Color Shift Earrings

When I saw these laser cut wood pieces at the craft store, I knew they would make the perfect earrings! I love big earrings, and these are made of wood, so even though they are large, they are very light. And with a few coats of color shift paint, they look like they are made of metal, without the weight. And these Color Shift Earrings are easy for kids to make – making them the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

DIY Color Shift Earrings

All week long my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Adrianne from Crafty Happy Hour are celebrating Mother’s Day with fast crafts. Each day we’ll share a new fast and fun craft that can be made in 15 minutes or less. And we’ve invited some of our craftiest friends from around the internet to join in! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for links to all their projects!

To make these Color Shift Earrings, you’ll need:

Laser Cut Wooden Hearts
Plaid Color Shift Paint
Earring Wires
Jump Rings
Jewelry Pliers

supplies for color shift earrings

Paint the wood pieces with the paint. You’ll want 2-3 coats to really get the effect of the paint.

paint layers

Use the pliers to open a jump ring and attach an earring wire to one heart.

add hooks with jump rings

Repeat with the other heart.

allow earrings to dry

Your color shift earrings are complete!

finished color shift earrings

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Mommy Made That shows you how to make this floral sugar scrub that any mom would feel pampered using!

These coloring book page seed packets from Storypiece make great gifts for Mother’s Day!

I have mom friends who love their essential oils, and they’d love this essential oil diffuser necklace from Creative Cyncronicity.

Laura Kelly whipped up these cute hand-painted magnets for mom.

magnets for mom

Jen Goode created these gorgeous watercolor notecards.

watercolor note cards

Here comes the Sun created this beautiful hand-lettered print, and shows you how to make your own.

Adrianne, our guest co-host for this series, made these punny mothers day seed packet cards.

And Angie, my long-standing co-host for Craft Lightning, made these adorable mason jar fairy garden terrariums.

Fairy Garden Terrarium


Flower Jar Tea Lights

There are times when a project turns out even better than I imagined. These flower jar tea lights are a perfect example. I needed just 3 supplies to make them, they come together easily with no fancy skills or techniques, and they look amazing. These flower tea lights are great decor – and would make the perfect decor for a Mother’s Day brunch!

Flower Jar Tea Lights

This project is part of a week-long series of Mother’s Day crafts that my friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects, and I have put together. Each day we’re sharing a new Mother’s Day craft that can be whipped up in 15 minutes or less for Craft Lightning Mother’s Day. And we’ve invited some of our crafty friends to join in. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find links to all of their great ideas!

To make these Flower Jar Tea Lights, you’ll need:

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Mason jars or other wide-mouth jars
Battery operated tea lights
Little B Paper Flower kit

supplies for Flower Jar Tea Lights

Watch this video to see how easy these tea lights are to put together:

With the self-adhesive petals, these flower jar tea lights are so simple to put together! I used two different flowers that I thought would look great – but there are lots of other fun options for different flower petals to use!

finished flower jar tea lights

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I love this simple birthstone necklace that Jessica over at Mad in Crafts whipped up.

My Very Educated Mother shows how easy it is to make leather feather earrings for the moms in your life.

Learn how to put together this organizer for mom over at Ann Makes.

Mom will have a smile on her face each time she walks in the door if you make her a faux succulent wreath like this one from Laura’s Crafty Life.

Tinsel and Wheat shows you how to make these bottle cap magnets for mom.

If you give mom a plant for Mother’s Day, consider gifting it in a hand painted confetti pot from Sparkle Living.

Moms on the go will think this paracord wattle bottle holder from Carla Schauer is a thoughtful gift!

Jen Gallacher shows you how to creat these Mother’s Day tussie mussies.

Adrianne, our guest co-host this week puts together bath salts in a floral jar.

And Angie, my long-standing Craft Lightning co-host created some very pretty die-cut watercolor art.

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for even more fast and fun Mother’s Day crafts you can whip up in 15 minutes or less!



