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Emergency Chocolate Craft – In Case of Emergency Break Glass

We all have those moments where we need chocolate. Okay, maybe we don’t all have them, but I do. So it is handy to have some chocolate stowed away for this kind of occasion. You can make this Emergency Chocolate craft for yourself, or make one for a friend who is going through a rough patch. Because when the going gets tough… friends bring chocolate. This craft is super easy and super inexpensive to make, so while you’re whipping up your Emergency Chocolate frame, go ahead and make some extras. They’re sure to come in handy.

Emergency Chocolate Craft on 30 Minute Crafts

You can use whatever chocolate you like, but I used M&Ms.  They have great color, plus they’re my go-to chocolate. If you or your friend are allergic to chocolate (which is like being allergic to air, in my opinion, and for which you have my deepest sympathies), you can fill the frame with whatever candies you like. Whatever your go-to guilty pleasure is that doesn’t need to be refrigerated or in an air-tight container. Use your best judgement here.

Here are the supplies needed to make the Emergency Chocolate craft… I’ve added affiliate links to help support the site if you purchase materials through the links.
Simple DEEP frame (mine came from Ikea)
Glass Etching Kit
Silhouette Machine (or an Xacto Knife and some patience)
Candy of your choice

make an In-case emergency break glass emergency prepareness craft

Start by opening the frame and cleaning the glass. While you’re doing that, you can have your Silhouette cut out the vinyl. Here is a link to my In case of emergency break glass Silhouette cut file.

Apply the vinyl to the clean glass. Try for as few wrinkles as possible. You’ll probably get a few, just smooth out the ones that go into the lettering. You want the border around each letter to be smooth so none of the etching cream leaks under the vinyl. Also, use a pin or stylus to carefully place all the centers of letters like the e, o, and a.

apply vinyl

Follow the instructions to apply the etching cream, and wait the appropriate time.

apply glass etching cream

Rinse off. It is going to look like nothing happened.

wash off glass etching cream

Peel off the vinyl to find that yes! The etching cream totally worked! Oh my goodness, this was so super easy!

peel away vinyl

Start putting the frame back together.. Insert the glass, fill with M&Ms.

fill with M&Ms

Cut a piece of colored scrapbooking paper for the back, just in case the back ever shows through. Put the back on.

put frame together

This frame wasn’t originally meant to be a shadowbox type frame, so I faked it. I used Duck Tape to hold the back on. Duck Tape all 4 sides, and cut if needed to allow the stand to be used.

tape back with duck tape

That’s it! This Emergency Chocolate craft is so simple to make!

finished chocolate gift

I should add that if you need to get to the chocolate, you shouldn’t actually break the glass. Peel off the duck tape and take off the back. You now have a handy rectangular bowl filled with stress-killing chocolate. Yum.

in case emergency break glass craft

Nutella Emergency Chocolate

A few months ago, I shared my Emergency Chocolate Craft. Like all projects here on 30 Minute Crafts, it is super simple to make. But, if you want to gift some emergency chocolate in an even easier way, then Nutella is absolutely the way to go! Wrap it up with a spoon and a tag, and you have a gift for almost anyone on your list.

Nutella Emergency Chocolate Craft

You’ll need:
Jar of Nutella
Spoon (I prefer a nice metal spoon over a plastic one – check Thrift stores for fun spoons)
Hole Punch

supplies for gifting nutella

Start making the tag. Cut a rectangle, chop off the corners, and punch a hole.

cut tag shape

Write on your tag.

write on tag


Tie the ribbon around the top of the Nutella jar.

tie ribbon on top of nutella jar

Then tie on the spoon.

tie on spoon

Add the tag, and tie a bow.

the gift for anyone - nutella and a spoon

Emergency Nutella – a great stocking stuffer, or gift for any occasion!

delicious nutella gift

DIY Second Aid Kit – Sometimes First Aid isn’t enough!

First aid is important. But after that is done, you’ll want this DIY Second Aid Kit. Any mom will tell you that she has essentials for “those days.” It might be chocolate, or coffee, or booze, or Diet Coke. It might be a good book and a bath bomb. This DIY Second Aid Kit, filled with whatever self-care essentials, makes a perfect gift for a friend! If you like this idea, chances are you’ll love my Emergency Chocolate and my Custom Flask ideas.

