitch down side with gap

Stitch down the other 8.5″ side. This time stitching all the way across.

stitched top and bottom

Tuck the fully stitched side in about 3″. Finger press the folds flat.

tuck in

Pin the sides in place.

pin as desired

Stitch down the sides, making sure to stitch back-and-forth at the beginning and end of the seam to lock the stitches. Clip the corners.

stitched sides

Turn the pouch right-side-out using the hole from the first seam.

turn right side out

Fold the 2.5″ strip in half, stitch down the long side to make a tube.

sew strap

Use the bodkin or safety pin to turn the tube right side out.

turn strap right side out

Tuck the raw edges in on one end, and top stitch to secure. Put the other end into the hole left at the top of the pouch.

pin strap in place

Top stitch along the top edge of the pouch, closing the hole and securing the strap in place. Your pouch is done!

finished pencil wrap

Tuck pens, pencils, markers, or whatever into your pouch, roll up, wrap with the strap, then tuck the strap into itself to secure.

put items in pencil wrap

So easy to make, and a great simple sewing project for kids.

Looking for more fast and fun back to school crafts? Check out these projects:

Over at DIY Inspired you’ll find these printable lunch box notes:


It Happens in a Blink has a fun idea for a Duck Tape Clipboard.


ducktape clipboard

The Pampered Teacher has a handy clothespin-pushpin project.



Mrs. Greene made a Teacher Appreciation card.


Have a hard time getting your kids to open up about their day? One Artsy Mama made this fun After School Snack Chat game.


My Very Educated Mother made this Zippered Pouch.



Albion Gould shows you how to make a back to school Smash Book page.


Beth Watson has this fun back-to-school frame.


Over at Frog Prince Paperie you’ll find out all about this fun back to school Schultute.



Laura Kelly posted this Teacher Communication Journal.


And Angie from the Country Chic Cottage has this fun Teacher Appreciation Gift idea:


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Homework Door Hanger

Getting kids to sit down and do their homework can be a struggle. Make homework a no-interruption time with this door hanger that reminds everyone else in the house to give your child the time and space they need to get their homework done. And, it serves as a reminder to your child that their time should be focused on homework, not other activities.

The Homework Door Hanger is part of a week long back-to-school crafts series. All week long I’m sharing 15 minute or less back to school crafts as part of Craft Lightning Week, along with my Co-Host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our Guest Host, Laura Kelly. Be sure to scroll down to the end of this post to catch their projects, and the fast back to school crafts from other crafters on the internet.

Homework Door Hanger

To make your own door hanger, you’ll need:
Wooden Door Hanger
Black Paint
White Paint Pen

door hanger supplies

To get the chalkboard look, start by painting the door hanger black.

paint door hanger

Once it dries, use the white paint pen to write on the door hanger.

write on door hanger

It is that easy to make the door hanger!

finished door hanger

Check out these other great back to school crafts!

Jen Goode designed these great Lunch Note Love Treat Bags.


Make your own back to school jewelry with this tutorial from Duct Tape and Denim.



Busy Mom’s Helper made this Back to School Decor. School-Main

Simply Kelly Designs will show you how to make this bright Washi Tape Notebook.


Our Guest Host, Laura Kelly, stitched up these awesome chair pockets – great for homeschool or traditional classrooms!


And Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, my Co-Host for the series, made this adorable pencil gift bag!


Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and fast back to school crafts!

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DIY Reusable Lunch Sack

A plain brown lunch sack is often an easy option for carrying a lunch to school – but this colorful and reusable version is a much more fun way to pack a sack lunch! It takes about 10 minutes to make… almost as fast as packing up the lunch that will go inside it.

This project is part of a week of fast back-to-school crafts for this week’s Back to School Craft Lightning. All week long, my Co-host Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, and our guest host Laura Kelly will be sharing fast crafts perfect for Back to School, along with our crafty friends… be sure to check out their fun and fast back to school projects at the bottom of this post.

DIY Reusable Lunch Sack

The lunch sack is made using Oly*fun, which is like felt, but as thin as fabric. It is as strong as fabric, but with more structure, and won’t fray. Perfect for quick crafts! To make the lunch sack you’ll need:

Oly*fun in your choice of color
Rotary Cutter or Scissors
Sewing Machine

supplies for DIY lunch sack

Cut a piece of Oly*fun 16×22″. Fold in half to 16×11, and sew along one short side and the long side. Use a 1/2″ seam allowance.

stitch around sides

Make sure to stitch back-and-forth at the beginning and end of your seam to secure the stitches.

stitched rectangle

Match up the side seam and bottom seam to poke out a corner.

fold corner out

Make a line 2″ from the corner. Stitch on the line, again stitching back-and-forth at the beginning and end of the seam.

box corners

Cut off the excess on the corner.

cut off corners

Repeat with the other side. Turn right-side-out. Your lunch sack is complete!

finished lunch sack

Customize your folders by covering them with fabric using this tutorial at Tikkido.


Artistic Endeavor 101 helps you get your day off to a good start with this Good Morning Checklist.

morning checklist

This 15 Minute Lanyard from 365 Days of Crafts is perfect as a Teacher Gift or for a child old enough to let themselves into the house after school.


4 You with Love made a Minion Notebook that will get kids excited about heading back to school.


These Folded Magnetic Bookmarks from Try it Like It make great back-to-school gifts for friends.

folded magnetic bookmark

Get geared up for back to school with a button craft from Laura’s Crafty Life.


Silly Pearl made great storage for dull and sharp pencils.


Mother Ship Scrapbook Gal made a teacher gift wrapped up in a cute fry box.


Be sure to come back tomorrow for more fun and fast back to school crafts!

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