Light up Flower

Looking for a fun alternative to fresh-cut flowers? A light-up flower is a fun way to show someone how much they light up your life! You can make one light up flower, or a bunch of light up flowers to make a bright bouquet!

DIY Light up Flower

I’m sharing this light up flower as part of Craft Lighting week. All week long Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects, and I are sharing fast and fun crafts perfect for Mother’s day. And we’ve invited our crafty friends to join in. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out all their project ideas!

This flower makes a great Mother’s Day gift. A tech-loving mom, or the mom of a tech-loving child, would love a light up flower on her breakfast tray on Mother’s Day morning. Or a bouquet of flowers lighting up the dining table for a special dinner. These flowers are easy enough to make that most children can help, and most children over the age of 10 should be able to make them on their own.

To make your light up flower you’ll need:

Flower kit from Technochic (currently available on Kickstarter)
Hot Glue
Floral Wire

technochic kit

Follow the instructions in the kit to make the flower.

Bend about 1/2″ of the floral wire, and tuck into the bottom of the flower, through one of the holes. Hot glue in place as needed.

insert wire

Make more if you like, and put in a vase to present them to your special someone!

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All the heart eyes for these fabric teacup coasters from Albion Gould.

Over at 365 Days of Crafts, you’ll learn how to give a pot a pretty patina, and add a quote.

Every trendy mom will get a kick out of this pineapple planter. Get the details over on Doodlecraft.

I love how this handprint canvas from Dragonfly and Lillypads captures the size of a child’s hand in a beautiful way!

Made to be a Momma shows you how to create this pretty watercolor bookmark.

The guest co-host for this series, Adrianne from Crafty Happy Hour, shows you how to make this colorful necklace.

And my series co-host, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage shows you how easy it is to make an herb garden in a rustic wheel.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for even more fast and fun Mother’s Day craft ideas!


Simple DIY Sewing Box

I’ve found that half of sewing is having the right supplies handy. Which is more of a challenge than I’d like to admit! Most moms, even those who don’t love to sew, find they need some sewing supplies handy every now and then – for fixing hems, sewing on buttons, or adding patches to scout uniforms. And for moms who love to sew – we like having a nice portable sewing kit ready to go with our favorite supplies. This Simple DIY Sewing Box is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for just about any mom.

Simple DIY Sewing Box

We’re gearing up for Mother’s Day here, and with my friends Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects, we’re sharing fast crafts for Mother’s Day all week long. Angie, Adrianne, and I will be sharing a 15-minute-or-less craft perfect for Mother’s Day every day this week. And we’ve invited our crafty friends to join in. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out the fun projects they came up with!

I’m excited to share this sewing box. I remember making a pin cushion for my mom for Mother’s Day, and I think this is a fun and updated version. This sewing box is perfect to take along for hand sewing projects – I’ve already put mine to good use!

To make your Simple DIY Sewing Box, you’ll need:

Plastic box with lid – this is a lunch box from Daiso
Small piece of fabric
1″ Craft Foam
Hot Glue
Vinyl or other way to decorate the lid
Adhesive crystal (optional)

supplies for sewing box

Cut the foam the width of the box. Roll up, and cut to length. Secure with hot glue.

roll up foam for sewing box

Wrap foam with fabric. Secure in place with hot glue.

hot glue sewing box

fold over ends

Glue foam on one end of the box. This is the pin cushion.

glue pin cushion in place

Decorate the lid. I used a vinyl saying, and added a crystal for a little sparkle.

add vinyl

Add your sewing supplies – pins, needles, thread, marking pens… all the notions you want handy when you’re sewing!

make your own sewing kit

Looking for other fun and fast Mother’s Day craft ideas? Check out these projects:

These color blocked flower pots from Sisters What are super cute, and would be fun to make!

At Yesterday on Tuesday you’ll get all the details for this Modern Farmhouse Magnet Board – a great way for mom to keep important papers (or cute photos) all in one place!