DIY Second Aid Kit - the perfect gift for anyone needing a pick-me-up!

I made this project as part of a week of all Cricut Iron-on Projects. Cricut has some amazing options when it comes to Iron-on, and you don’t need to be a pro crafter to cut it out! So all week long my friends and I are sharing fun crafts you can make using Cricut Iron-on. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to check out all the fun iron on projects from the whole week!

Supplies for your Second Aid Kit:

Zippered Pouch – I used one I got from Canvas Corp
Red Iron-On (I used Red Foil Iron-On)
Cricut Machine
Weeding tools
Iron or Easy Press
Goodies for inside your pouch

supplies for second aid kit

Use this Design Space Cut File to cut out the Iron-On. You can re-size it to fit your zippered pouch. Make sure that you have the foil pretty-side-down on the mat, and that you have set the design to “mirror.” Otherwise, your design will end up backwards!

Weed the Iron-On. This just means remove all the background parts, so just the parts you want are left.

weed the vinyl

Use your iron or Easy Press to secure the Iron-on to the zippered pouch.

press on to zippered bag

Allow to cool, then remove the backing.

Fill with goodies of your choice!

inside of the kit

It is that easy to make a thoughtful gift that will absolutely be appreciated! Self-care is so important!

the second aid kit

You’ll want to make a custom Second Aid kit for all of your friends!

DIY Second Aid kit for those times that first aid is not enough

And check out all of these other fun things you can make with Cricut Iron-On!


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Easiest Teacher Gifts Ever!

Even if you’re not crafty, here are some of the easiest Teacher Appreciation Gifts ever. Because while we all wish we could whip up a perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies (that aren’t 5 shades darker on the bottom than they are on the top), wrap them in cellophane (or a mason jar) with a perfectly tied bow, and a great teacher appreciation printable in a Pinterest-worthy offering for our child’s teacher… we don’t always have time. Some days we just need to celebrate that we got our child out the door in clean clothes, and ignore the fact that homework isn’t done, their breakfast came out of a cellophane package, and if someone created a food pyramid based on the contents of your child’s lunchbox, it would collapse into a pile of sugar.

So, I’m sharing these super simple Teacher Appreciation gifts that will make you look like a DIY rockstar. It is all part of Craft Lightning Teacher Appreciation week… where all week long I’m joining Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, Jessica from Mad in Crafts, and a bunch of other crafty bloggers from around the internet to share 15 minute or less crafty projects to show teachers how much we appreciate the hours they spend teaching our children. Check out their great ideas at the end of this post.

Easiest Teacher Gifts Ever

I whipped these up with the help of my friends over at Online Labels. Using their Custom Labels service I sent them my graphic, and they re-sized it and perfectly centered it on three different sized labels. That I then *painstakingly* applied the label … in seconds. Instant personalization. No stressing about margins or page justification, no cursing when I run out of ink. A gift that is super easy to make… and great to give!

Check it all out in the video below.



You can grab the image here:

online labels property of teacher namesimple teacher appreciation gifts

And check out these other fast and easy Teacher Appreciation gift ideas!

This adorable clipboard from Hey Let’s Make Stuff.


Ice cream teacher appreciation gift and printable from Cute As a Fox.

scoop teacher appreciation

Creative Cynchronicity made this sticky note memo holder.


Carla Schauer made this cute Teacher Appreciation Gift Wrap.


I love this Classroom Emergency Kit from Busy Mom’s Helper.


She’s kinda Crafty made this fun Teacher Appreciation canvas that’s sure to make any teacher feel loved!

bloom teacher appreciation


You’ll find instructions for this easy pineapple teacher appreciation gift on Frenchie Wraps.


And how cute are these mason jar teacher appreciation gifts from Laura’s Crafty Life?


Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, my crafty co-host made this cute printable with EOS Lip Balm.



And Jessica from Mad in Crafts, our crafty guest-host made a great gift card organizer ring.Gift-Organizer-Ring-Tutorial_thumb

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for more creative and crafty teacher gift ideas!