Poka Dot Frame

Looking for a fun way to display photos? This DIY Poka Dot Frame is so bright and colorful, and is a great way to celebrate special moments. You can keep one fun photo in the frame year-round, or change out the picture to celebrate birthdays, successes, and other special occasions.

DIY Poka Dot Frame - a great way to celebrate special occasions. This is a 30 Minute Craft (or less)!

To make your own Poka Dot Frame, you’ll need:

Wooden Frame
Glitter Mod Podge
Large Confetti

poka dot frame supplies

Remove the glass from the frame, and paint the frame white. Allow to dry.

paint frame

Once the frame is completely dry, paint on some Mod Podge in a small area.

paint on glitter mod podge

Add a confetti dot. Secure in place with another layer of Mod Podge on top.

place poka dots

The Mod Podge will soak into the tissue paper of the confetti, giving it a lovely translucent look.

add mod podge

Add more layers of glitter Mod Podge and more dots. Scatter the dots all over the frame.

add more and more

You can overlap the dots. Make sure that you have dots that go over the sides of the frame as well.

allow to dry

Once you are happy with the way your frame looks, or you are all out of confetti, set it aside to dry.

After your poka dot frame has dried, you can put the glass back, and add a celebration-worthy photo.

finished poka dot frame - a fun way to celebrate special occasions

I’d say my kids going back to school was pretty celebration worthy!

You can keep one picture in the frame all year, or change out the photo to celebrate special occasions. Or you can keep the frame tucked away, and only take it out on Birthdays, Graduations, and such. There are so many ways to use a frame like this. Just looking at all those colorful dots makes me happy!

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