Printable Birthday Magnets

All week long I’ve been sharing fun project ideas that you can make using the free birthday printables from Jen Goode at 100 Directions. Each day I’ve been sharing one of my own ideas, as well as ideas shared by other bloggers. Today I’m sharing some fun magnets made with the birthday printables, and Britni from Play.Party.Pin is sharing some ideas for her husband’s 30th Birthday Party that she made using the printable. I’ll share more of her project at the end of the post.

Printable Birthday Magnets This post contains affiliate links.

My project today is super easy, once you realize that printables can be printed on more than just paper. Earlier this week I made a birthday onesie by printing on a fusible transfer sheet. Today’s project is just as simple. I printed right onto a magnet sheet designed for inkjet printers, and cut out the magnets.

I used ProMAG Inkjet Printable Magnetic Sheets, but I’ve also used Avery Magnet Sheets in the past as well. Whatever you have handy. Just make sure to let the ink dry completely so that you don’t smudge it.

printable magnet sheet


Once you’ve printed it out, you can cut it using regular scissors.

cut magnet pieces

I’m pretty sure that it was unintentional, but Jen created these pieces the perfect size for framing a standard photo!

photo magnets on fridge

You can add other parts from the printable as well.

Printable Birthday Refrigerator Magnets

You can use these magnets to decorate the fridge, to decorate a metal locker for a friend’s birthday, to decorate a magnetic dry-erase board at the front of a class, to attach to a metal door or metal cubicle wall… there are so many ways you can use these fun birthday printables once you’ve turned them into magnets!

If you missed my other fun projects this week, check out my Birthday Altoids Tin, Birthday Onesie, Printable Birthday Jewelry, and Printable Birthday Ribbon. Oh, and check out the fun 30th Birthday ideas from Play.Party.Pin!



  1. Love the magnet idea! Quick and easy and my daughter would love it!!

  2. I like the idea of magnetic decoration!!! It is amazing


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