No Soliciting Doormat – Don’t make it Weird

If you’re looking for a fun doormat with a little personality, this no soliciting doormat is perfect! If you’re like me, getting a knock at the door is a disruption to your day. And while I respect people who are spending their days trying to make a living by selling solar panels, landscaping services, and subscription meat deliveries, I’m not in the market for what they’re selling. A quirky no soliciting sign saves their time and mine.

No Soliciting Doormat - Don't Make it Weird - 30 Minute Crafts dot com
Express envelope package delivered outside door. Overhead view.

How to stencil your No Soliciting Doormat

You can make your own No Soliciting doormat using this free SVG file! Use the SVG file with your favorite digital cutting machine. Cut the file out of parchment paper or stencil vinyl. Adhere the parchment paper stencil to your doormat with a hot iron (not so hot that you melt any acrylic fibers in your doormat), or secure the stencil vinyl with the adhesive on the back. Using a stencil brush or sponge, paint in the stencil.

When you stencil a design on your doormat, you want to use very thin coats of paint. Put your stencil brush or sponge in the paint, then daub it on a paper plate to remove most of the paint before dabbing the paint on the stencil. This will keep your design crisp and clean. Use multiple thin layers, and then carefully remove the stencil while the paint is still wet. If you wait to remove the stencil, the paint will harden. That glues the edges of the stencil down and makes it hard to remove. If this happens, use a craft knife to cut the paint at the edges of the stencil design to help release the stencil.

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Toilet paper bathroom sign

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and discovered that the last person to use the toilet left you without the essentials? This toilet paper bathroom sign is a funny addition to any bathroom, and reminds those using the facilities to think of how the one after them will manage!

Bathrooms are a great place in the home to add a funny sign. This toilet paper sign makes a great reminder in a family bathroom, but it also works in a guest bathroom or powder room to remind those using the facilities that if the toilet paper runs out, others are going to be in trouble! It isn’t just about you – when you reach the last square, think of how the next will fare! This toilet paper bathroom sign is a great reminder.

Making a sign for a bathroom is also a fun housewarming gift, and depending on the message on the sign it can also be a great white elephant gift idea!

Get the toilet paper bathroom sign

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Once you have the file, you can use the printable file to print and frame the toilet paper bathroom sign, or you can use the SVG file with your favorite digital cutting machine to cut the sign from adhesive vinyl or another material to make the sign for your bathroom.

Other Great Bathroom signs

If you’re looking for other great ideas for bathroom signs, check out these fun ideas! There is plenty of “Bathroom humor” here for you to add some great personality to the most sought-after room in the house!

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Free Butterfly Quote SVG File

Check out this butterfly quote svg file – so fun! Butterflies are a fabulous symbol. Not only are they pretty, but butterflies represent change. A butterfly starts as a caterpillar – which is a very unattractive worm. But then it spins itself a cocoon, and that’s where it has the chance to transform into a butterfly! This Butterfly Quote SVG file is really all about change. If you want a change SVG or a growth SVG quote, then this butterfly SVG quote is perfect for you!

The quote reads “… and the day came where the risk to stay the same was too great so she became a butterfly.” This is the perfect celebration for someone graduating, who has made it through hard times, or who is moving on to the next chapter in their life.

Along with the hand-written quote is the illustration of a butterfly leaving the cocoon. The cocoon is attached to the bottom of the leaf, and the butterfly has just emerged. It is ready to spread its wings and fly. That is what makes this the perfect celebration SVG. Get ready to fly, butterfly!

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Free Inspirational Quote SVG

If you’re looking for a great inspirational quote, or an inspirational quote for the new year, this free quote SVG file is perfect for you. This is the perfect inspirational quote to put on a shirt, or an inspirational quote to put on a notebook or mug.