Give Mom a little fairy magic this Mother’s Day with this Fairy Lantern from Tried and True.

If you’re looking for a unique way to wrap a gift, Beth Watson shows you how to upcycle book pages for elegant wrapping.

Mom’s old keyring might look a bit ragged… make her a new custom key chain with this tutorial from Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Does your mom need an excuse to relax? Gift her these Bath Melts you made yourself with the instructions from Everyday Party Magazine.

Come back tomorrow for more fast and easy ways to show mom that she is special!


DIY Mrs. Potts – Beauty and the Beast Craft

The new Beauty and the Beast movie is coming out today, so to celebrate I made my own Mrs. Potts teapot. I love the idea of hanging out with Mrs. Potts as I have my morning tea, having her give me her sage advice. You can make your own Mrs. Potts, I’ve detailed how you can make Mrs. Potts below.

DIY Mrs Potts

I had a chance to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and in one word I can say: Gorgeous. From beginning to end the movie has all the detail a Belle fan could hope for from an animated classic brought into live action. The dialogue has all the wit, charm, and occasional adult innuendo we love in our Disney movies. But in my opinion, it never goes too far. For people who have been caught up in the controversy of what is and is not in the movie I’ll say (without spoiling anything) that I went into the movie unaware of any concerns the audience might have about LeFou, and left just as oblivious.

To make your own Mrs. Potts you’ll need:

Small Teapot (I got mine at Daiso)
Gold Adhesive Foil or Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Mrs. Potts face Cut File (for Silhouette Machines)
Purple Glass Paint

supplies for Mrs. Potts

Cut the Mrs. Potts face out of the gold foil. Transfer it onto the teapot using transfer tape.


Add purple paint where you like to accent the gold.

paint on glass

Allow the glass paint to dry, and your Mrs. Potts is complete! The foil isn’t washable, so she isn’t meant for your daily tea… but she makes a great decor piece for a Beauty and the Beast party, or centerpiece for a play tea set that pours imaginary tea!

finished Mrs. Potts

I hope you’ll go see the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and enjoy it as much as I did!

Light Up Hair Bow

This light up hair bow is so simple to make, and will be the hit of any party or special event! You can make them with your guests at a party, or create these fun flashing light hair bows ahead of time to pass out. Of course, you don’t have to share – you can make your own light up hair bow and really stand out at any event!

DIY Light Up Hair Bow - Simple to make in just a few minutes, so much fun to wear!

I got a mini kit from Technochic to play with. The kits come with everything you need to make the bow, as well as pin-backs so you can use the bow as a bowtie. I’m not so much a bowtie-wearing gal, so I decided to turn my bow into a headband instead!

Technochic is offering these light up bow kits as part of a Kickstarter campaign, so if you love them like I do – you can get your hands on them by funding the Kickstarter!

To make this light up hair bow, you’ll need:

Bow kit from Technochic
Pliers (optional)
Hot Glue

supplies for light up bow

Create your bow using the instructions in the kit

If your headband has teeth, remove any teeth where the bow will be positioned.

Slip the headband under the center band of the bow. Use hot glue to secure in place.

glue on bow

Attach the battery with tape shortly before guests arrive, or you’re ready to head out the door to your event!

tape in battery

Simple and Classic Pearl Earrings DIY

Making Jewelry is fast, fun, and satisfying each time you get to wear the jewelry you made! And DIY jewelry makes a great gift at a fraction of the retail price you would pay if you bought the jewelry instead. If you’re looking for a great gift – always consider making jewelry! You can customize it to the tastes of the recipient, and they’ll love it more knowing that it was hand made just for them!

Simple and classic pearl earrings DIY

In this video I’m showing you how easy it is to make these Simple and Classic Pearl Earrings. They are my new favorites, and I was able to make all three pair in just a few minutes!

