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Recycled Juice Can Lid Garland

juice can lid garland

We’re big fans of juice in this house, so we end up collecting a lot of these lids from the ends of the frozen juice concentrate containers. I was able to quickly and easily string these together to make a fun party decoration… that my preschooler immediately commandeered to have as decor in his own room.

can lids


Metal juice can lids (I used about a dozen)
Mod Podge


Use a nail to punch two holes in each can lid – one on each side. (the bandaid is from a different injury… but still craft related)

make holes in sides

Turn the lids over and hammer down any sharp bits.

flatten holes

Cut lengths of ribbon, about 6″ each in length, and use these to tie the lids together.

tie together lids

Trace the lid onto the paper. Fold the paper into quarters to cut multiple circles at the same time. Cut about 1/8″ inside the traced line.

trace lid

Mod Podge the circles onto the middle of the can lids.

mod podge paper to lids

Allow to dry and hang up! Your fun new garland is all done!

To celebrate Earth Day, I teamed up with a bunch of friends to share crafts using recycled materials. Check out all of these fun crafts:



Free Christmas SVG

Are you ready for Christmas? What about some Christmas crafting?? I love making handmade gifts, and this free SVG file is perfect for the holidays! Use this free “Its Beginning to smell a lot like Christmas” SVG file to make fun holiday shirts, aprons, and tea towels! If you are looking for the perfect neighbor gift, teacher gift, and hostess gift this year – custom holiday tea towels are where it is at! Find some festive tea towels, cut out some iron on vinyl (make sure that you mirror the design before cutting!), and you’ve got the perfect holiday gift.

You can make a whole stack of tea towels in an afternoon – faster than you could have baked them yourself! But, you can always pair the towel with a plate of cookies, your favorite cookie recipe, or a cookie-scented candle, if you want to go the extra mile.

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DIY Photo Book

Looking for something simple to give as a Father’s Day gift? This simple DIY photo book is easy to make, quick to put together, and he’ll be sure to love it. In fact, you’ll want to make several – Grandpa will want one too, but so will Mom, Grandma, and the rest of the family! And they are easy to customize, use whatever 12″x12″ scrapbook paper you like!

This project is part of Craft Lightning Father’s Day. All week long I’ve been sharing fast and fun ideas for Father’s Day Gifts, and so have my friends! Be sure to check out the bottom of this post for their great ideas!

DIY Photo Book - customize this book with its own cover, and as many (or as few) pages as you like!


To make this book you’ll need:
1 sheet 12″x12″ scrapbook paper
6-8 page protectors
Binder clips
Scissors or paper cutter
Sewing Machine with a zig-zag stitch
Photos or other mementos to put in the book

supplies to make the photo book


Cut the paper and page protectors, you’ll want the page protectors 1/4″ wider and taller than the photos, and the cover pieces 1/4″ larger than that. When cutting the page protectors, you’ll want to keep the bottom right corner of the original page protector, which will leave the top and left side open.

cut to size


Stack the pieces with the bottom cover on the bottom, right-side-down, then the page protectors, with the open side on the left, then the cover, right-side up. Clip in place to secure.

clip in place


Use the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine to stitch down the side of the book. Keep your stitching less than 1/4″ in, so that the photos will still fit.

stitch binding on book


You can tie the threads on the top and bottom, add a little glue to secure, or just leave them – the seam should be pretty secure without additional knots or glue.

finished photo book
Now you can add photos of your favorite days with dad! Just slip them through the hole in the top of each page.

photos in photo book


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tool fathers day gift

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Simple Crinkle Blanket

Today is the last day of Craft Lightning Recycled, and I’m super excited to share this Simple Crinkle Blanket with you… because the inside is made of something that would otherwise be garbage. You’d never think to hang on to a potato chip bag, would you? Well, now you’ll think twice, because that’s exactly what I used to make the crinkly center of this fun crinkle blanket!

Craft Lightning week is a week where my Co-host Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and I, along with a guest host, share 15 minute or less crafts. This week our guest host has been Carissa from Creative Green Living. She has so many fun upcycled, recycled, and other green crafts on her site – check her out! And be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for even more fun and fast craft ideas from our blogging friends, who are also in on the fun this week!

DIY Crinkle Blanket

To make this fun crinkly blanket you’ll need:
Fabric – I went with this fun print from Fabric Editions on one side, and Shannon Cuddle on the other
Cheetos Bag, washed and dried – any bag that makes a crinkly sound will work, but Cheetos are a favorite around here
Sewing Machine
Ruler and Rotary Cutter

supplies for crinkle blanket

DISCLOSURE: Having any plastic or mylar bag around a small child could be a choking or suffocation hazard. Be smart about the age child you give this to. Be smart about supervising that child. Poking or cutting holes in the bag might minimize the risk, but any risk is something you should consider before making this project.