“Dreams don’t work unless you do” is a reminder that it is great to have dreams. You should set goals and aim high. But the only way to achieve those goals is to put in the work. Dream big – but then chase your dreams. That’s what it means when we say “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

I love this inspirational saying. I have it hanging on the wall in my office as a reminder to keep chasing down my dreams, and then make even bigger dreams. When I do the work, yesterday’s dreams become today’s realities. And that is the power of a great inspirational quote.

Get your free Inspirational Quote SVG

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And be sure to check out these other great inspirational quote SVGs. They are free, and sure to inspire you! These quotes are great for a graduation party, office party, kick-off party, or launch. Any time you need an inspirational quote for a shirt or mug, here is a list of the best free inspirational quotes.

Be inspired! Surround yourself with great motivational quotes like these. Using quotes to inspire you throughout your day is sure to boost your mood and your productivity!

Free Heart SVG – Heart Doily SVG

If you’re looking for a heart SVG for free, this heart SVG is perfect! You can cut this Heart SVG file with your Cricut, Silhouette, of other cutting machine, and use it for all kinds of heart-themed and Valentine’s decor. You can cut the heart from iron on vinyl to iron this design onto a shirt, sweater, or tote bag for a gift or to use yourself. You can print this SVG design onto sublimation paper for a great sublimation design, or cut the hearts from pre-printed sublimation paper to make a dimensional design.

But this Heart Doily SVG design has a secret – both the positive space and the negative space can be used! If you cut this Free Heart SVG from paper, you’ll have a handful of heart-and-dot confetti and a fun heart doily to use in decor, to wrap a gift or treats, or to use however you like! So, when you use this heart doily design, you’ll get twice as much use from your materials because you can use both the background with the hearts cut out, as well as the hearts themselves, in your project or projects!

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Cozy SVG

If you’re ready for a winter of staying in and being cozy, then I’ve got the perfect Cozy SVG file for you! Because when it gets cold, all I want is to snuggle up with my books, blankets, and warm drinks. You can add this free Cozy SVG file to a blanket, but it would also be perfect on a sweater or a mug!

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And if you’d like more free cozy-themed SVG files, check out the links below:

Let’s Get Cozy
Sweater Weather
But first… hot cocoa!
Let it Snow
Cozy Season
Tis the Season to be Cozy
Warm & Cozy
I Wasn’t Made for Winter
Let’s Snuggle by the Fire
Mitten Weather
Stay Cozy
Winter Snowflake Text
Hot Cocoa Sign
books, blankets, & warm drinks

Sleigh All Day – Free Christmas Saying SVG

If you’re looking for fun Christmas Quote SVG files, I’ve got you covered! This “Sleigh all Day” Free SVG file is perfect for wearing on tees and aprons all through the holidays, and makes a fabulous mug design!

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Merry Everything!
Merry Christmas Wreath
Merry Blessed Christmas Obsessed
Merry & Bright
Mama Claus
Merry Christmas to All and To All a Good Night
Merry Christmas
Christmas 24:7
There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays
holly jolly holiday
Joy to the World
Elf Quotes
It’s the most wonderful time of the year
sleigh all day

Christmas Ornaments for Cricut or Silhouette

Ornaments don’t need to be expensive to be fancy and fabulous! Grab all of your sparkly and shiny papers and cut yourself some fun paper Christmas Ornaments. These Paper Christmas Ornaments are perfect for trees in areas where you don’t want to display expensive or breakable ornaments on your tree. You can use these year after year if you like, but if they’re thrown away you won’t feel terrible about losing a special ornament.

You can cut them in various sizes, though you do want to be careful that the lines aren’t cut too thin. And you can use paper or specialty cardstock. If you want an ornament that is more firm, you can glue two of the same shape back-to-back. No need to cut them in mirror image, each one is perfectly symmetrical and will pair up with another ornament cut the same shape and size.

Use ribbon or embroidery floss to create easy hanging loops so that you can hang these ornaments on your tree. They also make great decor – string the ornaments together to make a festive banner for an office or cubicle, or hang them from the ceiling at a party. Don’t worry about them falling or hitting anyone in the head – they’re just made of paper!