To make your own DIY Pearl Earrings, you’ll need:
Pearl Earring Kit
Jewelry Pliers

Watch the video or follow the instructions in the kit to make them yourself!

One Fish Two Fish Necklace – Seuss Inspired Craft

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I love celebrating this week with fun Seuss Inspired crafts, like this One Fish Two Fish necklace. It isn’t over-the-top Thing One Thing Two hair, or a classic Cat in the Hat hat. This One Fish Two Fish necklace is understated enough to wear to work to celebrate a childhood favorite.

One Fish Two Fish inspired necklace

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To make this One Fish Two Fish Necklace, you’ll need:

Wooden fish beads (similar here)
Necklace Cord
Spacer beads (3 or 6)
Blue and red paint
supplies for one fish two fish necklace

Line up your fish. You’ll need 6 total.

choose fish beads

Paint beads. You’ll need one red and and one blue.

paint wooden fish beads

Allow paint to dry.

beads and spacers

String the beads onto the necklace. Start with one fish, add spacer(s), then two fish, spacer(s), a red fish, spacer(s), and finally a blue fish.

beads strung on necklace

Your necklace is ready to wear!

finished one fish two fish necklace


Simple Cross-Stitched Box

If you’re looking for a fun and simple craft idea, this cross-stitched box is perfect! You don’t need a lot of supplies or crafting experience to cross-stitch the top of this box. Use whatever cross-stitch pattern you like, but I thought stitching up a box that looks like a wrapped package would be perfect!

Make a Cross Stitched box with a few simple supplies

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To make this cross stitched box you’ll need:
Box ready for stitching
Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle

Learn how to stitch up your box by watching this video:



So much fun, so easy, and such a fast project to whip up!

finished cross stitched box

Lego Batman Movie Craft – DIY Bat Signal

This DIY Bat Signal is the perfect craft for any fan of the Lego Batman Movie! Make this DIY Bat Signal to hang in your room. Make your own Bat Signal as a decoration for your Lego Batman Movie Party. Or if you have some creative party-goers, use this Bat Signal as the perfect Lego Batman Movie Craft that they can take home after the party.

DIY Lego Batman Bat Signal - Make this Lego Batman Bat Signal yourself for a Lego Batman Party or for your favorite Lego Batman Movie fan!


And if you’re a fan of the Lego Batman Movie, head to Legoland during Lego Batman Movie Days, we went this past weekend to celebrate the release of the new Lego Batman Movie. Lego Batman Movie Days will be going on next weekend as well… make your own Batmobile and race it on the test track, meet Lego Batman, find all the villains that have taken over Miniland, and help build some Batman Legos!

In the meantime, you’ll want to make your own Lego Bat Signal. Here is what you’ll need:

Hot Glue Gun
Battery-operated LED lights (similar: {affiliate link} here)
Black Scrapbooking paper
Yellow Plastic (a bag from the LEGO store works great!)

Supplies for Lego Batman Movie Bat Signal

Cut out your black paper. You can use these paper templates. Or if you have a cutting machine you can use this Silhouette file, this eClips2 File, or this SVG file for all other machines.

If using the cut files, your side pieces will be scored every 1/4″ already,. If you’re using templates, score the side pieces every 1/4″ to help it curve .

With the hot glue gun, glue the side piece all the way around the back.

glue on side

sides glued on

Cut a hole in the back for the switch on your battery pack.

cut hole for switch

Glue the battery pack to the back. Then coil the lights round and round. You can secure the lights with glue as needed.

coil lights


Glue the circle to a piece of the yellow bag. Glue the Lego Bat shape on top, centering it on the circle.

glue onto plastic

Trim the plastic around the circle. Glue on top of the base.It is okay if glue seeps out. You can trim it away with a craft knife later.

allow glue to come out

Your Lego Batman Movie Bat Signal is complete! Switch on the lights and call the Bat Man!

Make a Lego Batman Movie Bat Signal

Finishe Lego Batman Movie Bat Signal