Start by cutting your fabric. You’ll want to open the bag into one layer, and cut the fabric and bag the same size. You need two pieces of fabric – I love Shannon Fabrics’ Cuddle because it is snuggly, and the bright Fabric Editions print went so well with it. Make the pieces as large as the chip bag will allow… or smaller if you like small.

cut fabric

Layer. Cuddle on bottom (fuzzy side up), print goes next (right side down), then the chip bag (up or down, doesn’t matter). Pin the layers together.

layer fabric

Stitch all the way around with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a 4-6″ gap for turning. Clip corners.

trim corners

Turn right side out through the hole. Pin the hole closed.

pin hole closed

Top stitch 1/4″ away from the edge, all the way around.

top stitch

Blanket complete! I dare you NOT to crinkle it. So. much. fun!

finished crinkle blanket

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I made milk carton easter baskets as a child, but I don’t remember them being as cute as these milk carton easter baskets by Fawnda at Fireflies and Jellybeans.

Milk Carton Easter Basket 1




Tooth Fairy Tooth Keeper

Carissa from Creative Green Living made these fun upcycled plant markers.

DIY plant markers - turn old can lids into cute garden markers

Angie from The Country Chic Cottage made these adorable bottlecap bunnies:bottle-cap-bunny

Angie also made this Metallic Gold Arrow – did you know that you could make decor this cute from recycled items?


And Carrisa shows you how to make a no-sew market bag from a shirt.

How to make a bag from a tshirt

Dutch Wooden Shoe made from Paper

Dutch Wooden Shoe Made from Paper

When I told my mom that I was making Dutch-themed crafts for a crafting series, she told me about this paper wooden shoe she made in preschool when she was young. I loved it! I never had the chance to make these as a child, growing up mostly in the US, but I can see children making these at the beginning of December to celebrate Sinterklaas in school.

Sinterklaas is a Dutch holiday, most related to Christmas. It starts in November with a parade, as Sinterklaas comes to The Netherlands on his white horse, by ship. Children mind their manners as they wait for December 5th. Songs are sung by the fireplace, carrots are left out for the horse, and each member of the household leaves a shoe on the hearth in anticipation of a treat.

If you have been good, Sinterlaas might leave a chocolate letter, some Marzipan, and even a small toy. Treats like Pepernoten and Kruidnoten are often left by the Sint as well. However, if you have been bad, the Sint leaves a bundle of sticks in your shoe – the Dutch equivalent of a stocking full of coal, but with a corporal twist.

To make your wooden shoe from paper, all you need is:

supplies for paper wooden shoe
Yellow paper (yellow is the traditional color, but you could use another color if you like)
Tape or staples

Start by folding your paper in half.

fold in half

Then in quarters.

fold into quarters

Now fold one corner in.

fold in corner

Fold the paper in thirds the opposite direction – the diagonal fold will help, because both spots where the diagonal fold meets a horizontal fold represents a third of the page.

fold into thirds

Cut away the top two squares, and cut slits into the bottom, splitting the bottom three squares.

cut shoe

Use the slits to make the back of the shoe, then tape into place.

tape back of shoe together

Fold together the front of the shoe, then tape or staple in place.

tape front of shoe

Stuff with fake grass or straw, and you have a wooden shoe… made from paper!

finished paper wooden shoe

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Patriotic Mason Jar Glasses

Raspberry Tea Floats served in patriotic mason jar

Serving drinks in a mason jar isn’t new or earth-shattering, but having glass paint to customize your mason jar is pretty new! I decorated some mason jars with a little patriotic flair as part of the Cook and Craft series I’m doing with my friend Brandie from Home Cooking Memories. She whipped up a delicious Raspberry Tea Float to serve in the patriotic mason jar glasses. Doesn’t it just look yummy! Sure, you could serve lemonade or plain ol’ iced tea in these decorated mason jar glasses… but Raspberry Tea Floats? Yum!!

mason jar suppliesDecorating the mason jars is simple. You need:

Mason Jars with metal rings (you don’t need the flat lid)
Hot Glue
Alcohol (the rubbing kind, but if you want to grab some Vodka to spike your lemonade, go for it!)
Glass Paint



Start by tying the ribbon around the metal ring of the mason jar. You can double-knot and trim the ends like I did with the red ribbon, or tie a bow like I did with the blue. Secure with a dab of hot glue.

Ribbons on Mason Jars

Clean off the surface of your mason jar with the rubbing alcohol, and start painting on your stars. Glass paint doesn’t go on perfectly smooth, so embrace the imperfections. They add character.

paint star on mason jar

Follow the instructions on your paint to cure it. Let set for several days and/or bake in an oven to make it dishwasher safe. Then serve your favorite drink in them… which just might be Brandie’s Raspberry Tea Float!

patriotic mason jars