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And check out all these other great (and free!) Christmas Ornament cut files:

Thankful for You SVG

I love celebrating holidays and events with people. Sometimes it is family, sometimes it is friends, and sometimes it is some of both. Which is why I love Thanksgiving – it is all about food and celebrating with people you love. And Friendsgiving is an extension of that. Where friends who are like family get together to enjoy good food and good company.

If you’re putting together a Friendsgiving celebration, you’ll want to check out these SVGs created with Friendsgiving in mind.

This “Thankful for You” SVG is perfect for putting on mugs, napkins, or place settings for all of your Friendsgiving guests. You can get this free SVG file by signing up for the newsletter below.

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And, if you’re looking for other great Friendsgiving ideas, check out all these other great Friendsgiving themed SVGs.

Thankful for Friends
Friends Welcome, Family by Appointment
Friendsgiving – less drama, more fun
Friendsgiving: Thanksgiving Without The Drama
Friends are the family we choose
Give without expectation
Friendsgiving- Where friends become family
Thankful Blessed and Kind of a Hot Mess
WTF: Wine, Turkey, Friends
Friendsgiving Squad
Our Friends are our Family
In everything give thanks
happy friends giving
Giving Plate
thankful for you

FREE Printables – Boy Baby Shower Games

Are you planning a boy baby shower? It can be hard to come up with boy baby shower games that are fun but not too “cute.” And if you’re hosting a co-ed baby shower, or a shower for a mom-to-be that doesn’t usually like baby games you’re probably looking for games that everyone will enjoy.

These quick and easy games are perfect for an upcoming boy baby shower! Here are three quick and easy boy baby shower games for you to print out. All the work has been done for you – just print these out, cut them in half, and you’re ready to go.

These printable baby shower games are also great if you’re flying in for a baby shower or co-hosting a shower long-distance. You can prepare these games ahead of time to pack in your suitcase or put them in an envelope an mail them to the shower. If you’re hosting a virtual baby shower, you can put each of these games in an envelope labeled “game 1”, “game 2” and “game 3” and mail them to the shower guests. They can open each envelope at the start of the game – a simple way to play a game together without huge postage costs. Having easy virtual baby shower games is so handy!

All the games are PDF files – none are personalized in any way, so you can just print and go! You can print them on colored paper to make them more festive. Print each on a different color to make it easy to switch between games. Each sheet has 2 copies per page, saving on paper. Just cut down the middle.

Tips for Printable Baby Shower Games

If your shower is being hosted in a living room with sofas rather than a restaurant with tables, make sure to have clipboards or hard-back books that guests can use as a hard writing surface.

Make sure to have lots of pens or pencils available – not everyone keeps a pen in their purse. For fun, you can make the pens festive by gluing a pom-pom, small rubber ducky, or other item that fits your shower theme onto the end of the pen.

Printable games are great for showers at restaurants where you may not have a lot of room to move around, or for a shower at someone’s home if you’re unsure of the layout. They are also great if you have a big age range in the attendees, because printable games tend to level the playing field – regardless of age or physical ability, printable games are accessible to everyone. And having accessible baby shower games means that everyone can have a good time.

Once you have your baby shower games printed, you just need prizes! These can be super simple – candles and candy make great (and easy) prizes. You can pick candy in colors that match the baby shower, and pack the candy in favor boxes from the wedding section of the craft store to make it look upscale. Scented soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and picture frames also make great (and inexpensive) baby shower prizes and can be purchased at outlet stores.

List of Printable Boy Baby Shower Games

Boy, oh boy! – come up with as many words as you can that use the word “boy.”

How Handsome! – Does mama-to-be want the baby to have her eyes, or daddy’s? Guess which family tree she favors!

Finish the Nursery Rhyme – A baby shower classic… how well do you know your Mother Goose?

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I sent a shower package with these games, a welcome baby pennant wreath, and of course my baby shower gift! I’d made some 30 minute baby bibs out of some of my favorite boy fabrics!

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